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Chris Brown

There's No Place Like Home

9/8/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown may have to complete court ordered hard labor in Virginia as a part of his penance for beating up Rihanna ... but he's got a pretty cushy place to rest his head while doing it.

Chris Brown
Brown recently twittered pics of the home -- filled with enough distractions to last a lifetime -- where he sought refuge after the infamous incident with his former girlfriend Rihanna.

Ironically, part of Chris' hard labor sentence will likely involve graffiti cleanup.


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After the Larry King interview he has shown he is just a spoiled little punk. He couldn't explain the other incidents of abuse. I am sure Rihanna is wise to be quiet. His mother sat next to him practically speechless. I personally like Mark Garagos, but Thank God he did not represent Michael Jackson in 2005. He is all about celebrity. Tom Mesereau was the right man for the job, and the right person for Michael. Chris Brown needs to grow up a little. Maybe he should donate some of those shoes to someone who is shoeless??? He needs to take a grammar class also after hearing him speak on Larry King. He just appeared a mess to me, certainly not anyones role model, more of an embarrassment, especially to the 'good people'.

1870 days ago

loving RiRi    

His house fits his personality...I love the array of sneaks tho.

1870 days ago

Joel P.    

The No Remorse Tour continues.

Either this guy has the worse PR reps in history or he's just not listening to them. This is the jetski thing all over again. Really Chris, you are suppose to serve your "sentence" with quite dignity and reflect on the harm that you've caused.

Oprah said it best. Get help!! You need it. The time for excuses is over. YOU did wrong by beating Rhianna to a pulp. It was not her fault. Unless you accept this fact and truly start beleiving it, you'll end up violating your parole...and end up in jail!!

1870 days ago


All lot of the comments on here sound more like jealousy...

The guy flipped out...owned the meantime got ragged in the media...lost endorsements...and will have to work extremely hard to make sure what's left of his image is not slandered or tainted by the people who are to "self righteous" to let the "fight" that he had with Rihanna go...

His home is his home...not his mommas, and it's not a rental...And as we can ain't a trailer either...It's his...and so are the contents...and the motorbike and the BMX and the skateboard and the pooltable...Some of you people that "don't like him" can't stand the fact that he's got it and you don't...

and the Lambo in HIS GARAGE...THAT'S HIS...not the loaner that HE PAID TO USE in California...get your facts straight... just gotta laugh!!!

1870 days ago

laura davis    

We'll be hearing about this guy in the future... and it won't be good.

1870 days ago


Chris Brown is a loser whose selfish and will do anything to regain his star.

Did you read the Rihanna Amber Alert?

1870 days ago


Damn, y’all some ignorant azz people! Leave Chris alone, he has apologized and he can do whatever he pleases in the comfort of his own home. Plus the MJ wall painting in his wall is not ugly you disrespectful fool; it’s called a tribute to the King of Pop!!! Some of you people need to get a life and get out of Chris Brown’s world!

1870 days ago


He's SO still a child.

1870 days ago


I find it stupid that people on this blog is calling Chris Brown spoiled. Spoiled is Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and allof the other celebutants that are living it up on mommy and daddy's hard earn money. He worked for his money, his clothes, cars, shoes (danm, he got alot of shoes) and so forth. He does not need to give up what he worked danm hard to earn. Now, I am not defending his actions, but please people give him a break, he had worked for his money and can spend any way he pleases.

1870 days ago


Poor thing is suffering so much for what he did to Rihanna NOT!! He has not learned a thing from the beating, the justice system disgusts me almost as much as Chris Brown.

1870 days ago


I hope this makes it to everyone out there.... PLEASE stop posting ANYTHING that has to do with Chris Brown. Good and bad. Bad press is better than no press. This piece of ....(I'll let you fill in the blank) is a CONVICTED women beater. He shouldn't be allowed to be in the public eye. I hope everyone boy caught Chris Brown and any of you who pay for his music, put stories of him on the internet support him in anyway you are supporting a man beating a women and it's sick. Please I ask you to not put ANYTHING UP ABOUT IS BASTARD. Boy caught Chris Brown!!!! We have to be heard that is it not ok for this to happened. He's not sorry if he was he wouldn't have done it in the first place. He didn't even set up the apology to happen. Did he do the hard work NO his people did it for him. And those of you who represent him and work for him you condone it as well. Have some morals people. We all make mistakes but this one is not forgivable, just like Rape (Mike Tyson) but somehow as a society we still use them to make money. Like I said before it's sick and I hope that Harvey Levin gets the message!

1870 days ago


If your home reflects your soul, Chris Brown's soul is a madhouse.

1870 days ago


Wht did'nt he show off his $1.5 millon dollar RED BUGATI car.Fastest production car in the world,It does 253mph off the lot. Search Chris Brown Bugati on TMZ and find the story

1870 days ago


1870 days ago


@ Karma...

Your saying not to forgive him...Chris Brown got caught doing something wrong to someone else...Why does anyone other than the person he was fighting with have to forgive him...If Chris Brown has infracted your world that much...There's other issues going on that maybe you need to identify...

I love Rihanna as well...but everytime there is a post that draws the people that sincerely do not like Chris Brown because of what happened between him Rihanna...the people that proclaim to "DISLIKE" him the most leave more comments than his fans...If anyone is supporting Chris Brown...I'd say it's the people that claim to hate him the most!!!!

and I believe the term "boy caught"...should've be Boycott...(spell check wouldn't have caught that)

1870 days ago
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