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Clark Gable --

Stabbed in the Chest

9/8/2009 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No mistake in the headline -- it really is Clark Gable ... the Third.

Clark Gable
Clark Gable III -- the grandson of Hollywood's most famous actor ever -- was stabbed in the rib cage at a house party near Los Angeles.

It all went down in Calabasas last month -- we're told CG3 got into it with some guests after he allegedly called somebody a very bad name. A fight broke out and someone plunged a knife into Gable -- who looks remarkably like his granddad.

We're told Gable suffered lung damage and spent a week in the hospital. Judging by the "thumbs up" from the picture, he's doing just fine.

One person has been arrested and authorities are looking for another suspect.

Tomorrow is another day...


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Frankly my snotskin, I don't give a damn! Be on the lookout for the one world currency coming google it

1871 days ago

tired 66    

He is gorgeous.looks a lot like his grandfather and also like a James Bond type.Why hasn't he cashed in on his looks.Is he too rich?Too gay??? Too dumb??I sure would like to know,because even with the tats ,he looks like an updated Clrak Gable playing James Bond!!!!Wish this woke him up that he is in the wrong crowd.

1870 days ago


this kid has always been troubled. i cant believe his momma and step daddy would leave him in la where he and his sis kayley are so unstable while they start a new life with their other kids on the other side of the country! they cannot be surprised by this. the gable kids are going down fast its really so so sad

1870 days ago


I dont know why all you low-lives are talking sh*t. Nothing wrong with tattoos, these days, if you dont have a tattoo your the "weird deoushe bag." If you haven't noticed, more and more people get them. And if you dont know him personally.. dont judge. He is a very sweet and kind guy. Who, just like many of us, happened to make a life-changing mistake. Thank god he's ok. NO ONE is perfect in this world.. especially all you sh*t-talking, self-centered people at home, who made awful comments. Thats just jelousy talking, and you know it. So keep your mouth shut.
Glad you're feeling better Clark. Great Life lesson.. and here's your second chance.

1870 days ago


Glad to see Clark Gable's legacy is so hot!

1868 days ago


I agree with #16, clark and his sister kayley went to great schools, and everyone in their family loves them, you people have to stop saying these nasty things about him and why are you judging him so much you dont even know what kind of person he is, he looks very nice and cool! god bless you clark hope you are ok...

1857 days ago


Don't matter if they went to the best school in Cali. Clarky and Kayley are both so messed in the head! It isn't judging when its the truth. Both kics have struggled with drugs & alcohol since they were teeny boppers. Both have been to rehab, and both need to go BACK to rehab. Family members and close friends will of corse stick up for them, but others on the outside who know of this crazy cookoo family know the truth! Their parents let them get away with everything growing up and now they are paying the price. I hope it isn't too late to clean their acts up. Both kids could be very successful if they acted more mature and repsonsable. Just my opinion

1856 days ago


What the heck is this Clark Gable the 3rd's problem in regards to the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death?Perhaps he is one of those MJ haters, and is just being petty, because really, what does he think people are going to do in there? I am quite sure if they stress to everyone, in signs, that it has to be very quiet, and respectful, they will be. And also Mr.Gable, there was also a lot of money put out on MJ's funeral, and his crypt, what right do you have to rule against it? How often do you go there?And I don't hear others whining! And you are not the only one with someone in there. We just lost MJ almost a year ago, and we all just want the chance to pay our respects to our King of Pop, some of us, like myself will not make it there, only by florist delivery, but I don't see where it is really going to be a problem, and judging by the stabbing you just got, perhaps you are just trouble, and causing it is just you.

1609 days ago


As someone who was stabbed too..glad he's ok. Good man.

279 days ago
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