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Oregon Ducker Punches Boise State Player

9/4/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most ferocious hit in last night's big college football match-up came right after the game -- when Oregon's starting running back socked a helmetless Boise State player right in the face ... hard!

Sucker punch: Click to watch
Boise State won the game -- the Oregon player will probably win a big, fat suspension.

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Dan da man    

that dude must have a glass jaw or he was play acting the way he went down like a sack of Idaho potatoes!

1839 days ago

doc murry    

couldnt have said it better myself ..but actually i think jessika is a phoney just playing the race card to get people upset..#17 you have some very valid points though

1839 days ago


Hout got exactly what he deserved! Did he think he could shove Blount & start talking crap without any repercussions? Hout's coach was just about to reprimand him when Blount threw the punch. Both players need to be punished, but Hout needs to learn a little something about sportsmanship. Too bad Blount didn't knock him out cold!

1839 days ago


It looks to me like the Boise State guy needed to get punched in the face!! We dont know what was said. It looks to me that he was tring to start something. If one gets in trouble i say they both get in trouble!! F the Pac 10 and the WAC!!! SEC all the way!!!

1839 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Suspension? It was an assault. He should be arrested and thrown in jail.

1839 days ago


duck duck goooosed

1839 days ago


I guess without football this thug will have to concentrate on his school work. I sure hope he studies hard for his advanced calculus exam.

1839 days ago


Hahah, not surprising behavior. Typical sucker punch, then he thinks he is hard sitting behind his cage and eye shield. They are Tought when they sit behind their boys or a pistal. Jessica, that is the mentality you have, everything should be solved with a fist.

1839 days ago


Does nobody see the real video where the oregon player was pushed first and something was said to him which we have no idea about. If you're gonna suspend one suspend both! they both were out of line. Also ppl have no idea whats said and done on the line during the game. My brother who plays college football has told me of many racial slurs, cheap shots, kicks and pucnhes to unmentionable places. football is a brutal sport so we have no idea what lead up to this. Know both sides b4 you pass judegement

1839 days ago


Hey TMZ you left off the part of the video where he was shoving his own teammates, charged fans in the stands and had to be dragged off the field by two coaches a few police officers. If that police officer hadn't intervened he probably would have assaulted some fans.

1839 days ago

katelyn draper    

we live in oregon.
we had a boise state thing in the window.
someone threw an egg at our door lol.

Ducks are pissed cuz we have beat them 2 times.

1839 days ago


This is some of the most racist ish i've ever heard. I don't condone hitting someone but that Boise St player needs to learn to win like a professional. He obviously provoked him. I don't think he would've punched someone for no reason. I hope they both learn a lesson.

1839 days ago


Man is this where the KKK meets. Come you guys should really be at work instead of sitting on tmz putting so much negativity out in the world. And yes I'm here because I'm in >>>>COLLEGE

1839 days ago


This guy is f---king idiot and I can't believe the police did not arrest him on the spot. I hope this guy never plays football again. What an embarassing way to start the 09 season

1839 days ago


they axed him what happened and he said he couldnt remember hitting that guy?? i'm sure somewhere out there some chick is hot for him. kids wanna be like him.

1839 days ago
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