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Diana Ross -- Taco Supreme

9/7/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can resist thinking outside the bun -- even on Labor Day weekend -- because yesterday at a L.A. Taco Bell, Diana Ross made a run for the border.


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I love Diana Ross! MJ had great taste! She would do a fantastic job of raising Michael's children should anything happen to Katherine, God forbid!

1849 days ago


Come on, guys. Leave the lady alone. Doesn't everyone have a soft spot for Taco Hell?

1849 days ago


It does not take much to go to Taco Bell. What would it have taken to go to MJ's funeral? We realize back in the day she was popular and a Diva with lights, drama and cameras! But that was then and has nothing to do with now. This was her friend. She should have try to attend and maybe she was there who knows! If she was such a good friend as she stated then she should have went no excuses! It don't take much to pay your respect!

1849 days ago


If Diana had been such a good friend she would have gone but she wasn't that into him. She wasn't the friend you want her to be. Leave her alone. Those kids are old enough they think you are a bunch of nuts and don't care what you are saying too

1849 days ago


That cup looks nothing like a Taco Bell cup. I'm guessing she was just at some random taco stand.

1849 days ago

making a change    

I thought she was in London. This bitch can go into Taco Bell, not the drive thru and can't make the effort to go to Michaels Funeral.
Liz Taylor is wheelchair bound and she showed up. No excuse...NO RESPECT FOR THIS BITCH. Some friend. More like Skank.

1849 days ago


I agree with you #93.
What a friend Diana Ross!! Evan a friend would pay respect but you are not just a friend to MJ, Michael loves you dearly. You are so cold-hearted. How do feel if your loved one do the same to you?

1849 days ago


I saw Diana @Taco Belll ,I saw Diana @Taco Belll ,I saw Diana @Taco Bell And she was eatin! she was eatin!

1849 days ago


Diana Ross was obviously at Michael's funeral, why else would she be in L.A.? She must have wanted to be completely incognito so it was not announced that she would be there and she did not appear on camera. (BTW, we did not see LMP either, there was no footage of her, it was just announced that she attended.) There were 200 people at the funeral, we didn't see all their faces and know all their names. Diana must have been one of them; evidently she only wanted Michael's family and friends to know she was there for them and to honor Michael, not the public and be subjected to all the speculation, ridicule and nasty comments that she would have been hit with if she attended publically. Celebrities know how to do stuff on the down low when they want to..there was hella speculation about Diana and MJ, she didn't want this day to be sullied by her appearance but for her presence to be about paying her respects to her beloved life-long friend Michael. R I P MJ, R I P

1848 days ago


I personally believe this is Diana's way of letting the public know, without saying anything, that she was there at the funeral for Michael, contrary to popular belief, and she truly loved him and his family, and she will be there for them if she is needed just like she has already said. Keep your head up Lady Boss.. RIP MJ RIP

1848 days ago


Diana Ross was at MJ's funeral. She sat with Barry Gordy and Suzanne de Passe. It seems that the people who didn't want to be on TV were able to avoid being filmed. They probably remained indoors didn't take their seats outside until the live feed was cut off.

1848 days ago


It was,like,ninety-five degrees yesterday. What's with the sagging schmatte? Is she some kind of real nut or what?

1848 days ago


Diana Ross is one low down, mean and nasty M*th* F**kin' bitch! She didn't care anything about Michael Jackson, she only used him when she needed new, current sounding songs.

1848 days ago


Reading thorough all the above comments....This is INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLY UNBELIEVABLE, that Dina Ross never went to say goodbye to her friend of 40 years...And when she is asked, she DOESN'T EVEN COMMENT....

Words are beyond me????

What was wrong?

1847 days ago
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