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Chris Brown

There's No Place Like Home

9/8/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown may have to complete court ordered hard labor in Virginia as a part of his penance for beating up Rihanna ... but he's got a pretty cushy place to rest his head while doing it.

Chris Brown
Brown recently twittered pics of the home -- filled with enough distractions to last a lifetime -- where he sought refuge after the infamous incident with his former girlfriend Rihanna.

Ironically, part of Chris' hard labor sentence will likely involve graffiti cleanup.


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THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

Can you guys get off Chris Brown's ball sac already? I think somebody on the tmz team has a huge boner/crush on this handsome 19 year old and is mad cause Chris would never be with his 50 something year old ass. I won't say any names. *cough HL*

Jesus its not like he murdered some girl, cut her fingers and toes off. Then stuffed her in a garbage bin. enough!!!

1841 days ago


ok haters, again worry about your folks molesting their children, killing their spouses,whole family members, kidnapping children and the list goes on what can be any worse than that,, i notice most of that never get posted on tmz, check the news its horrible, your folks are off the hook, Chris going to be ok because Jesus got his back, he will rise to the top again, Jesus encamp your angels all around Chris, don't let no hurt harm or danger come near him, Chris hold your head up, put Jesus first he will walk with you, he will make your enemies your foot stool,so many people want him to fail, but Jesus say not so, Jesus forgave you thats all that matters, you owe none of these haters an explanation.

1841 days ago


Those murals should raise the value of that home exponentially. It's just what every buyer is looking for, cartoon characters painted on every wall. These pictures show exactly how immature Chris Brown really is. I agree with the poster who said he'd be in jail in 2 yrs. He's a complete idiot.

1841 days ago

Beach Kid    

What is he trying to prove?

1841 days ago


People please get your comments correct. The mural is in his garage what is wrong with painting your garage with your own expressions. It is a tribute to one of his idols MJ. Get a life!

1841 days ago

Booger McGee    

Is he 12?

1841 days ago


I'm guessing Chris was a poor kid growing up and often had to wear old hand-me-down shoes that didn't fit. So now that he has money, he wants a million pair of shoes so he'll never have to worry about that again.

1841 days ago


Hard labor cleaning graffiti - that's child's play. He should be in the slamer. Meanwhile, he is so self indulged. He should give away most of those shoes and clothes to those in need as well be helping the unfortunate. It's sad the extravagance of someone who is an abuser and outrageous for him to be flaunting it. He's like a little kid - 'eh eh eh eh eh ya, look what I have.' And, he's showing off all what he had materially as he certainly does not have most people's respect. Now, Chris Brown get off that motorbike and go visit people in hospitals, people in homeless shelters and meanwhile Don't Pass Go, Go Straight To Jail where you belong!!

1841 days ago


This made me throw up a little in my mouth...he is out of control with women and reality. You can see what matters to him most....STUFF.

1841 days ago

arte help    

Another jackass with too much money who likes to rub it in everyones faces... LOSER

1841 days ago


Uh...I recall TMZ showing pictures of Paris Hilton's house and she had a lot more shoes then Chris! When you have money, you spend it the way you like. That doesn't mean he hasn't donated money to worthy charities!

1841 days ago

billie jean    

he is sooo gay..only white men can rap..

Posted at 8:02AM on Sep 8th 2009 by ice ice baby

you wish lmaooooo

1841 days ago

billie jean    

he is sooo gay..only white men can rap..

Posted at 8:02AM on Sep 8th 2009 by ice ice baby

you wish lmbao!!!!!!!!!

1841 days ago

arte help    

Another jackass with too much money, rubbing our noses in it. LOSER!!!

1841 days ago


He needs a front "gold tooth" to go with all the shoes he has!! Oh Yeah, plus a few gold chains around his neck! They should make him work on a Garbage Truck for 2 years after what he did to Rihanna. WOMAN BEATER!!!!!!
Better yet, the judge should order him to work on a farm picking Watermelon's with the camera rolling!!

1841 days ago
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