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Janet Jackson -- If the Glove Fits

9/8/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has been busting her butt rehearsing for a Michael Jackson tribute at the MTV Video Awards this weekend -- and it promises to be a nipple-free affair. We think.

Ms. Jackson is set to put on a huge MJ-honoring performance featuring 20 backup dancers -- which is being put together by some of the best choreographers in the world, including Frank Gatson and Travis Payne.

According to one of the dancers involved, some rehearsals have lasted 15 hours a day.

Once Janet is finished honoring her brother, we're told, "there won't be a dry eye in the house."


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6. why not flaunt the wacko flanted his package.........

Posted at 1:55AM on Sep 8th 2009 by QUEEN of IT MIS

As a MJ fan from outside US i don't digest this kind of street language from this primate bitch or bastard.better do a brain drain this queen slut

1873 days ago


this sounds really good, i'm gonna be crying a river

1873 days ago


are they airing this in the netherlands as well???

can't find anything about it on mtv!!

1873 days ago


Really looking forward for that show. Hope Janet performs "Together Again". This song helped me alot over the loss of my beloved niece back in 1997. This song has great lyrics and it gives you alot of comfort that we will all see each other again in the other dimension.

Love you Janet!

@ADRIANA You are soooo right!!! Could not have said it in better words! Very eloquent! Thanx!

1873 days ago


I am so much looking forward to Janet`s tribute concert. The tribute concert here in Vienna on SEpt. 26th organized by Jermaine is just a rip off. He was giving the impression stars like U2, Madonna and Whitney Houston would perform. Well today he announced that Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown (!!!!), Akon and Sister Sledge would perform Michael`s greatest hits. Mary J. Blige is alright with me, but Chris Brown and Akon??? He must be kidding!!! Ticket prices range from 63 to 513 Euros, 1 Euro = 1,43 USD !!!! Jermaine also said the whole family including Katherine and Michael`s children will show up. Once again Michael`s children are being used to make $$$. I can`t stand Jermaine and me and other fans haven`t bought tickets since we were convinced Jermaine can`t bring real stars to Vienna. by the way, the city of Vienna contributes 600,000 Euros to this concert. We have always and will always love Michael Jackson in Austria, but I think it is a mistake to give Jermaine the chance to ride Michael`s and his children`s coat tails once again.
Sorry for my English, it is not my first language.

1873 days ago


U go Ms. Jackson!!!

Love you More!!!!
Love you More!!!!
Love you More!!!!
Love you More!!!!

1873 days ago


40. Hey TMZ, why don't you hire a professional photographer so we don't have to keep looking at all your crappy, blurry photos? My dog could do better.

Posted at 4:17AM on Sep 8th 2009 by ifart

And this is not Janet on the picture !

1873 days ago


Sorry Janet, People cannot shake the fact that the Jackson Family ignored Michael Jacksons Addictions just to stay in his graces or on his Payroll. I am completely through with the Forsaken Cash Cow Project of the Jacksons, it passed when Michael went to Rest.

1873 days ago


Hey Janet, have the Los Angeles Pa Pa told you yet that everyone that removed items from the location of Mr. Jacksons Death "officially" tampered with Evidence and screwed up any hopes of criminal charges being brought against anyone? I AM SURE THEY TOLD YOU MS. JACKSON.

1873 days ago


@Posted at 7:12AM on Sep 8th 2009 by AustrianMJfan

I agree with you however i dont see anything wrong with Chris Brown or Akon,especially Akon,who became close friends with Mj in the last few years and have actually done a remake of MJs "wanna be startin something",and also another beautiful song called "Hold my hand"..I think Akon is a fabulous artist and certainly respected Mj as hes spoken highly of him,and MJ respected Akon also..Chris Brown i thinks is a good artist also apart from his recent drama,he idolised MJ..however i would love to see Usher there,will he be there?He really loved and respected MJ..

R.I.P Michael Jackson..Love you more..always in my heart..

1873 days ago

carol have some serious issues dude...get help :S

1873 days ago


Hey Janet, how could you and your Family with all their resources not force the Pa Pa to lock down the entire location of Michael Jacksons death as a CRIME SCENE. Now you dum bastur.........ds will live the rest of your life promoting NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL....NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL.....NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL......NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL.......No one will be charged with any homicide, mainly due to the unusual conduct of the Jackson Family. Tell me, did you ever date Dr. Conrad? Dr. Conrad and the entire Jackson Family should be held responsible.

1873 days ago


What would make a kind gentleman like Jermaine Dupri dump Janet Jackson after 7 years when her Brother is murdered. Maybe Mr. Dupri does not like nor date Enabling Family Members that knowingly ignored Michael Jacksons Addictions just to stay in his good graces.

1873 days ago


@Posted at 7:20AM on Sep 8th 2009 by wendy

not sure about netherlands time,i know in Australia we are a day ahead so for us when in the usa they will show the mtv video awards sunday for them,it will be monday afternoon in OZ..what i did was went through my cable tv guide programs till i saw the awards..i didnt bother checkin the tv book just through my remote programmed it for recording..hope this helps you im sure they will show it world wide on mtv just the time difference

1873 days ago

doc murry    

is she going to dance topless..i sure would love to see those ta ta's a kimbo...forget wacko...... she is hot hot hot

1873 days ago
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