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Nick Hogan's Crash Victim Leaves Hospital

9/9/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Iraq War veteran who suffered brain damage when Nick Hogan wrecked his car on August 26, 2007 was finally released from the hospital today.

John Graziano left the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa today in the care of his mother, after doctors determined his condition had improved enough to go home, this according to

John -- who will still need 24-hour assistance -- fractured his skull when Hogan's car hit a palm tree in Clearwater, FL during a street race. Hogan spent five months in jail over the accident -- the Graziano's civil lawsuit against the Hogan family is still pending.


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You people are unbelievable. You think you know what went on in that car, why? Because that freak Hogan said so? We can't get both sides to the story, can we, because one is a vegetable! Like it or not, Hogan is responsible because he was the ONLY one driving. Young people are in cars every day doing something stupid, but the bottom line is the DRIVER'S RESPONSIBILITY in a crash. Nobody else's. Period. Dumba$$es.

1838 days ago


This poor guy is NEVER going to have a normal life. He is back to being an infant with his mother having to feed him, bathe him, and change him. Nick Hogan WAS driving, he WAS breaking the speed limit, and HE SHOULD HAVE SERVED LONGER THAN FIVE MONTHS! Just because his father is Hulk Hogan, the so-called judge basically slapped him on the hand. Were it any other John Doe, he would still be in jail for involuntary manslaughter. Yes, accidents happen, but the person WHO CAUSED the accident is mostly to blame.

1838 days ago


it wasnt nicks fault, im pretty sure john new what the dangers were, i feel sorry for the supra, luv those cars they haul ass

1838 days ago


I feel bad for John's family, and no doubt about it, Nick was careless and needs to take responsibility. That being said, according to the Pinellas county public records, John's own driving record shows many citations for speeding and a previous citation for not wearing his seat belt. It isn't possible to declare him innocent in this whole mess just because his quality of life is so drastically declined and he served in the military.

1838 days ago


Both young men are responsible for the accident. nick for driving recklessly fast on road design to 40 mph. [i've driven the road & it would be insanity to drive > 70 mph] and john for NOT wearing a seat belt.

1838 days ago


dude figured he survived the iraq war he could survive the hogans ... wrong !

1838 days ago


I'm glad to see John able to go home. This family has been through so much and to finally be under one roof should do them all good. As far as Nick Bollea (he doesn't deserve a stage name when this is what he's famous for) he hasn't even begun to pay for his actions. I too will petition, boycott and repeatedly disturb any sponser if Nick is given his own show.

1838 days ago


Truly sad, but Nick is not entirely at fault here. He was only 17 and his 24 year old friend provided the alcohol to a minor, shared in the street race, and was not wearing a seat belt. Both young men made very poor decisions: drinking, driving and street racing. John, as the older, presumably more mature young man, should have exercised better judgement. My heart aches for John and his mother, but this is a tragedy for both families.

1838 days ago


sorry but he was older then nick and should have been more mature. especially since he was in the military. but instead he more then likely provided the beer and was dumb enough not to wear his seatbelt. sorry folks. this one entirely Nicks fault.

1838 days ago

Dave Here    

bad u did not need that bad sloppy babys.

1838 days ago


my heart breaks for him......

1838 days ago


My cousin came home from the hospital 20 years ago in the exact same state after a car accident that was in no way his fault. He lived as a semi-vegetable at home for about a year until an infection took him life. I hope Nick Hogan thinks about this man every single day of his life...because I hate to be a downer, but his life is essentially over :(

1838 days ago


Personally I think Nick is a disgusting human being, he shows no remorse other than how this affects himself. He's a pitiful excuse for a "friend."

1838 days ago


What happened to him sucks, but it is His Own Fault. He was not wearing his safety belt and he is older then Nick Hogan. The fact of the matter is he chose to ride along and participate in the events that caused the accident. The family's lawsuit should be tossed out.

1838 days ago


he should have worn his seatbelt

1838 days ago
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