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Chris Brown

There's No Place Like Home

9/8/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown may have to complete court ordered hard labor in Virginia as a part of his penance for beating up Rihanna ... but he's got a pretty cushy place to rest his head while doing it.

Chris Brown
Brown recently twittered pics of the home -- filled with enough distractions to last a lifetime -- where he sought refuge after the infamous incident with his former girlfriend Rihanna.

Ironically, part of Chris' hard labor sentence will likely involve graffiti cleanup.


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I laugh at all of the haters on here. Chris Brown himself was right. Hating is almost like loving; you spend just as much time hating on the person as you would when loving them, so why not just love? Or at least realize that Chris isn't a spoiled brat and maybe he is just proud of what he has been able to afford for himself. I personally think that his house is cool and creative. It's different. Who do you know has graffiti and cartoon characters painted up on their walls? I wish Chris Brown the best. I personally wouldn't be able to sleep at night after wishing the worst for someone. Yeah, we ARE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we DO have the rights to our opinions, but at the end of the day (or rather on Judgement Day), who's going to want to back up their opinions then? Chris is a young man, and YES, what he did was absolutely horrible, but he has the whole rest of his life to learn to control his anger and to heal from his the things that happened in his childhood and I hope that he does. I know that it is not easy, and it will take a while, but from the positive posts that Chris has left on his twitter, he will definitely get through this. And yes, he may not have been sincere in his apology, and still has yet the apologize for beating Rihanna (not "the incident"), but who's to say that he won't be able to admit it in the future? Like I said, I wish him the best, because he seems to be speaking positively (which is a step in the right direction) and he seems to be taking the initiative in finding counselling (another good step as well). Only time can tell in what Chris chooses to do, and I hope that he continues to stay positive and take action. This will be so wonderful for him and all of the other men who are struggling with anger issues and domestic violence. To all of the haters... sad, sad, sad. I don't understand all of the anger at him. I understand not liking what he did (because I don't either), but none of us know him personally, so who are we to judge? Chris worked hard to make HIS money, and he can do with it as he pleases. I would also like to add that Chris is the only person I have heard of to host a charity even on their birthday. Their 18th birthday at that. And I believe I've said this twice already, but I wish Chris the best of luck in his endevors.

1840 days ago


lmaoooo at secret ninja. who ever said i was hoping for a date from him? and mentally challenged? well, seeing as i dont know you, and you dont know me, thats quite a stretch and untrue.

i however, do appreciate his music. I believe he's a great artist. I was simply stating what i've read from peoples comments, how according to them, he has no right to spend his money on sneakers. The fact of the matter is, it is his hard earned money, and he can spend it however way he wants to. as far as being a spoiled brat, like everyone else is referring to, i was crediting "spoiled brat" with material possessions, such as the house, sneakers, dirt bike, etc.

You and I do not personally know CB, so we don't know if he feels remorseful. Trying to say he isn't remorseful from a picture of him riding a dirt bike is ludicrous! No one can determine that. The incident happened 7 months ago, he has reconciled with his ex, has apologized to her countless times, as well as to the media, and is currently serving his community service. what more else do you want? for him to disappear from the entertainment biz? that wont happen anytime soon, so stop dreaming. Even if he flops, which i doubt, cuz he's getting air play again, he'll still make money from writing and producing other people's music.

and you tell me to Stop acting like he's innocent? when was i ever acting that way? cuz from what i see, i was talking about his house, bike, and shoes, not about feb. 9th, or the whole court ordeal.... yet again, there you go reaching, and assuming things.

as far as his "syndrome," i believe you're once again stretching too far. Yes, what he did was horrible, but seeing as this has never happened before, and he stated he was going to work on his anger, and try to understand why he snapped that night, I'm going to say that i hope this was "isolated incident." I laugh at the fact that you have diagnosed him with "excessive, self-centered, and immature behavior," I had no idea you were a psychiatrist, and you've spent personal time with him to properly diagnose him. Apart from this incident, when has he showed any symptoms of your diagnosis? Did you in fact make your diagnosis over the past couple of months from gossip sites that fabricate stories, and twist and turn the truth?

1840 days ago

secret ninja    

no one has to be a psychiatrist or a rocket scientist to point out the obvious, that Chris is obviously unremorseful and this is the last time i am pointing this out. you ARE obviously mentally challenged or dyslexic because you obviously didn't read the long list of things that Chris was so "sorry" about that i listed in a previous post. i gave the DEFINITION of a spoiled brat (which was referenced/cited from findings of actual psychiatrists) because, from reading what you posted, you have no idea and still continue to have no idea what it means to be a spoiled brat.
it's interesting that you mention that he and his ex have reconciled, because, admitting that you don't know him (or her for that matter), how the hell would you know that? i doubt that they have, even before the order of protection she has been avoiding him. i don't call trying to buy someone with expensive gifts and flowers an apology or a remorseful attitude for that matter.
you claim that you're not acting like he's innocent when clearly you are: just because something happened months ago doesn't mean it's okay. ex: "damn, that Scott Peterson killed his wife 7 years ago, and he's currently serving his sentence in prison, what more do people want?" sounds pretty ludricrous when you put it that way doesn't it?
and as for this being the first time an incident like this occured, once again how do you know that? this is the SECOND time ON RECORD that this has happened. a few years ago he made an appearance on the Tyra Banks show and related a story of how he begged his mom to allow him to take martial arts classes and when he was being picked on he beat the hell out of his classmates.
martial arts is used for learning discipline and at the school that i went to, i was taught that fighting was the absolute LAST resort, because you have an unfair advantage over others.
let me point out that Chris is black belt, and besides trying to push his girlfriend out of a MOVING CAR, he didn't have to punch her, bite her, smash her face up against a window and the dashboard and choke her repeatedly. he could have held her back IF she really was trying to fight him or he could have simply pulled over and got out of the car to cool off. that is the gravity of the situation, because if he kept going he could have killed her.
no, i don't hope that Chris stops doing music, whether he does or not doesn't matter to me because i don't support abusers, i don't care if he's popular or not, his songs come on the radio because someone is stupid enough to play his music, i simply change the station, besides, music today is extremely crappy and i don't have the time to listen to talentless drivel.
it is unfortunate that this happened and he is in the public eye that this "incident" as some people like to down play it, happened, but he really should have thought about that. he really should have thought about how his actions could affect his future and the future of others.
once again, not reaching and assuming, just pointing out the obvious.

