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Rev. Wright -- Oprah Can't Help Poor People

9/4/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah may appear to be all-powerful -- but according to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, she doesn't have as much pull as we thought.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Click to watch
Barack Obama's former pastor was in D.C. yesterday, where he went on the Oprah offensive, saying she's only "an entertainer, not a politician" who doesn't "care" about social policy and can't help the poor at a structural level.

His words are rough -- but does he have a point?


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Oprah acts like she is just a performer, but in fact I now believe she is part of the Chicago Daly machine............... CORRUPT!!
and so is Wright.. they can have each other..

1815 days ago

doc murry    

use condoms

1842 days ago

missing michael    


1842 days ago


do two Wrights make a wrong?

1842 days ago


Rev. Wright, got news for you, Oprah thinks she's GOD!

1842 days ago


TMZ shame on you for as this anti-white anti-jew anything.... I couldn't careless about him. I regret voting for Obama. I like his Green-Czar Van Jones a renown communist supporter. Havey given your Jewish I am surprised you give Wright a forum to preach his hate.

1842 days ago


In the words of the great Chris Farley


1842 days ago

mrez golucky    


1842 days ago


Who CARES what that racist nutjob has to say? And when did Oprah ever present herself as a politician out to work on social structure? She's a rich entertainer that uses her vast wealth to do good - she physically gets in there and does it. Better than half the celebrities in Hollywood that preach liberal crap, write a few checks and feel smug and superior. And better than Wright, a man who stands on a pulpit and spews hate. Really, who cares what he thinks about ANYTHING?

1842 days ago


He is right! She has all this money yes and has done very charitable things, but what Wright is referring to is hre right to do what ever she pleases with her money...those companies would not allow her to really help inner city school like I know she wants to...the people she works for pick most of her charitable ideas....on helping the the black community the only blacks that the big companies want her to be helping are Africans because they are far away and people just love helping the poor poor children far away so we dont have to see them every day. If Oprah supported the black community in America the way she supports mainstream America we would see a whole new breed of black children today....Oprah has THAT much pull and power that if she would have given her aundience that was mostly black a bunch of cars...they would have scrutinized her and called her out on giving hand outs to people..instead what do people say "oh she is so wonderful and giving" On another note I wish Oprah would have interviewed Chris Brown. I know she has issues with men abusing women...but instead of going around and doing a speacial on abuse and only taking one side why didnt she talk to him...they were friends ....he did stuff for her...and the boy is getting help as you can see...Now is not the time to have a witch hunt and down the kid...create an open dialouge and get to this point...I know this may not be the issue, but I think that two people hitting each other is wrong anyways...I think that women have TOO much leway in the things that they do and some men fall prey to that...lets look up the statistics of men being in an abusing relationship and see how many of them who cant even step up because they will be laughed at or ignored....I know what Chris did was wrong and I dont condone that, but there is always another side to that story...and I highly doubt that he just went on a hitting spree...someone in that car had to provolk him...should he has handled it a better way "Yes" but should have Rhianna handled herself a better way??? We will never know cause she never testified!!!

1842 days ago

London not England    

Rev. Wright has a point....

I have maintained for many many years that Oprah will underwrite anyone other than black folks for years.....
I understand the feeling of Power that she has. If you have ever been to HARPO Prod. in Chicago there are nothing but white people working there and walking up and down the halls....very few if any blacks...but I understand...I get it....
however the truth of the matter is even with an African American President, and even with ALLLLL the opportunity at our disposal, things in this country are still very much unequal for African Americans and other minorities....
NOW...having said that, white people will argue this point til the Cows come home; call me a racist for mentioning it, etc...say "it's untrue", blah, blah, etc,etc...but deep down they know it's true.
In Oprah's defense however, her attempts to help those needy girls in Africa with her school was/is a good attempt at "giving back" to underprivileged girls in a third world country...but i hear Oprah myself say that "she doesn't know what it's like to be a poor male, but she does know what it's like to be a poor female"...hence her support of women a little more than men...okay...I understand, I get that also....but assistance should be equal....and black people with her kind of power and influence should reach out to assist other minorities in her own AND women.
White folks will be juuuuust fine. They have all the help they need in this United States of America....
They still control the money, the financial institutions,interest rates, and the overall wealth of the Nation and most of the Western World. It's the struggling minority populace that could really get a "leg-up" from someone like those girls in Africa at her private school....
I'm sure many people will have something to say about this post. But remember, it's just my personal opinion.

1842 days ago


No matter how many times you you shake it
and prance it, the last two drops go in your

1842 days ago


Kevin and Supatang you are either the same person, or smoking a couple of joints together!

1842 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

I hate Oprah. She only cares about her ratings and catering to her fat red neck viewers. Her and her friend can kiss my butt.

1842 days ago


No Wright is not wrong and why is the question focused on Oprah? Why not Trump or Gates? Whether Oprah is just going through the motions of caring, at least she's going through the motions. No one person can do alot socially or politically and Oprah is not in politics. The politicians we have certainly don't care. Obama is trying and being fought every step of the way, by haters!

1842 days ago
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