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Chargers Star -- Tila Tequila Was Drunk

9/7/2009 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Diego Chargers superstar Shawne Merriman is finally speaking about the incident that got him arrested yesterday, telling FoxSports.com that his girlfriend Tila Tequila was drunk and he was only trying to keep her safe.

"On September 6, 2009 the San Diego Sheriff's Department responded to a citizen's complaint that was initiated by Tila Nguyen (aka Tila Tequila). I was taken into custody based upon that complaint. At the time, I was concerned about her welfare given the intoxicated state she appeared to be in and I encouraged her to stay until safe transportation could be provided.

"We would all do our best to help a friend if we considered their actions to be detrimental to their personal safety. I in no way caused any harm to Ms. Nguyen, however, paramedics were called and she was examined but no injuries were reported. She was released and has since returned to Los Angeles, California.

"There have been no charges filed against me. I want to thank the San Diego Sheriff's Department for their professionalism. I will continue to cooperate fully with the Department, and I look forward to clearing my name regarding these false allegations. I want to put this behind me so I can continue to focus on a successful season for the San Diego Chargers."

UPDATE: Tila has Twittered a response to Shawne's allegations -- saying there's no way she could have been drunk because, "I am allergic to alcohol. It has been publicly known for years. That is how I got the name Tila "Tequila" cuz the irony. I cant drink"

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Nothing condones hitting a woman but this bitch is obnoxious.

1871 days ago


This garden-variety skank was drunk, and her man didn't want her to drive, period. I've been in the situation, but since my girl isn't a classless ho, she simply turned over the keys, and either stayed or let me drive her home. Tila Tequila is only "allergic" in the sense that 90% of people with Asian ancestry appear to be liquor lightweights, and also get very red/flushed when they drink. Considering how vain this little whore is, THAT ALONE would be a deterrent to public drinking.

1871 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Either of these two junkies like Wacko?

1871 days ago

Mary Sapp    

I guess the lagging economy is even causing some pro ball players to put themselves on a budget. If the crown jewel of this fella's evening of entertainment involves canoodling this trash pile of rancid leftovers, maybe he needs to get a second job.

1871 days ago


I thought that she drank on the 2 seasons of her show " A Shot of Love " ????

1871 days ago


Awesome detective work...everyone knew that ho was lying.

1871 days ago

John doe    

1871 days ago

rob!™ - DYSMD.eMAGAZINE    

It is such a shame to have Tila Tequila in San Diego. She is by far the worst celeb to host any of our event in Down Town San Diego and has truly the worst behavior of any influential person to grace us with their presence.

Myself, along with many of our associates, hope that she never returns and wish her the best of luck in her future goals to shine in the spot light. Tila, you are person who perhaps has a "big heart" but in San Diego you must also have class.

Good Bye!

1871 days ago


She should have came up with a better lie other then "I am allergic to alcohol"

1871 days ago


LOL..First lets hear it for Anon..Talks a gang of garbage but, knows that no one knows who he or SHE is, so they just keep talking trash..Probably short, fat with bad breath..Anon please know that as a 5 foot 10, 145 lb black woman, I don't really like fried chicken, and can't recall the last time I had a piece of watermelon..although I recently read that watermelon, might actually do well at preventing cancer..You may want to try it yourself..Anyway, I can believe the story that Shawne may have been trying to prevent Tila from driving or leaving drunk..I'm sure that if she would have left his house driving,and had gotten into an accident, and maybe even killed herself, the media and her family would be trying to find someone to blame..and guess what? He would have been the perfect target..Blame the NFL player for going out with her, and then allowing her to drive drunk, especially since he knew she had been drinking..What a Pay Day that would have been..I'm sure this will go away soon, just like the deleted Tweets, and myspace pages on Tila's sites..LOL

1871 days ago


This chick is a nasty, skank 'ho who will do anything to anyone. She's made a "name" for herself because of her nastiness and skank 'Ho-ness.

She is a trashy biotch that's lying her nasty rear-end off. She probably "became allergic" to alcohol the minute whatever worthless attorney she has told her to be.

Truth be told, Merriman probably threw her out on her nasty butt because he didn't want to catch anything from her! My guess he rejected her and she got pissed!

1871 days ago


OMG - she one unstable woman - just reading her tweets shows that. doubt she be front of the forbes magazine now, lol.

1871 days ago


Okay for all the dummies posting negative comments about Merriman, I cant wait until the truth is revealed to see the dumb look on your face. Its a known fact that Cali is filled with GROUPIES, in this case, people just know this Groupies name! Groupies will do anything to get money, or to say they boned a celebrity. Tila's 15 minutes expired so now she's feeding the meter! Its obvious she wants attention, if her attorney released a statement saying that they wasnt gonna talk publicly about it then why in the hell is she posting updates on Twitter about the situation every 2 minutes? When the truth comes out she needs to be arrested for filing a false report and defamation. I feel sorry for this guy. And I feel even more sorry for the pigheads, racist, ignorant bastards that are posting negative comments!!!

1871 days ago


In ten years Tila and Vanilla Ice will be living together in a trailer in south Florida.

1871 days ago


She drank on her freakin show, what is that drunk she can't remember what she does?? STUPID is as STUPID does.

1871 days ago
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