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Why the Long Face?

9/7/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 73-year-old resurfaced at some event, looking OK!

Connie Hines

Hines was married by the time she was 17.

Connie's last acting role was in 1971.


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What do you mean "looking okay." At 73 she is looking fantastic...some might even say that she's hot. I've seen 53 year olds who look 10 times worse than she does.

1816 days ago


IMDB shows she was born in 1930, so she is 79...and she looks damn good for 79. And you guys seriously need to think of some new adjectives.

1816 days ago


OK? She looks fantastic. To tell the truth she looks much better than the majority of the guys and gals on your TV show.

1816 days ago


She looks wonderful, healthy and happy.

1816 days ago


WOW! She looks wonderful!

1816 days ago


hi...I lova TMZ...Who are all of you...I mean are you wanna be reporters? Are any of you related? The only reason I'M asking is because I saw the blonde doing the main things. is the main guy( sorry I cant think of his name) on vacation and all of you take turns or what...I think all of you are funny. This is a great beginning for all of you., and how did you get picked to do this job? This is just plain fun. Keep it going...

1816 days ago


She looks GREAT! I LOVED her back in the Ed days!

1816 days ago


She still looks good...but whats with the cheap looking dentures? PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH !! DENTURES ARE UGLY AS HELL!!

1816 days ago


@9 - You won't be complaining when she takes out those dentures and goes down on you.

1815 days ago


Hey Cindy Post #9 with the "Whats with the cheap dentures, they look so awful take care of your teeth!!!" I don't know if you are just young and don't realize that your teeth and the rest of your body will break down as you age, or you're just some wealthy person who has all the money in the world to fix them when you do age and is just cruel...but DENTAL WORK IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. You can not get insurance, especially when you are older. Dentures are the only option many people have. I am 65years old and I was told I needed to have my bottom teeth replaced 9 of them...after the dentist said they needed caps. $20,000 dollars. I don't have $20,000 dollars and I AM IN PAIN. I guess is it the cheap ass dentures for me. Grow up Cindy

1815 days ago

Eagle Globe & Anchor    

# 11....Youll never be able to convince or tell these kids on this site, anything....Its too bad everything nowadays is abt perfection.....BUT.....ya know what ???...These idiots who are dogging us older kids ( Im 45) will wear themself out, over plastic surgery, caps or whatever they call them , on their teetch ( IF they still have them) , over liposuction, facelift ( can I get a AMEN from Joan Rivers ?) .......And sorry to read about your teeth !..That really sux !!!

1815 days ago

sumer savin    

That is my Grandmother...and Yes!! She looks fantastic!!

1813 days ago

Miles Long    

TMZ- you pricks. She is a beautiful woman and one I'd like to tap faster than a keg at a frat party. Excuse me now, I need to print out her picture, blow it up, and paste it on my Real Doll.

1813 days ago

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