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Oregon Ducker Punches Boise State Player

9/4/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most ferocious hit in last night's big college football match-up came right after the game -- when Oregon's starting running back socked a helmetless Boise State player right in the face ... hard!

Sucker punch: Click to watch
Boise State won the game -- the Oregon player will probably win a big, fat suspension.

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your mom    

"I just apologize to everyone that was watching this,” Blount said. “I just apologize to all of our fans, all of Boise’s fans. I lost my head. … A few guys wished me a good game, a few guys pushed me and I just kind of lost my temper.”

1843 days ago


I was at that game for Boise State is my alma mater. I was visiting some friends and got tickets at the last minute. The game was a raucous affair and fortunately we won. However, we had too many turnovers, but all in all, it was an auspicious way to commence the season for us.

I don't condone violence of any sort, but the Boise State player taunted him and did his level best to provoke a response. That doesn't justify hitting him, BUT I do believe his utterance percipitated the violence. The Oregan player would've probably just stalked off the field had he not been taunted.

Blount does have a history of recalcitrant behavior, so the fact that he's a scofflaw may led to a lengthy suspension. Unfortunatley this inglorious ending to the game marred a compelling matchup, and will be remembered for the "punch felt around the world."

1843 days ago


That guy's football career should be over. I hope they make an example out of him. What an idiot.

1843 days ago

Rachelle From Cali    

Those quacks just cant take a beating on the field like the one we gave em last night!!!!! Had to try to bring out the big guns to feel good about themselves! GO BOISE STATE!!!! Orange and Blue go BSU!!!!

1843 days ago


this thug did a really good job of embarrassing himself and his university. no need for some of you to give white folks a bad name, or to legitimize this goon, by making stupid racist comments. as well, black racism and mindlessly defending this idjit just because of his color is not any better. hope for change we can believe in for a cooler earth and free healthcare for all, chicken in every pot, free housing, etc....

1843 days ago


Were words said, yes. Were they both in the wrong? Yes. But the difference between the two is on was already fighting with his own team before he blindsided the bsu player. That speaks louder then words the type of character he has. I.E. not much, I hope he gets suspended for un-sportsman like behavior!!! Blount be a man and admit you screwed up, don't for one second think anybody believes you blacked out when you hit that guy, be a man again I say be a man!

1843 days ago


He should be charged with assault!

1843 days ago


He has been removed from the team. If a team is what you want to call them. The coaching staff has no control of this squad I am told and watch for them to implode all year long!

1843 days ago


What a cheap shot! The guy is truly a thug! Hope he gets kicked off the team!

Hey Jessika, get over yourself and your racist views! Who do you think you are? Most people posting on here would be saying the exact same thing if the Oregon player was white and through the cheap shot punch! You are as racist as the other people posting racist comments on here!

Get a life!

1843 days ago


I'm gonna start this off by saying that I don't condone this sucker punch, HOWEVER, he was taunted by the Boise State DE. And I'm not sure how many of you played a sport, let alone a sport like football, but you get pretty jacked up and sometimes lose control. Then when you factor in 9 months since his last football game, Blount surely has a lot of energy penned up, not to mention that Oregon lost, so he was already pissed about that. He will probably be suspended for 2, maybe 3 games at most, which is appropriate. He was taunted. I'd be pissed too if my team just lost and now I have some D bag screaming in my face and grabbing my shoulder pads.

And to those geniuses claiming "roid rage," get a life. He is not on steroids. Period.

1843 days ago


It takes a special kind of stupid for someone to say "57% of white people are on welfare and 42% of your little white babies are in foster care".

1843 days ago


You didn't mention how the BSU guy was taunting the Oregon player before the punch. If you're stupid enough to taunt somebody after an emotional game like that, then you get what you deserve.

1843 days ago


Had to be a black guy. Dudes be taking football to seriously.

1843 days ago


Racist???? That is B.S.! If the shoe fits wear then wear it. It doesn't matter if the Boise player said anything or not, as an American we all have the Constitution to speak our minds and if you don't like what we have to say, walk away, don't throw punches like wild animals! That is what is wrong today, people making excuses for bad behavior!!!!

1843 days ago


He should be off the team, there is no reason for that behavior. Besides what did happen, it could have escalated into a much larger problem had he not been detained, which is a liability no team should want to carry around with them. If you can't take the losses, then you shouldn't play sports.


1843 days ago
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