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Nick Hogan's Crash Victim Leaves Hospital

9/9/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Iraq War veteran who suffered brain damage when Nick Hogan wrecked his car on August 26, 2007 was finally released from the hospital today.

John Graziano left the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa today in the care of his mother, after doctors determined his condition had improved enough to go home, this according to

John -- who will still need 24-hour assistance -- fractured his skull when Hogan's car hit a palm tree in Clearwater, FL during a street race. Hogan spent five months in jail over the accident -- the Graziano's civil lawsuit against the Hogan family is still pending.


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i'm sorry i do feel horrible for the guy,but i'm positive he wanted to race as bad as nick did, and last i heard he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, so that's his own fault on that one.

1868 days ago


This young brave man has been through a living hell, both here at the hands of Nick Hogan, and "over there" in the Iraqi war initiated under President Bushs presidency.

Wishing you well John, God Bless.

1868 days ago

Straight But Not Narrow    

Hey We're Screwed, are you for real??? The guy has been in the hospital for TWO YEARS!! I'm pretty sure he WANTED to go home. I suppose it would be better to have Sarah Palin in the White House picking out new clothes and getting her hair done rather than a President who hit the groud running from day one trying to fix the mess W and Cheney made for us over the previous 8 years. You're a douchebag.

1868 days ago


He appears to be wearing some kind of piece to fill in what is missing. Here is a link to what he looked like a few months ago.
Warning - it is disturbing.

1868 days ago


Why is everyone putting all the blame on Nick? This man was 22 years old (plenty old enough to know better), and was in a car with an intoxicated teen that was planning on racing his car, wearing no seat belt. I am sorry that this happened to him, but I think he should be responsible for his own actions also. Had he wore his seat belt, this probably would not have happened.

1868 days ago


I'm really tired of people stating that the accident was just as much this guy's fault as it was Nicks. Bulls*it! Nick was driving-Nick was in control-PERIOD! That is as about as dumb as saying he deserved to be hurt.

I agree with all of the folks though who say Nick should have to be there helping his "friend" with his daily care needs. Maybe he would be a little more grateful for what he has and how lucky he was to walk away with little damage done to himself.

Spoiled brat kids never seem to learn their lesson.......

1868 days ago


Nick Hogan is a disgusting human being. He should do the world a favor and get fixed so he can't pollute the gene pool.

1868 days ago

Cindy Lou    

Although I agree that the Hogan family have handled this horribly. You have to remember that this kid was not forced into Nick's car. He was probably drinking and having fun right along with Nick. He got hurt and Nick didn't. People are writing as if Nick put a gun in this guy's back and made him race. I just don't think that is what happened. Awful that he is now a vegetable but I don't think he was a pedestrian who got hit be these TWO jokers. Now that is deserving of such venom.

1868 days ago

not loving jon    

i understand how hard this must be on his family and the whole thing is very sad....but John knew exactly what was going on when he was in that car. It was not the first time the two of them had raced on public streets. He knew what the danger would be and what could happen to him or Nick. It was a risk that they both took to have "fun". Nick paid his dues to society and lets not forget John was his bestfriend and he has done all that Johns family will allow him to do.

1868 days ago


I do feel sorry for this guy. But he WAS in the car. He knew what was going on and he should have known what the results could be. Period. There is blame on both sides. Its said. Period.

1868 days ago


I feel bad that this guy has pretty much lost living a normal life, but.. how much do you wanna bet he was in the ar cheering on Nick to go faster?
You wanna live and do things like an idiot, and well, unfortunatly one day it's going to come back and bite you in the a--.

1868 days ago


Looks like Karma came to bite this kid in the butt, for the war crimes he committed in Iraq

1868 days ago


Makes you sick to your stomach... >:(

1868 days ago


Say what you want but, it was his choice to get in the car, and to not wear his seatbelt. I don't know how anyone can place full blame on Nick. They both should have shown more common sense. 2 spoiled rich kids doing their thing, and it backfired.

1868 days ago


this is really sad but I wish the best For John and Nick is cryin about jail for a short time

Nick's parents also talk a lot of bad things On John also

1868 days ago
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