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Posh Spice -- The Wench Doth Not Tip

9/9/2009 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Posh Spice She came to watch the knights do battle -- but it was Posh Spice who delivered the death blow ... stiffing her waiter during a recent trip to Medieval Times.

Sources employed by the M.T. "kingdom" tell TMZ that Posh brought her children -- and a couple of bodyguards -- to enjoy a feast and a medieval show at the Buena Park, CA location this past Saturday night.

But before the jousting and the sword fighting came to a close, Posh and her crew left the show early -- and multiple sources tell us she didn't leave a tip for the server who took care of the group.

And now for the "Bad Medieval-Themed Closing Line of the Day" -- Looks like getting a tip from Posh is harder than pulling a sword from a stone!

Attempts to reach Posh's rep were unsuccessful.


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I'm no Beckham/Posh fan, but after forking over the huge dinner fee, what law says you're obligated to tip?? Perhaps they left early because they were unhappy with the show, service, or any other aspect. Just because someone has loads of money it doesn't mean they are required to tip loads of money. Sounds to me like a bitter waiter (or waitress) who had dollar signs in their eyes when this particular party was seated.

1870 days ago


If I were part of the management team at Medieval Times I would be thrilled that a recognizable celebrity attended my event. And for those others in attendance, the treat of seeing a celebrity in person would surly add to their enjoyment. I would want to do everything I could to welcome and encourage celebrity attendees, and not dissuade them.

Publicizing that the server did not get a tip shows that Medieval Times lacks not only discretion, but also does not respect the privacy of their guests. If I were a celebrity I certainly would not want to go there. Who wants to think that a business they patronize would release potentially embarrassing and negative news stories about them to TMZ?

1870 days ago


My family and I go to this place ALL the time, because it's very cool entertainment..(unless you're sitting along the edge and the occasional horse poo flies into your plate...swear to God this happened to one of my kids...LOL!)...but even though the tip might be included, we still always leave a little something just out of commom courtesy. Far from rich as this snob is, so she could have left SOMEthing.

1870 days ago


M.T. includes the tip in the bill. It's overpriced anyway. Should she have to pay $50 for a haircut as well at Supercuts just because she has the wherewithal? Waiter should be fired. Wimpy kiddy baby whiner.

1870 days ago

happy day    

Those Lips would look good on my Tip!!!!!!!!!!

1870 days ago

dr fred    

are you surprised, she is a snooty f-ugly skank
& her husband is gay.

1870 days ago


Wait a second. Can it really be that she is being given a hard time because she did not tip BEYOND what was automatically included as gratuity on her bill? What??????

TMZ should really issue a retraction and an apology. They paint her as a non-tipper not a non-exceptional tipper. Shame on you for misleading your readers and accusing her of committing a social faux pas

1870 days ago


Medieval times costs something like $60 to get in! We never left a tip either b/c that crap should've been included.

1870 days ago

Trooper Tom    

What a waste of air this thing is, does any one really care where the hell she goes?

1870 days ago


they did leave early maybe the service sucked.
Im tired of hearing of these loser waiter and waitresses who think there entitled to a tip.
If you do a good job you get a tip if not then you get nothing from me.

1870 days ago


That's really neat she went there. I've never been there, and I live close by. Her kids must have really enjoyed themselves. It seems like a real fun place!

1870 days ago


The gratuity that is included in the price if the bare minimum, it is encouraged to leave an extra tip if the server was really good. I've been to MT many times and do leave a cash tip over the set aside gratuity.

1870 days ago


Really TMZ? What the hell! You actually tried to contact Posh's rep to find out if she tipped the waiter or not? No one cares...and if they left early that means they actually paid for something they didn't get to enjoy completely.

Medieval Times sucks anyways.

1870 days ago

William Hainsworth    

In response to the writer of comment #3... the gratuity is indeed *NOT* included in the ticket price.

From the MEDIEVAL TIMES BROCHURE... "Admission includes meal & live performance. Taxes, gratuity & alcoholic beverages are excluded unless otherwise stated."

These severs work very hard for their money. Be sure you know what you are talking about before you write it down next time. Thanks.

1870 days ago


Europeons DONT TIP PERIOD I know cuz I work in Vegas. And if you say you tip, 2 dollar tip is a slap in the face.

1870 days ago
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