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Who's Marked for Life?!

9/5/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These stars are stuck with these tattoos forever and ever and ever -- or at least until they fork over enough cash to get 'em removed!


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Idiots!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

1882 days ago


sucks to have to click thru 20 sprint ads just to see a few pics.
and Kooky Klown and balls, I know your trying to be cute but...pathetic, seriously. get a life.

1882 days ago

who dat    

Should be titled, " LOSERS and their tats". People with tats have a much lower IQ.

1882 days ago


HEY MS. ANKLE PERSON, DID YOU KNOW RANDY JACKSON IS OFFENDED BY THE MEDIA COVERAGE OF HIS BROTHER, AS YOU STEP ON RANDY, TELL HIM THIS: Randy Jackson you are a piece of sh......ttttt. You, your brothers, your sisters, your Mother and Father are twisted freaks of nature, and by the way, the public is overwhelmed with Michael Jacksons death because we are confused that a prodigy died like a stray dog on the side of the road that had been forsaken by his family for years.

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1882 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

maybe dr rey is gonna come out again now and esplain how you can remove a tattoo off a dead woman's body in frong of he maserati? :D!

-make sure to rid the paper trail...

1882 days ago


Wow. When is the pendulum finally going to swing back and we return to the days when not EVERYONE had ink? Used to be tats made a person unique or appear daring ... think Cher 40 years ago. Or a sailor's memento from a wild night in the Philippines. Now it mostly looks like a remembrance of a drunken night in a barrio somewhere. If people were honest most would say they regret the ink. It's a shame to see a beautiful young woman, dressed to impress and she turns around and there is a giant splotch of some godawful color on her shoulder or, worse, some "ancient" chinese character (that probably says, "I'm an attention whore, look at me.") It's rare to see an uninked person, male or female, and when you do they exude more sophistication and class. Earned or not.
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1881 days ago


Pink's tat of a half a heart with the supposed words "best friend" cut in half looks terrible, like she did it herself when she was drunk and depressed over her cheating husband. It screams MISTAKE! and REGRET! I hope she gets it removed. She is better than that.

1881 days ago


I'm getting a DJAM forever tat...It's goin right next to my slim shady piece. Now thats the shi$!

1881 days ago


Any man with a bunch of tats look crystal meth addicted & drunk, no matter what.

Amy Winehouse looks like a loyal crackhead, forever and ever Amen.

Angelina needs to cool it with the tats, since she's so skinny, she's beginning to get that washed up trailer park skanky anorexic look.

1881 days ago

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