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Diana Ross -- Taco Supreme

9/7/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can resist thinking outside the bun -- even on Labor Day weekend -- because yesterday at a L.A. Taco Bell, Diana Ross made a run for the border.


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I for one will not judge this situation because everyone deals with death in their own way. Myself for one has a godmother whom I love dearly who is about to pass away and I can not handle it so I choose to grieve privately. There is nothing wrong with grieving in private. The thought of losing someone you loves is hard and it really hurts. Diana Ross is not the first nor will she be the last to not attend a funeral. I just feel people here just need to find a way to put her down cause that what they are good at. I really want someone to tell me how she is so wrong for not attending Michael funeral. You outside people don't really know the real reason why she didn't attend his funeral. It probably was not her decision not to come. She probably was not invited just like she was not invited to his memorial service. Katherine has been holding a grudge against this woman for a while. The Jackson family is concern about one thing money. If they did ask her to come it was probably at the last minute so if she didn't show she would look like the bitch everyone has been calling her. Who knows!! One thing I can say about Mrs Ross is she don't let these ignorant people keep her down. She knows how to keep her head up despite the negative. Mrs Ross I truly understand what you are going though and no matter what others has to say about you. I still love you unconditionally. LENA!!!!

1835 days ago


i am sure everyone has there way of dealing with death but if i had had the opportunity to get tickets to his staples service i would have been there, and the same with the funeral i would have done what i could to pay my respects to my dear friend.its called putting your feelings aside and doing what is right!!!! now if she wasnt invited to the funeral that is one thing since it was invitation only, but she could have at some point made a statement to the children saying that she would be there just they way they dad had requested her to be..but in her statement that she told was she wished the family and the kids well. jmo---rip mj-sue from tampa

1835 days ago


1) I don't know Diana, but she must have been cool for MJ to love her.
2) I don't want to speculate on what she is or isn't, nor do I have any knowledge to.
3) She can do what she likes without the crazies judging her, I feel.
4) if she doesn't want to speak to the intrusive camera while going about her private business, more power to her.

1835 days ago


This was so not news. And DR has every right not to be pimped out by the Jackson family at his last TV appearance, I mean funeral.

1835 days ago


although we all have our opinions on different issues on here, i think that we all will agree that even with mj gone and finally put to rest in forest lawn, the question amongest us all is what is going on with DR MURRAY??? THere is nothing being said about him or anything about the investigation for days now.. THAT REALLY CONCERNS ME!!!!i was hoping that after the funeral they would take action on dr murray and start with the others who enabled him as well as dr klien etc.......... there have to be accountable for this tradegy!!! and yes we know that mj has his problems with pres drugs but that is not what killed him, he was killed by the hands of dr murray and he needs to pay...i pray that justice will come soon for mj!!! rip mj-se love you ---sue from tampa

1835 days ago

They were in it for the money    

To@58 Cassy. That's it right there! none of Michael's other freinds knew the video camera was for footage to add to the already in-the-can Jackson Reality show. That is just gross. Pimping is a good word for it. Wonder how many of those friends are going to ask to be paid if their likeness is shown in that tv show-I bet quite a few of them. How dare these brothers use a solemn service to pimp Michael for their own pockets. No wonder they were all late for the the funeral and there sits all those unsuspecting friends. No wonder a few of them bailed from the after party. It was not a part of the plan. Don't blame Diana or Liza for being no-shows.

1835 days ago


Nobody who is anybody had any use for Wacko Jacko - this lady is proof of that.

1835 days ago




I DOUBT IT..........AT 65 YRS OF AGE, SHE LOOKS GOOD......BOTOX AND ALL. THAT'S OK SHE'S GOT THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TO DO

1835 days ago


This is what I was told: Katherine Jackson despises Diana Ross so Diana was not invited to MJ's memorial(s). Diana has a kinky past. Katherine does not tolerate lesbians and homo dudes because she regards their activity wrong in the eyes of Jehovah, and also she is active in distributing Watch Tower in the San Fernando Valley (a Los Angeles suburb) In the past, Diana was the one who encouraged Michael to follow his lust for gay guys. Michael distanced himself from Katherine for awhile once he got a taste of homosexuality. That hurt Katherine.

So much for Diana being a model mother.

1835 days ago


TMZ, This must be an old picture. The other night it was in the 90's at MJ's funeral and now they are wearing coats?? Something is fishy!

1835 days ago


What the hell is she wearing ?

1835 days ago

jim goosh    

Is it just me or is anyone else surprised at the crap car she's driving? I saw her in Beverly Hills 2 years ago with her teenage son and she was driving a camry (and no, not as hybrid). I wonder if she's having money problems with a stalled career and no more Arnie Nass to foot the bills. I do give her props for ignoring the queeny voiced camera gay, who asked her ridiculous questions and then started sucking up with the brown nosed insincere coompliments like how beautiful she looked, and thanks and all that. What a girl he was.

1835 days ago


For all those wondering... When Michael was in his late teens/early 20's (around the Off the wall album time period) he was seduced by Diana. You can watch the old footage of the two of them together on youtube. She took advantage of young Michael's Naivete. Diana was his first sexual encounter. He became infatuated with her, but she only viewed him as a 'little boy.' Diana and Michael's fling was kept very private, but it all ended, once Diana decided to get married. Michael was devastated because he wanted Diana. Needless to say, he didn't attend her wedding(s) and the two had a serious falling out.

Despite all of this, Michael still idolized her. He greatly admired her parenting skills. Two of Diana's daughters are graduates of Ivy league schools. She did a wonderful job as a mom... and that's the real reason why Michael wanted her to parent his children (if anything happened to his mom)...

1835 days ago

jim goosh    

I also find it very sad that a woman that is somewhat of a legend, spends a holiday weekend, eating in a ghetto, low-end fast food joint like taco bell. That says something about her life if she had no where to go other than with a fat assistant to taco bell

1835 days ago


Mary you are a fibber because you are repeating something that you read somewhere

1835 days ago
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