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Nick Hogan's Crash Victim Leaves Hospital

9/9/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Iraq War veteran who suffered brain damage when Nick Hogan wrecked his car on August 26, 2007 was finally released from the hospital today.

John Graziano left the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa today in the care of his mother, after doctors determined his condition had improved enough to go home, this according to

John -- who will still need 24-hour assistance -- fractured his skull when Hogan's car hit a palm tree in Clearwater, FL during a street race. Hogan spent five months in jail over the accident -- the Graziano's civil lawsuit against the Hogan family is still pending.


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OK now I know im going to make some people mad but im sorry this is how I feel Nick was worng for speeding and raceing like he was doing. ok I get that he was in the worng. but so was this guy who not only got into nick car and knew he was a racer but encouraged him to go faster. another thing that get to me is nick was 17 at the time this guy was 25 or something like that he knew better..also to put the frosting on the cake he was the one who broght the Alchool for nick to drink and even after he broght the stuff for him and watched him drink it.. he got back in the car with him knowing that he just had several drinks that he brought for nick to drink.. then gets in the car mind u he like 25 yrs old. then tells him to race and go faster??? ummm nooo I dont think so he did not haft to get in the car of buy the drinks for a 17 yr old to consume.. And then have th nerve to put all the blame on him... he's 17 and drinking and driving/raceing is very wrong but a 25 yr old who went to war and made it back alive thank u lord buys the 17yr old drinks and encouraged him to get back in the car and tell him to speed up... com on people...get real...Im not saying nick is in the right but neither is the other guy.. when u play with fire u get burned and did I add the other guy did not even put his seat belt on.... at least nick did...nick was worng and so was the other guy.. they were both wrong... shame of the out come..

1870 days ago

chicken head    

stop only blaming Hogan!!!!!!!!!!! this guy knew how Nick drove! but had no problem coming along with him-- I had friends who drove so fast and i just couldn't go back in the car with them--

1870 days ago

chicken head    

SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. all the hogans are pitifull people. nick is the bottom of the hogan pit. cheers to john for having the courage and good luck with your recovery.

Posted at 2:41PM on Sep 9th 2009 by cancan

1870 days ago


14. how the hell is he driving again,,good god,,doesnt he learn..I thought his forehead was all caved in,,he dont look to bad to me

Posted at 2:38PM on Sep 9th 2009 by hulkster
He's not driving, you idiot. He's strapped into a special seat in the back of the car. He has irreversible brain damage and can barely function now.

1870 days ago


God Bless him.

1870 days ago


Wow. Some of these comments are disturbing and down right disgusting. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

1870 days ago

seeking the truth    

The fact so many on here make jokes about this poor man reflects the sad state of the human race! You sickos mocking an unwell man!

1870 days ago


that whole family is a joke, nick is a unremorseful selfish ungrateful little basterd who deserves life!

1870 days ago


I feel so bad for this whole family. Trult bad for John, he was an amazing young man who had his whole life ahead of him. My prayers go out to him.

1870 days ago



1870 days ago

Still in Shock    

52. Pic actually made me cry...I hope they are awarded all of the hogans money to take care of this guy!

Posted at 3:12PM on Sep 9th 2009 by Joy

Joy....I got teary too. It is so sad :(
My thought and prayers are with John and his family.

I used to watch that show "Hogan Knows Best". I really thought Nick, and at least his Dad would do more for this family that Nick has obviously destroyed. Nick needs to take care of John for the rest of his life, and have to pay for everything. This truly has changed my opinion about the Hogan family. I hope Karma comes around and slaps Nick right in the face!!

1870 days ago

doc murry    

damn he gets out of the hospital and already speeding around in a van,,jesus christ..he cant be too bad if he is driving can he??hell put him in my car and we can go try and pick up some chicks,,maybe they will feel sorry for him

1870 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Nick Hogan is a waist of skin .. I wish he would just GO AWAY !!!! ... Back to Michal jackson and his rip off, sponge family ...

1870 days ago


I completely get the fact that Nick is a douchebag and a show off. But in the hype people are forgetting that John is a grown man (considerly older than Nick)too. He willingly got into Nick's car, probably egged on the race, loving every minute of it(I doubt he was held against his will). He made the choice to NOT BUCKLE UP !!! Nick wasn't injured because he WAS BUCKLED !!! Is it Nick's fault that they wrecked ? Yes. Is it Nick's fault that John was more injured ? NO. That blame lies with John. Sorry but it's the truth.

1870 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Nick Hogan should still be in jail ..

1870 days ago
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