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Rev. Wright -- Oprah Can't Help Poor People

9/4/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah may appear to be all-powerful -- but according to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, she doesn't have as much pull as we thought.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Click to watch
Barack Obama's former pastor was in D.C. yesterday, where he went on the Oprah offensive, saying she's only "an entertainer, not a politician" who doesn't "care" about social policy and can't help the poor at a structural level.

His words are rough -- but does he have a point?


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Rev. Wright has a point....

I have maintained for many many years that Oprah will underwrite anyone other than black folks for years.....
I understand the feeling of Power that she has. If you have ever been to HARPO Prod. in Chicago there are nothing but white people working there and walking up and down the halls....very few if any blacks...but I understand...I get it....
however the truth of the matter is even with an African American President, and even with ALLLLL the opportunity at our disposal, things in this country are still very much unequal for African Americans and other minorities....
NOW...having said that, white people will argue this point til the Cows come home; call me a racist for mentioning it, etc...say "it's untrue", blah, blah, etc,etc...but deep down they know it's true.
In Oprah's defense however, her attempts to help those needy girls in Africa with her school was/is a good attempt at "giving back" to underprivileged girls in a third world country...but i hear Oprah myself say that "she doesn't know what it's like to be a poor male, but she does know what it's like to be a poor female"...hence her support of women a little more than men...okay...I understand, I get that also....but assistance should be equal....and black people with her kind of power and influence should reach out to assist other minorities in her own AND women.
White folks will be juuuuust fine. They have all the help they need in this United States of America....
They still control the money, the financial institutions,interest rates, and the overall wealth of the Nation and most of the Western World. It's the struggling minority populace that could really get a "leg-up" from someone like those girls in Africa at her private school....
I'm sure many people will have something to say about this post. But remember, it's just my personal opinion.

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1838 days ago

chicken head    

finally this uppity idiot is right about something!

1838 days ago


Oprah doesn't owe black people a damned thing!! And I am black. Oprah wasn't born rich, she worked her way up using a thing called hard work. Rev Wright and all of these other so called ministers preach hate, reinforce ignorance and the "victim/ you owe" me mentality. Black people need to get their heads out of their a@#$% and get a life outside of their 'hood and get out of these cults, I mean "churches" filled with people with all flash and no cash and realize there is a world of opportunities out there ! Make your own wealth, don't expect Oprah to give you money just becasue she has a lot of it.

1838 days ago


Chris Brown vs. Oprah

Chris Brown Has Taken On The O

1838 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I've never had any Ill feelings for people of color before but between this fool, Obama, Sharpton Jesse jackson, and a host of other blacks that never have a good word for non black people, can you blame me for not trusting the 98% of you you voted for the socialist pig that calls himself a president. Call me a racist and eventually you will get your wish. Dems are such stupid people,

1838 days ago


I agree with the poster that said that Rev. Wright is a madman.

That being said, Oprah does not help the poor on a "structural level". Of course she can't implement social programs rife with "handouts". She works by encouraging improvement of self so that people can improve their own situation on their own. Social programs encourage lazy, dishonest citizens that breed future generations with an entitlement attitude that has sucked the life out of this country. That's what Rev. Wright and his ilk (Obama, etc.) embrace.

1838 days ago


Oprah does not need to save the world or help people at all!! I think she does what she can, but she should not feel she has to.

1838 days ago


OK, TMZ, why not ask ME for my point of view?????

Why does Rev. Wright even have one? What does he know? Who asked him? Who even cares?

Do you need opinions from ALL the idiots out there?

1838 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Oprah, Chief Feminist Lesbian Officer, cares about her white liberal female and metrosexual male audience.

How did she become a billionaire? Yeah right. A talk show host.

1838 days ago

The Truth    

I wouldn't believe this guy if he said his DODO was brown !!

1838 days ago

Linda Mott    

Oprah is a woman of substance. Rev Wright was a Muslim and has propaganda in the church for people to donate to them. Oprah does everything she can to help EVERYONE!

1838 days ago


These people don't want to use their money to help anyone, they want to use other peopels money, take form those who work & give to those who don't .

1838 days ago

The Truth    

63. I wouldn't believe this guy if he said his DODO was brown !!

Posted at 5:24PM on Sep 4th 2009 by The Truth

whats his dodo got to do with this?

1838 days ago

The Truth    

#67 lmao what an IDIOT !

1838 days ago


Oprah has tremendous influence over a significant portion of the US population. Of course she can help the poor on a structural level. Politicians looking to increase their supporters may find that pursuing a project put forth by "O" could lead to a positive impact on the polls.

1838 days ago
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