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Janet Jackson -- If the Glove Fits

9/8/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has been busting her butt rehearsing for a Michael Jackson tribute at the MTV Video Awards this weekend -- and it promises to be a nipple-free affair. We think.

Ms. Jackson is set to put on a huge MJ-honoring performance featuring 20 backup dancers -- which is being put together by some of the best choreographers in the world, including Frank Gatson and Travis Payne.

According to one of the dancers involved, some rehearsals have lasted 15 hours a day.

Once Janet is finished honoring her brother, we're told, "there won't be a dry eye in the house."


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I think Janet Jackson is great. Now, as to nipple free, probably so but I'm sure most of her 'girls' will be front and center. Unfortunately Janet is one like Madonna, and Maria, who feel they have to flaunt their boobs for all to see. Doesn't she know it takes away from her own true beauty as well as her talent. Not only that we all know they are fake but too late now on that front. tee hee!! She could go natuaral like Kelly Ripper and still be beautiful.
Janet has the talent to do as well as her brother, Michael, who from what I read was always jealous when she was in limelight. That's good she is part of remembering him but now I hope she comes forth with some new material and performances of her own.
You Go Girl!!

1849 days ago


I heard about the vienna concert which will be held on 26th september,but they said next year?is that right?WTF next year if that is so?it was just on sky confused:S

Janet Jackson you're one beautiful woman and inspiration to many for your strength and being genuine..God bless you...Michael will be even more proud of you..R.I.P Michael Jackson..we love you more..god bless your soul sweet one..

1849 days ago


I ignore all the haters because they make jokes that are not funny and sound like 3rd graders. I know that Janet will do a good job and I hope it is a duet with Micheal. Janet is very talented. I could see the pain on her face and she did try to intervene only to be shut out by his security force. Micheal and Janet will always be in my heart.

1849 days ago


Michael did not lie his family stealing his thunder and I am not kidding you here..all that happy family crap was fake,..,he was mad as hell when janet was singing..anyway
can all you jackons just piss off mike wouldnt like this you are trying to revive your own careers by using your brothers death,,you know how to sink the boot in dont you?
poor mike nobody does the right thing by him:(
and JERMAINE GET BACK INOT WHATEVER HOLE YOU ESCAPED FROM .or even better why dont you go finish thst nasty book you were writing about michael with stacy brown?
oh hell yeah!
thought we'd forgotten?
not mjfans we havent
what was that you said?
my brother is an evil selfish spiteful drug addict?
oh yeah
happy tribute jerkoff!

1849 days ago


post 78- troy ---it is nice to have others speak kind words of mj, it hurts so bad to hear the things that some of these people put on here..mj was a true pure heart and he only wanted to have peace and love in this cruel world. now that he is gone all the ridicule and nastiness will go to janet jackson, and that is so sad because she has truly been a good sister to mj and a great performer in her own right. you are so right we all make mistakes and mj was no different, at least he didnt ask for anyone to take care of him and his problems he dealt with it all on his just shows how the haters cant change there self so they bring others down with them.. i pray for mj and his family each and everyday!!! rest in peace michael--love u forever!!! sue from tampa

1849 days ago


RIP Michael Jackson, a truly genuinely good man. Gone too soon. When oh when is that lying killer quack going to be arrested? The LAPD etc must be building one helluva case against him. Good!!! Arrest him NOW!!!!!!!

1849 days ago


A look at some of the insults and hater vs non-hater (aka Fan Talk) is amusing. I feel the comments section of TMZ is where the real performance is at.

1849 days ago


janets fat and mike wouldve said that too
in one of his home vids he comments on her being a pig and eating two ice creams..he goes geez you can see janet like to eat
mike didnt do fat
and janet you are not MICHAEL either!!
please stop using him dont ruin his music by singing it please leave his music to lot have no talent and you married a debarge!!!!!
ew enough said
love you mj we miss you it sshouldnt have been you that went through all you suffered in life only to die so young
you didnt deserve any of it...and these fat donut munching relatives made you pay for your own funneral and now you poos thing they are going to be buried near you cos you brought them too!
Mj is crying in sorry hes crying in transit because he cant cross over he's too frigging worried about his kids being with you lot to LET GO

1849 days ago


@ Posted at 7:40AM on Sep 8th 2009 by lankandiva HURTS

i'am trying to find out, but i think our mtv is different from yours?? (mtv europe..?? don't know for sure.. )

we'll maybe i can see it on the internet

thank you from the netherlands!

1849 days ago


Out of all the family, Janet will be able to do it up best for Michael. Yes, there will be obvious PR advantages for her career by doing this, however, she gives her all in her work and digs down deep within her emotions, much like Michael. She's using the same philosophy as Michael did, go big and use the best. It's not like she needs the money so I believe this tribute will be from her heart and will capture ours. Good on ya Janet - Rest in peace Michael, and continue watching over your children.

1849 days ago


@Posted at 10:13AM on Sep 8th 2009 by michellefromAUS

You disgust me,Mj was ridiculed his whole life there's no way he woild thik of his family in such..yes i know they put him through hell at times but no he wouldnt call them names..he never said his sisters're from Australia are you?Thats a damn disgrace to the country,I'm in OZ also..I can't believe you disresepect Ms Jackson like this..You must be clueless when it comes to Janet and Mike they were so close like no other..Michael loved his little sister and you talking like this bout her is one of the things that would make MJ weep..How dare you judge someone by their looks?Think before you talk..Janet Jackson is one beautiful black voluptuous woman..always has been..maybe you have insecurities that you like to pick on someones looks?Sickening..maybe try looking for the real targets here such as Diane Dimond who is still trying to condemn Mj even after his death..but please..don't even go there with Janet..Michael would be so disappointed with you..SHAME on you..

1849 days ago


Sue I would not let these clueless people hurt me when it comes to MJ who knows who they are. Based on some of their post they seem kind of sad themselves. I mean if you read some of that junk some of it is real sick stuff. Even the ones who try to make some kind of point against MJ when you ask them about facts, evidence and sources what you get is ranting and inaccurate BS. I have learned to just ignore it because ist nonsense. Like LankinDiva said they are fishing for attention.

1849 days ago


@Posted at 10:16AM on Sep 8th 2009 by wendy

hi there,

and you're welcome..well i know Australia is a day ahead of the usa,so they will be showing it live 13th september,but for me in OZ it will be 14th september monday maybe check sunday and monday guide mtv and you will see..hope you find it all the best..

1849 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

She's full of crap .. She wants mo money

1849 days ago


Sorry,I stopped responding to hate and made many posts about it here and there,but i just couldnt shut up when it came to some knockin Janet about her looks and also an inclintaion that MJ would say shes fat..BS..thats the most disgusting thing and so disrepectful..Mj would never call his family horrible names being that he himself has been ridiculed and still is ..F**K you would think people woudl learn a lesson by now..Janet Jackson is beautiful..she will do the greatest tribute ever to her big brother..Janet respects her brother so very much,did she come out and make a statement herself about performing at the MTV video awards?unlike some of her family who have been put boasting bout such other events?HELL NO,she of the only Jacksons who always stuck by her little brother through thick and thin,one of thew most genuine members in the for GODS sake give her the respect she also deserves..god bless you Janet..R.I.P MJ..we love you more..heavy hearted from Australia

1849 days ago
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