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Janet Jackson -- If the Glove Fits

9/8/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has been busting her butt rehearsing for a Michael Jackson tribute at the MTV Video Awards this weekend -- and it promises to be a nipple-free affair. We think.

Ms. Jackson is set to put on a huge MJ-honoring performance featuring 20 backup dancers -- which is being put together by some of the best choreographers in the world, including Frank Gatson and Travis Payne.

According to one of the dancers involved, some rehearsals have lasted 15 hours a day.

Once Janet is finished honoring her brother, we're told, "there won't be a dry eye in the house."


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I just wish they could have done more to help Michael BEFORE he died. He was obviously in great need of help and no-one seems to have done a thing to help him. Grief or guilt now? RIP Michael Jackson. You were too good for this world. Greatly misunderstood, misjudged, lied about, but by your many many MILLIONS of fans you were, still are and always will be, greatly loved and missed.The vindictive media, lying children, greedy parents and the stupid gullible public all made your life so unhappy. Shame on you all. ARREST MURRAY NOW!!!!!

1873 days ago


I have seen this young lady before in other magazines. She had the same skin disease as Michael
her skin is the same color as his.

1873 days ago


18. Love you Janet can't WAIT to see it, we know how you loved Michael so & it should be you doing this for him.
Prayers & Love to both you and Michael's children

Cory Rooney & Chris Apostle intervew on Michael Jackson LONG but so worth it

@Posted at 2:23AM on Sep 8th 2009 by T.M.

Thanks so much for that link..i loved the interview and knew most of it before i read it just fantastic to see people finally speaking up and talking the truth..Michael Jackson is the greatest that ever lived..its a great loss to the world..I believe he was a messenger from God..God bless your soul MJ.I'm sorry the world failed you're to good for this world..heavy hearted from OZ..:(

1873 days ago


Hey TMZ, why don't you hire a professional photographer so we don't have to keep looking at all your crappy, blurry photos? My dog could do better.

1873 days ago


All of the Jacksons are now trying to revive their dead careers off the death of their brother Michael - from the reality show that was his funeral to this so-called tribute. Its not about a tribute people, its about reviving their own careers and making money off Michael. None of them have had a hit in years, including Janet. I wish they would all just go away and let the man rest in peace, but its not going to happen as long as Michael's fans participate in this. Even the fans can't take time to grieve because they are going to keep bringing this up and promoting and reminding us of his death. Again, this has nothing to do with Michael, this is self-promotion, so please see it for what it is. All the Jacksons need to just go away and have some respect.

1873 days ago


Ive been hoping Janet would do something, cant wait to see it, I just know its going to be amazing, thank you Janet love ya x

1873 days ago


signing off everyone have a good evening

1873 days ago


"Gone to soon" sweet angel MJ,I ask "Why",and was told you tried to "Heal the world",but it was to "Dangerous"..for "Money" is the root of all evil..and the "Tabloid Junkies" believed the lies and the hate,also invading your "Privacy" asked them"Why you wanna trip on me"..just "Beat it",and "Leave me alone"..even through the pain you wanted us to "Smile",and asked do you "remember the time",i say we will never forget..Michael Jackson you will always give me "Butterflies",

R.I.P Michael Jackson..Love you more..God bless your soul..praying for you kids and family..waiting for VICTORY in your name..

Heavy hearted Love from Australia..

Janet you're one the only ones who can actually live up to paying the best tribute ever for your brother..I can't wait to see your performance however i know it will be emotional for you and the world..Thanks for resepecting your brother it shows your morals..God Bless you..

1873 days ago


Lankindiva I came back with a gift for you and all his fans from Michael

1873 days ago


Nice that Janet is doing a tribute, but I don't buy that she loved her brother any more or less than anyone else in the family. I don't think she's "more genuine" just because she hasn't spoken much. In fact I get the feeling that no one in the family could even get in touch with Michael at all for years before his death. And that includes the sister he was supposedly so "close" to. I see that Janet is slated to give an exclusive interview to Harper's Bazzar, and also that she's planning to write a tell-all book about how the family is "coping" with Michael's death. If folks want to criticize La Toya, Jermaine, and Joe for speaking publicly, they can add Janet to the list too I guess. I believe they all loved Michael (and he them), but they're all showpeople to the end. If Michael's death can help Janet's flagging career, she'll be talking plenty in the months to come.

1873 days ago

Travolta couldn't handle the truth either    

MJ's kids were getting older and no longer thought he was God but a freak like most kids do at that age. The lies were no longer belived and the molesting was no longer acceptable. His kids grew up but MJ never did. His career was laughable and his friends were f'd over by him not the other way around. MJ was a psychopath, pedophile and simply, stupid. He could sing and dance but couldn't wipe his own ass

1873 days ago


The only "wardrobe malfunction" you'll see is when her pants split from that fat ass of hers breaking free. I'll compliment her for the tribute if it's proven that she is doing it for free and all the money goes to a charity ...and I don't mean the "Feed the Jacksons Lifestyle" charity.

1873 days ago


You go Ms. Jackson!!!

Love u more!!!!

1873 days ago


31. What will it take to reunite the jackson 5? 4 more I.V poles

Does anyone want tickets for the Jackson 4?

What was Michael Jackson tell the paramedics as he was dying? Take me to Childrens Hospital!

Posted at 3:12AM on Sep 8th 2009 by OhWell

you're such an idiot.

1873 days ago
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