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Janet Jackson -- If the Glove Fits

9/8/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has been busting her butt rehearsing for a Michael Jackson tribute at the MTV Video Awards this weekend -- and it promises to be a nipple-free affair. We think.

Ms. Jackson is set to put on a huge MJ-honoring performance featuring 20 backup dancers -- which is being put together by some of the best choreographers in the world, including Frank Gatson and Travis Payne.

According to one of the dancers involved, some rehearsals have lasted 15 hours a day.

Once Janet is finished honoring her brother, we're told, "there won't be a dry eye in the house."


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I totally agree with #92. Not only is she full of crap========the whole stinking family is! They just want more stinking money. I think his mother Katharine is a joke---as a mother you PROTECT your children----from everyone INCLUDING their father is need be. They have got to be one of the all time loser-dysfunctional families. What else are they going to jump on in order to make a buck?

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Janet jackson and the Jackson 4 .. The whole family are tired loosers.. Next stop working the counter at Burger King

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

The whole jackson family are broke loosers and want to ride the gravey train one last time ... sorry I'm not buying into it .. good by michael jackson ... good by nasty, talentless money grubing family

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Michael Jackson is dead .. RIP .... His looser family on the other hand want to ride the Michael Jackson gravy train until the last gold coin can be made by them. When it's all over they will want his children's share of the money.. I hope someone is watching out for his children they are the real loosers in all of this.

1874 days ago


I love Michael Jackson - I only feel sad that Michael never met anyone who could help him, but then again, who could understand the depths of his pain? Ultimately, he didn’t die of drug abuse, but of a broken heart.

Posted at 2:49AM on Sep 8th 2009 by StrangerinMoscow

Listen! He was an addict! He acted just as addict do. If he wasn't on drugs he would have acted differently. Addicts isolate themselves from family and friends; and are surrounded by enablers. If his own children, whom he loved dearly, wasn’t enough to get him to quit using, then no one could’ve. As much as he loved God, even God had to take the back seat to his drug addiction. It doesn’t make him a bad guy, just a guy in need of a quick fix. Everybody hurts sometimes; it's called life. Shoot! My childhood was worst than his, but I kind of enjoyed riding the waves of life. Now I can counsel those afraid to ride their own waves. That's just life.

The two thing he did get to take with him was the love of everyone who loved him, and his faith. Those two spiritual things are eternal, and I’m sure he’s enjoying them to the fullest, without the need for drugs. ENJOY MICHAEL!

1874 days ago


ADRIANA.. What you said is truly beautiful, I couldn't have written it better myself. I sincerely believe that Michael was too special for this world, one of a kind. At least now he's at peace and dancing with the angels. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Love you so much Michael, the world is lost without your love. xxxxxxxxxx

1874 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Go Janet, Michael loved his baby sister. a little innocent
jealous hurt no one. I'm sure she was jealous of him also.
but more so proud they were of each other. You MJ Haters can
SHOVE it. Janet will bring her all in this performance and
tear the roof off that mutha.Go on girl, Do your thang!!!!
Janet is not fat.Janet is Fine.

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

When she's done there won't be a dry eye in the house???..... OH COME ON ... Michael Jackson is dead ... He has BEEN dead for months now... How many funeral's can the family have? Get over it ... He's DEAD!! .. Sad but true.

Janet and the other hasbeen family members just want to eeek the last penny out of Michael Jackson before they go back under the rock they came out of.

The Jackson Family's day is over... Michael is DEAD!!! ... Go away Jackson Family... Your a bunch of low life loosers and everyone knows it...

Janet... Go have another "malfunction" some where else

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Just what we need 1 more "tribute to Michael Jackson".. OH COME ON ... HE'S BEEN DEAD FOR MONTHS !!!! If each one of Michael Jackson's family does a tribute to him we will have tribute's to Michael Jackson for the next 200 years...

Michael Jackson is DEAD... They had 500 Funerals and it's over... Janet and the other Jackson "poosers" that have no tallent.. GO AWAY!!!!!! ....

1874 days ago

a fan    

I think Janet is very genuine in her affection for her brother and her desire to honor him.

However, I am appalled that Jermaine asked Chris Brown to perform at the Austria Tribute. They should change the name of the concert to "Jermaine uses his brother's death and songs to try to rekindle his old career and pretend to be MJ as a philanthropist" concert.

No wonder MJ didn't want anything to do with this family. They probably delayed his funeral to film their reality tv series on grieving for MJ for A&E. They probably filmed part of the funeral service for it.

I am so disgusted that they are contaminating MJ's legacy this way. He was the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen and nothing like his family.

1874 days ago


janet will do an awesome job at the tribute and the main thing is it will come from her HEART FOR HER BROTHER!!!!she is awesome and she never had to hang on his coat strings she is and will always be a great performer in her own right..i am sure michael was very proud of her and his LOVE will live on in her life forever..i know she will do very well on her own.ITS EVIDENT!!!! RIP MJ--SUE FROM TAMPA

1874 days ago


It is so kind of the Jacksons doing all of these tributes for Michael for free.

1874 days ago


I love Michael Jackson - I only feel sad that Michael never met anyone who could help him, but then again, who could understand the depths of his pain? Ultimately, he didn’t die of drug abuse, but of a broken heart.

Posted at 2:49AM on Sep 8th 2009 by StrangerinMoscow

Read more:

THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND SO TRUE ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, StrangerinMoscow.

1874 days ago


She is the only one I want to see. I am sick and tired of the brothers, they have been everywhere. Where was everyone while michael was alive? sad

1874 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

How many more funerals can they have for Michael Jackson? They seem to have a Michael Jackson funeral on every street corner (pay per view) ...

1874 days ago
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