1840 days ago

secret ninja    

uh, Angel, what report were you reading? because the report i read said that they started to ARGUE and that she slammed her fists, not on Chris, but on the dashboard, and he responded by TRYING TO PUSH HER OUT OF A MOVING CAR. yeah, she TRIED to fight him--fight him off that is.

wouldn't you try to fight someone that tried to push you out of a moving car?
wouldn't you try to fight someone that then proceeded to REPEATEDLY punch you in the mouth, smash your head into a window and a dash board?

she had bite marks on her fingers--she put her hands up to cover her face and try to push him away and he responded by biting her fingers and then he bit her in the shoulder.
she had bruises on her legs, because she drew her legs up to protect herself and he hit her to get her legs down so he could hit her some more, then he choked her, REPEATEDLY!
she tried to make a phone call to get help and he snatched the phone and THREW IT OUT THE WINDOW!
so because he was DRIVING while doing all of this, she yanked the keys out and sat on them. dangerous? yes. was it the smartest thing to do? maybe not. admittedly, her actions could have caused an accident. but then again, HIS actions of beating the crap out of his girlfriend WHILE DRIVING could have caused an accident as well.

and when you are in a situation like that, you're not thinking "oh he's gonna stop soon" or "he's gonna pull over eventually"
what you should be thinking is "damn! this man is trying to kill me! what am i going to do? what can i do?" which is most likely what was going through her mind. does this sound like a fight to you?

you obviously don't know the meaning of "domestic violence", but i'm not going to give you a definition because i'm tired of schooling people.

stop trying to gloss over the seriousness of what happened 7 months ago. and just because it happened 7 months and just because he's serving a sentence (if you can call it that) doesn't make what happened any less serious. nobody is judging, just pointing out facts. AGAIN.

judging would be "wow, that girl can not sing" or "wow, that guy is fat, he needs to lose weight" that's judging.

the report that you read Angel, was from a previous incident, Chris did something, Rihanna slapped him, and he responded by pushing her into a wall. and according to other reports, this abuse, while not as serious as what happened in February, has been going on for quite some time.

do your research next time you post something, or it will come out as a dumb ass statement by a dumb ass. oh! i think that happened already...

1840 days ago

secret ninja    

and wtf do positive posts on a TWITTER page have to do with anything? give me afb! everybody wants to go on twitter to give "their side" of the story. he should have made those "positive posts" on Larry King Live instead of giving vague answers and then saying he "didn't remember what happened that night."

it's interesting that you mention Chris being proud, that is exactly what he is, prideful. because only haughty people give a "showy display of one's means of life", and after an anouncement of a jail sentencing no less...i know he got that house with his own money, no one is hating (uh, that word is so played out its beyond ridiculous)on what's he done to his house, and believe me, i know quite a few people who have done talented things to the walls in their house and their pool for that matter. and you're right, he can do what he wants with his money. but did you also know "pride is before a fall"? humble people don't do things like that, real humble people are the ones that do things behind the scenes, to give to charity on your 18th birthday, while nice, is also saying "hey look at me! i'm helping people!"

"This will be so wonderful for him and all of the other men who are struggling with anger issues and domestic violence. "
i am lmfao at the above statement you made.
"yes, all you other men who are struggling with anger issues and domestic violence, you too can be like Chris Brown! you too can get 5 years PROBATION and pick up trash and clean graffitti for beating the HOT ASS MESS out your girlfriend/wife!"
GMAFB! Puh-leaze!

i sleep well at night, because frankly, i don't wish him the worst, what I WISH he would do and others that are defending him would do is actually OWN UP to what he did, give a SINCERE apology (but alas on the latter point i am grasping at air), and get some REAL help, not too much to ask. do you realize that God will not forgive you if you are not truly sincere? you may be able to fool man, but you can't fool God, he can see the heart.

and as far as Judgement Day is concerned, you're right, everyone will have to answer for themselves as to what they've done in their past. what will be your answer for supporting a person (in whatever shape or form) that beats a woman?

1840 days ago


Why all these shoes and there are starving kids all over the world that dont even have one pair........these people make too much money but guess what we are the idiots that give them all their money!!! god bless the USA

1840 days ago

secret ninja    

aaaah, wank eyed wednesday, the only thing you've proved is that you're a jack ass that needs to use spell check. :)
as far as engaging you in anything further, all i have to say is only someone like you would bring a pocket knife to a heavy artillery battle.

1839 days ago


Yall need to get a life. Chris knows he messed up but atleast he being a man about it and taking responsibility for his actions and not running away. Leave hin the F alone

1826 days ago
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