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Britney Spears 'Oughta Know' Better ...

9/6/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... than to try and sing live at a concert.

She attempted to pull off a cover of Alanis Morissette's classic "You Oughta Know" during her concert last night in Greensboro, NC.

The question is ...


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lol how can she cover any songs? she cant sing with crap. All she can do is play the CD and sing along lol loser

1691 days ago


Singing so so but that outfit!! Typical trashy Brittany look except wait is she auditioning to join the seals at Seaworld. lol!!
A Mermaid, not! I liked when all the guys gather around her and her voice goes up and they all jump back - like Yikes!! that voice scared us. tee hee!!
Meanwhile, you have enough dough Brittany, stay home with your kids and get some fashion advice. Time to dish the trashy look. Just because Madonna is stuck in trash mode doesn't mean you can't change for the better.

1691 days ago


What the hell was wrong with that? Audio was bad on the recording but she sounded good to me and I don’t event like her. So many wanna be's and never been’s so quick to criticize. Sad.

1691 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Brit Brit is a no talent useless, hair extension, freak of a loser. She cannot SING! Are people tone deaf?

1691 days ago


she's no alanis but it was okkk...ish

1691 days ago


It was fine, I'd say she pulled it off. No, she doesn't have an amazing voice, but she can carry a tune. Britney's a star because she has Charisma with a capital "C". When she's on stage people pay attention, regardless of how good or bad she is.

1691 days ago


Um it sounded like Brittney doing a freakin concert. Leave her alone. It was fine and look like everyone was having fun. She was singing just fine, give her a break. Anyone doing a concert alone knows its hard to keep up the entire time with their voice.

1691 days ago


In all honesty, the only talent that Britney has ever had was in tricking people into thinking she has talent. Sure she can lip sych and dance and get into a vocal booth and "sing" but then have her vocals re-done and touched up by technology and auto-tone and all the things they use, but she really has no talent other than, like Saz said above, people are drawn to her charisma on stage and her persona. I guess we gotta give her credit for that.

1691 days ago


Doesn't anyone realize that the song is just played louder than her actually singing so it sounds like she is on key??? You see her stopping to catch her breath when she's just walking away from the mic. What a heffer!! No wonder she's still around and the rest of the hacks like the Jonas Brothers.

1691 days ago


I don't like that crazy bitch, but that was actually pretty good.

1691 days ago


I was at this concert Sat and not only did she pull off that song beautifully, she put on the best show i've ever seen and for those of you who say she can't dance, you really need to come right on out of whatever fantasy world you live in and actually watch her!! You would be hard pressed to find me another show that awesome!! Its Britney Bitch!!!

1691 days ago


Oh, and btw, she looked mega hott in that outfit (all of them really) and anyone who says different is just jealous that their ass can't look as fab as hers does in those pants!!

1691 days ago

Go Britney    

TMZ should know better than to slag off for no apparent reason at Britney. The audio was crap but her performance sounded just fine.

1691 days ago


Wow. About as graceful as a baby elephant.


1691 days ago
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