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Michael Jackson -- Tales from the Crypt

9/8/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's body is already causing a market shift in the cemetery world -- the price of graves near his tomb are already sky-rocketing.

TMZ spoke with a sales rep at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale who told us plots surrounding Jackson have already gone up $2,000-$3,000 each since MJ joined the neighborhood.

FLM was selling pre-Jacko units in the mausoleum for $7,000 a pop -- now they're up to $9,900.

The cemetery rep tells us, "When a high-profile person comes in, it can affect the prices of the surrounding plots."

Some people who own private units near MJ's crypt are looking for a bigger payday -- one person is asking $34,000 for a double unit inside Jackson's mausoleum.

We spoke with owner of the double unit who told us, "We've had a tremendous response ... we're weighing all of our options."


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Illinois person    

Saying that "since he joined the neighborhood" really was tacky even for TMZ. Aside from that, it's not surprising the cemetery is jacking up its prices. Quite certain they haven't had this much free publicity since the Pope last visited. Whatever, everyone had their had out when it came to Michael so even in death his own final place of rest is doing the same. FL-Glendale, where tacky meets creepy!

1816 days ago


34. something is going on with this link sorry

Posted at 4:11AM on Sep 8th 2009 by gs

This girl was on either GMA or Today and she cried after talking about her vitiligo. At the end of the linked article they quote a guy from Vitiligo Society saying it's extremely rare for the whole body to change color, but that's not true, because I've researched and a lot of people do get universal vitiligo and turn completely white, maybe they have a few brown spots or splotches here and there.

1816 days ago


I agree Lovehimmore I have seen this before in real time where someone had it on their entire body. I remember I thought he was an albino because his hair had changed. He explained to me that that was not the case and he had the same disease as Michael but could not die his hair and eyer lashes. because of allergies

1816 days ago


28. It is very doleful to come here and read such obtuse stories; at the very least tmz, if you must write such things, why not do it tastefully? Didn't your parents ever teach you to be kind to others? You see, we're humans first, all of us, so why do you continuously stoop so low as to bash a dead man?

Not everyone likes Michael and that's alright. Even I was indifferent to him, I had all of his albums and rocked to them during the 80s, 90s and up until his death, but personally I didn't really care about all the jokes, his trial or anything else. Now, however, I can't sit here and try to imagine the life of someone who was ridiculed day in and day out. Imagine that happening to your children. No matter how tough a person is they will eventually be brought to their knees cause we can ultimately only take so much of being the butt of the joke. Regardless of the plastic surgeries, the chimpanzee, molestation charges (he was completely innocent, imo), the man stood with his head held high. He may have battled his own demons in private but don't we all?

Just remember, what goes around comes around. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the way the press treated him will come back to all of you in some way shape or form.

@Posted at 3:38AM on Sep 8th 2009 by Kandie

Thanks so're spot on..yes people reap wht they sow and i also mentioned in past posts whether it be in a small way or big way it will happen and for all to remember Michael Jackson,then only then will they ever now what MJ had to endure in this cruel world..Michael had Rhino skin (as he would say)tough like his dad and strong..he never gave up..till the day he left us he kept going..god bless his soul..the world became so much colder since MJ passed..I beleiev he was a messnger for us..which is one reason he endured so much in this this day i cry and hurt..i cant even begin to imagine how his family feel,especiall his mother and kids..all in my thoughts and prayers..Praying for VICTORY in Michael Jacksons name..I want to se jutice served..MJ deserves does his family,friends and fans..

1816 days ago


Thank you TMZ for posting this topic.

This mean that MJ was in fact shuffled off and tucked away in a $7000 crypt down an obscure downunder section of Holly Terrace with the likes of WC Fields (may he RIP) and HopAlongCassidy (may he also RIP)and Lon Chaney (may he forever RIP, love you Lon)?

Like the ForestLawn Virtual tour link stated.

That blows away the "reported" later theory that our MJ might be entombed beneath the stainglassed "Ascension Window" priced at $600,000. That was not a report furnished by FLMP.

It's been reported that MJs funeral costs came in at around $1 mil.
And he got a $7,000 slot in a wall?
Lost down some musky corridor?

and the filmed funeral has been sold to A&E for how much?
and the Good Lord only knows who else it will be sold to.
and sold by whom?


1816 days ago


You know when I saw Michael explain that he believed god wanted us to be like little children which is stated in the bible. I believe MIchael really truly felt that was how we all should live. I remember staring at him when he said that. He said it with such conviction that I knew he believed it as much as he believed in god.

I don't think people understood that about MIchael. I think he was trying his best to show charity and love but because of his appearance he was ridiculed. But you know that is something we all should be ashamed of not proud of. I agree what goes around comes around.

1816 days ago

get a life    

There goes the neighborhood!

@oh well - keep up the good work! Maybe the wacko jacko fans will stop drinking so much "jesus juice" and see him and his family for what they were, and are.

In the meantime, here's a few more wacko jackos to go....wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko wacko jacko

1816 days ago


Post #39 and this post will be the only 2 remarks posted to this board FOREVER by me the one and only real tellitlikeitis.

any other using my username is a fake and a cloner

RIP sweet "King of Pop"

from the real

1816 days ago


Wow it is almost funny it must really piss haters off that this man was loved so much I mean they expend so much energy hating him and talking about his fans. I mean it is almost like they are the ones obsessed. You know if I disliked someone that much I would not spend that much time thinking about them.

I mean they seek out ways to hate on him wow that almost seems like a sick obsession Geez

1816 days ago


@Posted at 4:47AM on Sep 8th 2009 by gs

Michael was a messenger from god I strongly believe now however he did make himself clear that he is not saying he is christ,but does try to follow in his steps the best he can..I remember when e said that also and i was just looking at him smiling and i just felt like wow look at this beautiful man,yet he never thought so highly of himself and always aimed for better..Michael had this aura about him..he touched the worlds hearts in many ways,when you see him talk,perform or visit the kids in hospitals you can se this glow in him and it certainly made me smile..God Bless your soul you more..forever in my heart..Shine on sweet angel

1816 days ago


#10.Posted at 2:23AM on Sep 8th 2009 by T.M.
thanks for posting the link

1816 days ago


I totally agree LankinDiva. I am signing off now and praying for justice for MIchael have a good evening

1816 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

TMZ your ad revenue has gone up because of Michael Jackson's fans. Is it too much to ask for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

1816 days ago


Seems TMZ have changed the heading. Thank You. Please don't revert back to your old ways.

This is off topic, but does anyone elses computer CONSTANTLY freeze on this website, and this website alone? It's driving me insane. I have to restart about 10 times just to read 1 article and the following comments.

1816 days ago
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