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Jon Gosselin -- I 'Despise' Kate!

9/8/2009 2:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Jon and Kate Gosselin hit a peak on the morning talk shows today -- with Jon announcing on national TV that the mother of his 8 children is "someone I despise."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon was on "GMA" where he kept talkin' trash about his ex -- and even accused her of taking his wedding ring.


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This dumbsh*t should not open his mouth. Kate never trashed him, but here he is now after shacking up with 4 different women(girls) with all of them having checkered history, that we know of and is saying sh*t about the mother of his OWN kids. A perfect definition of a LOSER is Jon GROSSLIN. He has no character, class, nor integrity.

1873 days ago


It takes two to make a marriage. It also takes two to ruin a marriage. Maybe if you had acted like an adult instead of the child that you are, the marriage may have lasted. You need to grow up.

1873 days ago

not jon!    

Every time i hear from this guy, he is playing the poor little me card. this tool has no idea what it is to man up and provide for his children and give them someone to respect and look up to! Tool is actualy an over statement, USELESS TOOL is more fitting!!!!

1873 days ago


kate is a textbook narcissist...controlling, and caring only about her feelings first and foremost. that was obvious on the show. her treatment of jon and the way she spoke to him was extraordinarily abusive and he took it, until one day he'd had enough thank goodness. life is too short. the way she spoke to him was embarrassing and I wish the whole show would just disappear.

my own dad and kate are carbon copies, so I speak from experience. it's ALWAYS their way or the highway. it's abuse at the highest level for the other family members and affects them deeply. her kids are most certainly being affected by this, but because they don't know any better and are too young to respond, she continues her unhealthy behavior. but trust me, they will respond and rebel sooner than later.

kate's interviews are flat and are certainly not authentic. she speaks in a monotone just like a robot for her public image to keep the show going and her answers are rehearsed. it's obvious. and whether you like jon's answers or not, at least he's being genuine and his true feelings are coming out.

you would think that if kate played back even one show where she comes off to nearly everyone as the wicked witch of the west, she would feel some guilt, shame or remorse, but forget it...narcissists feel no empathy for others and take no responsibility for their actions or words. They are the 'Entitled' people you know.

1873 days ago


I have go t news for you Jon...most of the people who have been following this despise you! You need to shut your pie hole. Kate is the mother of your 8 kids and if for no other reason than that you owe her some respect. My daughter has a dad like you,he talked bad about me to her,he talked bad about me to my face in front of her,and he pulled some really dumb a$$ stunts and it backfired. She wants NOTHING to do with her dad at this point in her life(she is 8). Once your children hear the venom you are spewing about their mother they too will want nothing to do with you. Your children love their mother whether you love her or not so shut your mouth and keep your opinions of her to yourself. Otherwise you deserve whatever comes your way.No lawyer in good conscience will let you have 'joint custody' of your kids while you are acting this way and once your kids get wind of what you are doing and saying they will want nothing to do with you. TLC would be smart to fire you.

1873 days ago


When you see the way he is acting now, doesn't it all start to make sense on why Kate was so much of a bitch in the first place? Kate is keen on not saying anything on tv, because she puts her kids first and doesn't want that crap getting back to the kids. Obviously Jon is most concerned about people's opinions of him, which only makes people hate him more.

Kate, take the kids and get full custody...this man has no interest in them other than the fame and money they bring him.

1873 days ago


Oh poor Jon, your true colors are showing! You loser! Nice of you to make the comment that you despise Kate, I'm sure your kids are going to absolutely love the fact that you've announced this on TV for everyone to hear. And P.S. Jon, I'm sure Kate despises you too, but unlike you, she's keeping her feelings private, not out bashing and trashing you like you continue to keep on doing.

And poor Jon is worried about his reputation? Ohhhh poor widdle baby Jon! Hey earth to Jon, you are the one damaging your reputation, every time you open your big fat loser mouth. Who is the one who got caught partying with college girls while his wife was away? Who is the one who photographed with his latest skank in France while his wife is at home with the kids? Who is the one who bought his little two-seater sports car (yeah Jon real practical vehicle for a man with 8 kids) and his motorcycle? Who is the one partying in Vegas again while his wife is at home with the kids? Who is the one who bought a bachelor pad in NYC, instead of a place close to his kids? Who got his lobes pierced with his stupid Ed Hardy clothing? Takes vacations without his kids? Brings his latest skank to sleep with him at the house while he's got the kids, even though the divorce isn't final yet?

Don't worry about Kate, Jon, you are doing wonders yourself for your precious reputation LMAO!

Grow up Jon! Act like a father. Act like your 8 kids mean something to you. You don't have to like Kate, but you two will always be a part of each other lives cause of the kids. And you telling the world that you despise her, wow, how totally inmature and whiny can you get.

Kate, not a fan of yours, don't like how you treated Jon on TV, but all you have to do now is just sit back and let this blowhard continue to self-destruct. Everytime he opens his big fat stupid mouth he sinks lower and lower, he's doing a mighty fine job of trashing himself all on his own.

1873 days ago


Well if Kate says "what you see is what you get" on their show and it is unscripted, then yes...Kate has certainly abused Jon, not rocket science there people!
BUT: he has to realize that the things he says will get back to his kids one of these days and they are going to be so hurt by what their dad is saying about their mom.
Jon, start manning up a bit....get past this for the sake of your kids and come to a middle road with Kate.
By the way, his eyes looked pretty blood shot to me!!

1873 days ago


Who care if Kate took his wedding ring.......I know that when I was in the process of a divorce I did not want I wanted to keep "our" rings together.....when my ex took it off I took it & put it with my set WHERE IT BELONGED!!! If he wasn't wearing it then what should it matter to him? Kate has done what she can to keep her thoughts to herself even when asked directly without trashing him to h*ll or high water "Jon is making choices I would not make".....I that not the truth?? His actions are the one that are VERY public and he is getting his own bad publicity!

1873 days ago


He really needs to grow up he is a father of 8 and still acts like a child. Whether she is telling the truth or not at least she does not look like a complete fool like he does. I hope he does not think he looks good in anyway, he looks silly talking about his wife like that. He needs to stop trying so hard, please let his 15 minutes of fame be over I am tired of looking and hearing about him.

1873 days ago



1873 days ago


Boo Hoo Hoo
Me me me
whaa whaa whaa
You are such a victim John
Weak a$$ male, you should be ashamed you weakling!!!
No one feels sorry for you, go hang out with Chris Brown!!! You girls have a lot in common!!!
HA!!Ha! Ha!!

1873 days ago


I read somewhere that Jon spent like $20,000 on therapy. Doesn't seem like it did him much good.

1873 days ago


I think Jon has a right to be bitter. Kate seems to have treated him like crap. Nonetheless, for the sake of the children he should shut the hell up.

1873 days ago


The more I hear this loser, the more I'm convinced that either his mother, horseface Hailey, or his so called friends are speaking on his behalf. He maybe a nice guy and have a average I.Q. but he really cannot think for himself and this is the path that's going to destroy him. He really is a child in a man's body. Any intelligent fans and non-fans of this show can see this, crystal clear.

1873 days ago
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