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Merriman's Ex: 'He Never Laid a Hand on Me'

9/9/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shawne Merriman's Ex:Shawne Merriman's ex girlfriend Gloria Velez doesn't believe he choked Tila Tequila this weekend -- because Gloria says the San Diego Charger never laid a hand on her during their four years together.

Gloria tells us Shawne "Never ever put his hands on me. Ever." Adding it's "out of his character" to violently lash out on a woman.

So far, no charges have been filed against Merriman.

Tila And Shawne

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Who are any of these people? Anyway...just because he didn't harm her doesn't mean to say he didn't harm someone else. e.g. Hitler didn't harm Eva Braun but he sure as hell harmed a few others. Not exactly Mr Nice Guy...!

1868 days ago


I wonder what her comment cost him? Just want the truth to come out, but doubt it with his $$$ Legal team protecting him and spinning the story so hard.

1868 days ago


Kissing girls and pretending to be a lesbian has apparently dried up. What's next on the list for a no-talent? Claim your boyfriend choked you. She got everything she wanted from this...publicity for doing nothing.

1867 days ago


Why does the world care about some washed up banged out, stretched out WHORE who isnt cute to say the least. I often wonder "Why does TMX follow Tila Tequila".
What was Merriman thinking getting involved with this skank?
Ok so fine you want proof America, LETS GO BACK AND READ THOSE MANY MANY TWITTER PAGES THAT SHE WROTE, a sober person sure as hell didnt write them. TT, get a life!!!

1867 days ago


Haven't her tweets from that night (saying she was drunk) and comments from people who were at club who also say she was visibly intoxicated lent credence to Merriman's claims he was trying to prevent her from driving drunk? So far the EMTs found NO evidence she was injured or harmed in any way, and no charges have been pressed, so I'm pretty sure she's lying.

1867 days ago


I wonder how much Merriman paid his ex to make such a glowing comment? I have no doubt something occurred behind the scenes for her to suddenly make this proclamation.

Perhaps Merriman committed this violent act against Tia in a steroid-induced haze, and can't remember?

1867 days ago


#11, the last thing we need is trailer trash like you sitting in a jury box. People performing jury duty are supposed to be fair and impartial, but apparently your preconceived notions may get in the way of that. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean that can't be the victim of a crime. However, this fact will probably be lost on your jaundiced mind.

1867 days ago


Thanks Tila! It’s ANIMALS like YOU that bring the much needed attention to the widespread false accusations of domestic violence. I hope this case helps discredit other such situations and educates the public that DOMESTIC VIOLONCE IS A BUSINESS with hundreds of millions of dollars in grants at stake. Charges are not dropped, this case will go to trial and Shawn will WIN and people will begin to see that false accusations happen more often than not. Stay strong Shawn, you WILL be vindicated.

1867 days ago


. Knowing what we know about Tila's drinking habits and her love for being in the press this seems nothing more than another attempt of what i call "TILA PUBLICITY STUNT"how can a man of Merriman's size assault someone as small as Tila without seriously injuring her i doubt that was his intent i do believe the story of the wild drunk girl being restrained so she wouldn't do harm to herself ,but it is highly unrealistic for him t want to hurt her without doing some serious damage ask half the QB's around the league ,if he wants to hit you ,your going to feel it !!!Tila is about as big as his shoulder pads.come on people stop fueling the fire look at the facts in front of your face California prisons are already filled with people in jail for false claims and us tax payers are footing the bill for false claims of assault, don't put a entertaining athlete there on a reality starlet's false claim, i am sure she doesn't even remember what happened because she is a self proclaimed party girl who drinks herself to sleep 4 out of 7 days a week...i could go on for days on how fake this all seems and how much press the already self proclaimed "press whore" will receive in the following weeks with football season just days away. find me on twitter and we can go further into detail on my twitter page add me http://twitter.com/TJNMANAGEMENT

1867 days ago


Are you serious!?? Gloria Velez is just looking for attention. Aint no way she been with Shawne for 4 years because I know of someone who personally was with her as of last year and still sees her. She has no life now that her old ass can't get any marketable work, so she mess with men who are established to pay her way thru.
Shawne could have done alot better then this chic she is a hot mess! Tila no good either

1867 days ago


even if he DID choke her, he carried out what the rest of the country wanted to do to her.

1867 days ago

too bad    

Stop passing judgement....None of you was there so you don't know what happen. I have read all of your comments and they are really stupid....He might have choked her where no bruses show and he might not you don't know so stop calling her names because you don't know her personally and stop passing judgement on Shawne because you don't know him. I do...grow up with him..leaved in same neighborhood. so unless you know these people stop you are not GOD to be judging. Get a life.

1866 days ago


Who cares about any of them. But the issue is serious. The ex is irrelevant. Just because she claims he didn't touch HER doesn't mean he didn't touch THIS woman. Also the ex could be lying, paid off, etc. Is he an athletes. Athletes are trouble.

1866 days ago


Good one number 34. Tila looks like a man. Maybe he was chocking her because he saw that she was really a dude.

1866 days ago
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