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Jon Gosselin -- I 'Despise' Kate!

9/8/2009 2:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Jon and Kate Gosselin hit a peak on the morning talk shows today -- with Jon announcing on national TV that the mother of his 8 children is "someone I despise."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon was on "GMA" where he kept talkin' trash about his ex -- and even accused her of taking his wedding ring.


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He's nothing but a big fame whore. Buying a fancy car, having pool parties,etc..... I wish he would shut up and fade from the limelight.

1808 days ago


Jon will shut up when he is sued by the body guard ....he is so stupid! Which kid will come home crying because half the class tease him/her about their daddy hates their mommy......what a jackass.

1808 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Why do people care about this idiot?

1808 days ago


WOW, he is such a joke. I think Kate got a bad rap for being the disciplinarian of the family and for being hard on him, but she had to be b/c he is clealry a babbling idiot. He has quickly turned himself into the heel of this little saga and the sad thing is that the kids are the ones being hurt in the long run. I wouldn't be surprised if his partying and lax parenting eventually leads to him losing custody.

1808 days ago


BTW...Ed Hary is soooo over if this guy wears it. Bad move from Ed Hardy....Ugly $hit anyways...

1808 days ago


I'd like to put this ass in a cage with Chris Brown and let these two despicable jerks beat the hell out of each other.

1808 days ago

Kooky Fan    

AWWWWW C'MON . Kate whores out her kids, gets fake boobs and a tummy tuck, and treats you like a dog. How bad can it be Jon..........

1808 days ago


Please, quit interviewing him, just let him go away!!!!

1808 days ago


I have never seen such a fool in my life! Kate is still acting like a mom, he on the other hand, he is running around bashing her on TV. Most of the time you see him he is with a trashy woman and smoking. Even when he is with the kids he spends alot of time on the cell phone...the pictures prove it. Get a life and do what is best for the kids. Stop trashing Kate, she is the mother of your children and last but not least.....GROW UP!!!

1808 days ago


He despises her for not speaking from the heart? Her tears looked pretty from-the-heart to me. From what I've seen, she tries to pick her words carefully--something Jon should imitate.

From the show, I think she is a control freak. Good reason for a divorce, but this guy has gone too far with those comments. I think when all is setteled, Kate will be happier without him....

1808 days ago

Susan nc    

It is so incredibly sad that this guy is going on TV trashing his ex like this. Even if every word he says is true - he should be thinking of his kids, not his own rep. His kids will see this, and the oldest ones are old enough to understand what he's saying. He should be adult enough to keep this private. Instead he's dragging all this into the media for what? To make himself look better for the next batch of women he wants to hit on? Sad and pathetic. He should really be ashamed of himself.

1808 days ago


I remember Jon saying that he was worried about his kids googling him someday. Well, Jon, this video will exist forever. Regardless of whether or not you really do despise Kate, and yes there are plenty of reasons to, keep quiet. Remember, no matter what, she is the mother of your eight children.

Your kids will form their own opinions about their Mom, and your marriage, from the numerous hours of footage. You don't need to add fuel to the fire.

Your kids will also form opinions about you based on your actions.... and to be honest, they haven't been that great lately.

Be quiet. Get a job. Get your kids out of the spotlight...there's plenty of land at your home which is completely private... no need for either you or Kate to be hanging out on the driveway. Be a Dad.

1808 days ago

queen bee    

Ok Jon, So you depise Kate. Big Deal! Kate is the adult in the relationship you have proven that. Kate you would do well to let him walloe in his own misery. His troubles are not with you, clearly they are with himself. He is in pure disgust with himself and he looks to place the blame on you because once again you were right. Kate you can keep the ring on for your children I understand the reasoning. Good luck to you and those kids.

1808 days ago


There should be a law against people having children before the age of thirty. No one is mature enough to have children while still kids themselves and if people did wait till they were that age they would more than think twice.
Today the average twenty-five year old behaves and lives like a teenager. Acting mature and being experienced and intellectually mature from that experience are things no twenty-something can be. PERIOD.

This world could use a serious backing down of additional births. We are reproducing at a ridiculous rate and most of it is just young idiots who think you get married and then must start spitting out babies as if it's an unwritten law, for no better reason than one get's a dog or buys a new car. Far too many women do it for the attention the pregnancy and birth gets them then like addicts when the novelty wears off or one of their family members is having one and getting all the attention, they start all over again. I hear it all the time in my practice. There are so many more women like this than the average, educated person would ever believe. It borders on a sickness.
Why if you don't already have the means to be absolutely sure that any child of yours will have a life of means with no doubt of the ability to have a thorough education and all that a child needs to thrive, not merely survive in the world, would you want to bring them into this world as it is except for reasons of vanity?
Look at how many people you know who are excited expectant parents then end up with children that they treat like animals when those children don't supply them with an endless stream of events about which to brag and preen.
Get a puppy. Get a new car. Stop littering this crowded, resource starved world with more brats the country can't afford to support and that goes for the rich and people of means. If you are going to have your baby, then drop it in the hands of hired help so you can fill your life with a career and the real reason most women work when they have children, either financial need which is already reason to not have children or to have an interesting social life which is proof that parenthood is not for them as it should fulfill the needs of any parent who can afford to stay home and raise their children.

As for the young undereducated of the country who marry their high school sweetheart and start reproducing and struggling, your having the children in the first place is your first act of child abush. You're nothing more than an birthing animal. Spitting out offspring purely from animal instincts. You should all be spayed like well kept dogs.

In fact a 4 year college education should be added to a minimum age as requirements for having children at all.

The newborns of people without high school diploma's should be sterilized at birth.

1808 days ago


This dirt-bag needs to be put in his place! I CAN NOT STAND this man- excuse me- I should say DIRTBAG because he is no man.
He has absolutely no class, and I hope he catches Herpes or something worse from the ho-bags he is running around with! He deserves NOTHING BUT THE WORST!!!!!!

1808 days ago
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