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Randy Jackson: Don't Air Footage of MJ's Funeral

9/4/2009 10:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson is furious footage of Michael's funeral at Forest Lawn is being broadcast all over the world, saying it was a private event and not meant for the public to see.

Jackson just released a scathing statement condemning those who violated the no-fly zone over Forest Lawn last night -- asking all media organizations to refrain from airing any more footage of the event.

Here's Randy's full statement:

"As a family, we are all aware of how Michael's life, and his death, touched so many around the world. It is why we held a public memorial in my brother's honor.

And it is the reason we chose to release a small amount of footage leading up to yesterday's ceremony at Forest Lawn.

I was dismayed last night and again today at the coverage I saw on television of our ceremony for Michael. We had asked the media to respect the privacy and the sanctity of this event; to give us one moment of privacy to mourn as a family out of the public spotlight.

Unfortunately, despite a no-fly zone around Forest Lawn, many media organizations decided to ignore our wishes. They employed helicopters that not only surreptitiously recorded our private family ceremony, but also severely disrupted it.

I therefore ask today that media organizations airing helicopter footage of the ceremony we held for my brother immediately pull that footage from their air and refrain from airing it in the future


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He is pissed because all the footage has been recorded for either the Jacksons reality show, or to get more money by selling it on dvd, i for one will not be buying and lining those media whore Jackson siblings pockets anymore....Since the passing of Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer who ever lived, those Jackson brothers and Latoilet, have a new found fame and fortune, to me this is not the appropriate behaviour of a family greiving...Jeez Marlon told reporters all about MJs new shoulder length wig and fresh make up in the casket, that isnt knowing the value of ones privacy, so piss off Jacksons, stop all your 'sorrowful interviews', because Michael Jackson to you was just a meal ticket in life....God i hope MJs kids dont learn that greed is the means to a life from these horrible people...only MJ could bring those kids up and so far he did a great job!! The family divide was evident to me at the funeral...Janet didnt even acknowledge any of them only her uncle...She knows what a cash, media hungry that bunch. Katherine was devastated...but Joe stood outside the Encino compound for the paps well he just thought it was The Joe Show, why does his face never do anything else than smirk...Liz Taylor used to threaten to go get his family if MJ didnt eat you know...he soon ate all his dinner...hah!!

1878 days ago


First of all Micheal Jackson was not prosecuted, he was found innocent! Second of all that is not Jermaine it's Randy! And third, Micheal Jackson is a bigger star then Elvis world wide, Let him rest in peace, that is why he was on drugs because of people always badgering him.

1878 days ago


I'm surprised this funeral wasn't on Pay-Per-View to be honest with you. And #63 "tired".....Puleeeeze....look at how you are believing everything the media says about Michael's family that is "positive" if there is such a thing about them. If his mother couldn't put his body away, its only because she thought she could milk the notoriety a little longer with his body laid out in limbo. All of them are sick people...

1878 days ago


Okay , but im sure when it is time for the family to make some money , I't won't be private anymore !!!!!!

1878 days ago


That's TITO ... that's not Randy. Who can tell the difference?

1878 days ago


Great and knowledgeable fans, eh? ...this IS RANDY Jackson not Jermaine Jackson (though they compete against one another). The taxpayers should demand that any and all public costs incurred around life/death celebrations having to do with Michael Jackson should be reimbursed by the Jackson Estate at a time when the State of California is now bankrupt under the likes of the governing actor...this would, also, apply to any other supposed "celebrity".

1878 days ago


I am a fan of Michael and his family. Although I would have loved to see Michael for the very last time, I respect the family's decision to keep it private. I am satisfied with the few moments the family did allow the public to see and that was good enough for me. It disappoints me that the media choose to disrespect and ignore the family's wishes. I hope the Jackson family feels the support from their fans. The media has hurt Michael and his family many times in the past and they often portrayed Michael as someone he wasn't which often implied that he was as bad influence to society. I, however, did not believe the media. Now, by the media's action to ignore the family's wishes they portray themselves as bad examples to society. They are showing that disrespect is okay. I believe the Jackson family deserve an apology and the request of the removal of the funeral footage should be granted.

1878 days ago


the only reason he's saying this is because if we see it now how are they going to make any money off the dvd they let a&e record.

1878 days ago


Open letter to the Jackson family:

Hey, folks, you didn't OWN Michael Jackson. He was a real person and not a commodity. YOU have betrayed him on so many occasions that you have lost your right to have one word to say about all the others who have been or are going to do the same thing.

The helicopters WERE given permission to fly above 3,000 feet. If they hadn't been, they would have been called down. And your own people provided the video clips to the media.

Better pay more attention!

1878 days ago


what happen to my last comment

1878 days ago


The family was so concerned in keeping the sanctity of the event .. they had to fly donuts across the country from Connecticut to California for the after-funeral party. LOL

1878 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Hugs to Della! You are not the only one who is outraged -at the outraged.

I have been trying to decide if it would be worth watching any of the reality special just to see the funeral. If they are not going to show the children (which has been reported) and likely not much from Janet, then what is the point of watching it?

Before the funeral, I had already decided not to watch the reality show. There's nothing of Michael in it-- really honestly, what is the point? I will only purchase Estate approved items and nothing from J5. I will only donate to charities that MJ did, in his name, not any newly formed by the family (unless it is tied to his children).

Michael really had so much to deal with-- and now we are seeing it in the public. No wonder he tried to escape reality. I would have too.

BTW.. did you find the info you were looking for on Murray and Barrack? Time was about 94-99 for San Diego/Murray.

1878 days ago


I noticed no blacks commented on this. How RICH was the IRONY of seeing "black" former record exec Suzanne DePasse with guest celebrity hair dresser Nick Chavez, IN HER BLEACHED BLONDE HAIR. At the funeral of a "black" man.

1878 days ago


OMG you people, that IS Randy Jackson NOT Jermaine. Geeeeeez!!! Do a Google image search.

1878 days ago


If it was so private, what was with the cameras being allowed in? Why announce the funeral plans?
Randy is just irritated at the constant strain on his neck having to hold up such a thick ass head. And let's not talk about Jermaine with the painted-on fade perfectly stenciled around the edges....bunch of money-grubbin' coattail riding broke ass bitches. And does Joe ever change clothes? WTF? I will miss MJ.

1878 days ago
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