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Tila & Shawne Merriman -- Before the Fight

9/6/2009 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman taken just hours before an alleged fight between the two led to his arrest.

Tila Tequila -- launch photos

The photos were taken at Stingaree nightclub in San Diego at around 1:00 AM. They were taken in a roped off area and Tila was seen giving Shawne lap dances all night long.

A spokeswoman for the club said they were there for a friend's birthday and that "they seemed in good spirits throughout the evening and were enjoying themselves. There was no outward indication of any problem between the two of them."

Tila called the cops on Shawne at around 3:45 AM Sunday after he allegedly choked her when she tried to leave his apartment.

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So the ads tell you not to let friends drive drunk, but when you try to stop them you get charged with kidnapping.

1876 days ago

pizza and Beer    

Why does ANYONE want to give that tramp the time of day? If that was the best I could do I would go gay.

1876 days ago


Did he do the Lights Out dance?!
if it's true he tried to stop her from leaving because she was wasted, well I hope so.
Shawne should be out w/ someone who isn't a dirty skank, anyway. Concentrate on football and Go Chargers!

1876 days ago


The NFL- Negros Felons and Losers Nuff Said

1876 days ago


She is such a mouthy piece of trash. I wish Twitter would ban her, she never shuts up.

1876 days ago


it isnt that there is a bunch of women haters on here, it is the fact that through every aspect of society men are being de-nutted, no roles in life, just look at simple things, there are no shows, movies or anything with a male lead solely all these women kick mens ass's shows, women cry rape and then when it is proven they lied NOTHING happens to them, a woman can claim sexual harrassment, and rape and all kinds of stuff and nothing happens to them if they are proven wrong. The dont get what they want in life or from the bf they destroy them. This "woman" went to a mans house at 3 in the morning and probally he wanted her to leave and she fliped out. Women have a habit of pushing and pushing and pushing men way to damn far and then the male reacts then its "suprise", "i cant believe this happened" crap. Women of today want to be treated equal yet dont treat men equal. They put themselves in a males place then get offended when they are talked to are treated at like males. This woman is a whore, a liar proven liar, one that likes drama what better drama than this.

1876 days ago

River Phoenix    


Aren't you gonna be late for your shift at Dennys tonight? Hey, I want my eggs over easy. Next time you eff up my order I'm sending it back.

1876 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

My brother called the cops because his wife was hitting him with pots and she pulled out a knife on him.

The sops came, charged and arrested my brother. He grabbed her arm to stop the pot from hitting his head.

Another woman-only service offered by the government.

1875 days ago


I am not a Tila fan by any means, but if you and your man were in a club at 1 AM, drinking and giving him lap dances then a couple of hours later while you two are at his house, she calls the police to say she has been choked and detained from leaving I don't think it was because she was too drunk to drive. IMO, something else went down between the two of them.

Between the time they left the club, got to his house and when she called the police was not that long in between. If she was so drunk how did she drive to his house in the first place.

When Tila spoke to the police, evidently they didn't think she was drunk or they would have made a report and taken her in.

1875 days ago


I love you a looong time. 5 dallars

1875 days ago

River Phoenix    

Get on that corner and make the money like the rabid dog you are for another botox injection? WHITE IS DEFINITELY CRACKING. BAWHAHAHAHA!! SNANK!!

1875 days ago


wow! this is some crazy stuff goin on in tha world wit these celebs, i mean give me they money i wouldnt do anything wrong..LOL! but oh well, she probally did something to him to set him off tha way he did. but he stupid anyway, cuz he's messin up his career..i guess she will learn her lesson, and he will too. he better pray and pray hard and every day.

1875 days ago

River Phoenix    

Yall leave rdrgrl2009 alone. Poor little girl she can never catch a break. You gonna make that child commit suicide. Stop picking on her. Seriously.

1875 days ago


"He allegedly choked her when she tried to leave his apartment." I'm sorry. Are we talking about Phil Spector, or someone else with Borderline Personality Disorder? Just so I'm clear.

1875 days ago

River Phoenix    

I didn't know she was dating him?

1875 days ago
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