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Pam Anderson's New BF -- Electric Shock

9/8/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Anderson's new boyfriend, Jamie Padgett, is reportedly an electrician by trade -- and yesterday in Malibu, his board shorts were riding so low ... dude almost exposed his power cord.


The 42-year-old mother of two showed off her physique ... and his ... during a Labor Day beach date.

And no one complained.


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Hey Pam!! Sars is over with, so you don't need that face mask on your boobs. lol!! Oh, I meant band aide. But, we must show off our beachball silicone boobs as without them, what's left. Not a good actress and with no make-up, very plain. Not that plain is so bad as much better than the trashy get ups Pam feels she has to wear to get attention!! The guy with her is trash too and he doesn't have to dress like the rap kids with his jean shorts hanging off to impress - but then, if he didn't he would be with Trashy Pam.

1817 days ago


looks better than lindsey lohan..pretty sad for her

1817 days ago


Nothing like baked hepatitis served on fake buns!Mmmmm-Yummy--ICK!

1817 days ago


58. If this beautiful man wants to share his beautiful assets with the reast of us, who are you TMZ to censor him. I'm just so sick of this neurotic anti male bigotry! TCH!

Posted at 3:22PM on Sep 8th 2009 by Jim
Exactly! Come on Harvey, publish the uncensored pic...

1817 days ago


What do you think his tat says that TMZ wouldn't show?

1817 days ago


That's okay. Her breastesis are falling from under her bikini top! You know, she is still smokin' hot. Gorgeous! I love her. Glad to see she has a new man in her life.

1817 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Another 40 something guy with his pants hanging round his ankles
thinking he is still 20, as for her pretty much well worn by now

1817 days ago

Tila Is Trash    

Her figure is great except for those huge silicone sacks in her chest. However, I hope he sanitizes himself after being with her; she's been with so many men and probably has had every STD known to exist.

1816 days ago


HE may look like white trash, but I bet that c**k can satisfy!

1816 days ago



C'mon - "Man-scape" the "Bush" before going public.


1816 days ago



SQUEAKY: They're not blurring-out a "Tat" - TMZ is blurring-out his exposed Pubic-Hairs !!


1816 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Oh she just looks like the average mom down the street - you know the one. The one that has a different man staying there with her and the boys every week. The one that dresses like a hooker on her day off but didn't change after her last trick. The give away? The tattooed eyebrows and the straw like bleached out hair, the boob job scars, the tats all over and the skin of a 60 yr. old gardener. Just your average mom next door.

1816 days ago


Thought she was back with Tommy! They are best together. They always seem to be drawn back to one another, don't know why she bothers with all these different guys, and now this dork yanking on his loose tooth!Probably after Tommy popped And, as far as her looking good at her age, she should, she's had her implants redone several times and has had plastic surgery as well, so she should look good for the money spent! Since she's exposing the bottom of her boobs notice the scar that appears under her left one, still think her rack is attractive? Look at her close up sometime too, it's one thing in a photo taken at a distance, but at a closer glance you'd be saying she wasn't so hot afterall. It's the boobs that get the attention first, face secondary!

1816 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

dude needs to flash it willy nilly like he means it. what's up with all this covert: oops! did i do that??! sorry lil girly!! sick sh!t? fricken perv.

1816 days ago

Tony B    

Awwww come onnn TMZ! Ya got an "unfuzzed" pic? Let's see the goods!

1816 days ago
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