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Jon Gosselin -- Pimping Your Kids Pays

9/6/2009 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoever says selling out your family doesn't have any advantages obviously didn't see the new Mercedes delivered to Jon Gosselin's home yesterday.

Jon Gosselin

Jon and Kate


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OK enough of these two creeps. TLC has GOT to pull the plug now!
Ya hear us TLC? ENOUGH!!! No wonder Kate the skank has a bodyguard and Jon is flying across the ocean...someone is going to get hurt sooner than later and l don't mean the kids,unless some psycho kidnaps them. It's getting really bad out there TLC. Peeps are getting angry at all the money Kate and Jon are spending on themselves.

1871 days ago


Nearly 30 million Americans out of work and these two skanks are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on toys and fancy expensive homes that neither worked for. It's a disgrace. Becareful Gosselins there's a lot hate out there towards you both.

1870 days ago


Okay, first of all Jon is such a DOUCHE!!!! It seems to me that he is just totally cashing in on the show, his "15 minutes" and so forth. Doesn't he realize that he's got 8 kids that are going to go to college!!!! Maybe they'll be in the same classes with his girlfriend!!!!!

1870 days ago


Doesn't quite look big enough to haul around eight kids, does it folks? Looks big enough for him to entertain his lady friends, though. What's it take a more expensive car to pick one up, don juan?

1870 days ago

Jon Gosselin is a manwhore.

1870 days ago


guess he figures the cost of this is equal to whatever kate has been spending on new veneers for her teeth, plastic surgery, new boobs, gyms, body guards, etc,
she spends more than he does. Who cares about these two? The show is ridiculous, Its not about the kids or a couple raising a family. It's about Kate taking them on free vacations and "outings" and her trying to act like she's a celebrity. They are both trash, and they are both pimping their kids. She grew up as white trash and she still is. Stop watching this show and giving them more money to waste. So sick of her "poor me" act. Most mothers these days are all raising their kids alone. She's just mostly upset because Jon isn't there to be her servant any more, so she just hired a million nannies. Hate her.


1870 days ago


Nothing this jerk buys is big enough to fit his kids...none of his new rides, his nyc condo - not making room for the kids. I'm sure that gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling. IDIOT.

1870 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

People,STOP watching this sad show and stop buying books by Kate.
Jon and KATE BOTH USE those KIDS.How many luxury cars does Kate own?She just bought a new Top line Toyota.
Jon and Kate own several fancy autos,homes,etc.

1870 days ago


Do you expect Jon to forever stay home and look after the kids while Kate is travelling, so that she can feel fulfilled and feel that she is the bread winner and hand Jon $5 for his expenses. She was responsible for him giving up his regular 9-5 job.
I happened to watch your TMZ weekend and it was unfair to ask Jon why he is not with the kids when Kate is hardly ever with the kids. When she was showing off in her bikini at the beach, Jon was home supervising the Kitchen renovations. Did you notice that the kids were alone in the water because Kate is afraid of the water. So then, why did she wear a bikini????
I have watched all the shows from the very begining. Listen to Kate's brother & ex-boyfriend and all others who have complaints about Kate being greedy for money and also very rude. That is why on talk shows she cannot blame TLC for the breakup and says that she is all about the kids and she evades important questions. Notice when they are in the same place how she treats him! Where are all her family???
The kids truly love Jon and miss him because until Kate wanted the divorce and made his life miserable, which she will not admit to, Jon bathed, dressed, played and taught those kids a lot..skating, swimming, cycling, etc.

1870 days ago


Jon is the lesser of two evils.

1870 days ago


He is so disgusting!!!

1870 days ago


He should have spent it on a hair transplant instead.

1870 days ago


Nothing like keeping a low profile. Hopefully it is just a lease, because those kids won't fit in it!!!! He had a little sportscar, wonder if that is what he drives on the 'off' week when he isn't babysitting!!

1870 days ago


I know longer watch the show..what a shame
I'm sure the ratings are down.
take care of your kids stop buying Sh*t
stop being on TV
I can just bet when these kids are older
they will hate you for this
Stop spending THEIR MONEY

1870 days ago


I wish that lazy useless douchebag would go away.

1870 days ago
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