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The Jackson Kids' Education -- Home Works

9/9/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids won't be attending a swanky school in Los Angeles after all -- the family has decided to keep them enrolled at the one learning facility they are very familiar with ... home.

Michael Jackson's Kids

A source extremely close to the situation tells us the decision was made not to enroll Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince at the Buckley School -- where Tito's three kids attended -- so they could continue being homeschooled by the same tutors they had under Michael's supervision.

The only difference -- their home is now the Jackson's place in Encino, not Michael's place in Holmby Hills.

We're told the Jackson family is pulling out all the stops to recreate a "normal" school environment -- they're even building a school yard, complete with a volleyball court, so the kids can enjoy P.E. time. The kids will also go on field trips and have a designated "lunch hour" in between classes.

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ca ould tmz try and have stories that do not feature jacksons kids .they are adorable and vunerable children,give them some time to come to terms with all that has happened to them

1840 days ago

doc murry    

lets put this home schooling thing to rest once and for all..parents who teach their kids at home are lazy and their kids turn out stupid and weird and do drugs and commit crimes.public school teach kids how to survive in the real world.i am a product of a public school and i am a rocket sscientist making 1 million dollers a year

1840 days ago


199. 169. #32 SHOW ME SOME PROOF THAT HE IS DEAD! Things are not always what they seem.Some of us on here have researched and know what we are talking about!

Posted at 1:45PM on Sep 9th 2009 by mimi


You can go talk to the paramedics, hospital workers, his entire family, AEG, LAPD the all the paparazzi, the funeral director and a host of others.

Now who do you have that we can talk with that can verify that Michael is alive and well on planet earth?

Let see….you go take all the meds that were found in Michael’s system and we’ll see if you could survive it. Then, maybe, I’ll believe he’s somewhere recuperating.

1840 days ago


246. My company, Calligraphy To The Stars, was hired by the Jackson family estate to design, produce and calligraph Michael's 8 page Burial Invitation, shown on CNN. It was an honor & a pleasure working with Taunya Zilke, Randy Jackson and the family. They are so gracious and thoughtful, even at a time like this,thinking of others. They invited myself and my three children to the repass at the Villa Soriso. What upstanding pillars of our community!

thank you,

karen Jewell

Posted at 2:56AM on Sep 9th 2009 by Karen Jewell
I wouldn't wipe my ass with the invitation that the Jackson clans "blood money" paid for.

You're still a money and free advertisingmonger, pulling your post and recyling it for advertising purposes.

Too broke to do your own advertising Karen, and letting TMZ do it free for you?

Oh go have lunch with the Jacksons, Michael will be happy to feed your cheap gut again.

Posted at 2:12PM on Sep 9th 2009 by they cant pull any wool over this old lambs eyes

1840 days ago

Sue Wong    

My sister and her husband are both teachers and missionaries who home schooled their kids. They travel extensively and lived in several countries like MJ children and learn to speak other languages. At the present time they attend a small school with children from other countries whose parents do the same thing. There's nothing wrong with home schooling if the best tutors are in place. There's too much violence, drugs, bullying, over crowding and problematic children or teachers in the public school system. The children get to socialize with siblings and other home school children. They're not missing out on anything. In fact, one can go at their own pace, which is sometimes faster than regular school. They have an advantage. It's not like they're getting an hour or two of daily school work done by unqualified or uninterested parents. This is the best thing for MJ children right now. They need family and support. There's no way these children should be sent to boarding school.

1840 days ago


I am so glad! I think this is the right decision. If they were placed into private school, it would be yet another HUGE change for them to deal with. They will have their own teachers remain in their lives, which will be stabilizing and comforting to them. I feared, had they gone to school, that they would be picked on or bullied, and it is unavoidable that they would hear a great deal about their father and the media circus surrounding him. How horrible it would be for them to hear all about the paternity gossip day-in, day-out at school. Also, the school would be paparazzi central. It would be horrible. The family loves them and I think they will bring lots of children around to play with. I really do think they are in good hands.

1840 days ago


That was a wise step, they need to be kids the way they were, to lose their father and to automatically cahnge their whole way of living would be bad for them, I hope those kids are fine, to lose a father a such a young age, it must be so aweful

1840 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

There is nothing wrong with home schooling, they even go to religous meetings with their Grandma and Aunt Rebbie, so they will interact with other children there who do not get home schooled. They will have other kids around who are not Jacksons and they will have that same interaction all kids need. Michael home schooled these klids for a reason, and they each speek 3 or 4 forgen languages fluently.. can anyone on here say that about your kids... no? I didnt think so! So what there is nothing wrong with keeping thieir lives as simple and normal to them as passible. these are well educated and well manored kids. No one can really say anything bad about them. They seem and look very well adjusted to me too. They just lost their dad why should everything in their lives change just because the American public feels they know better. We dont. These are Michael Jackson's kids.. and they, like it or not, Can not ever live like everyone else!! They will always be hounded. Better to be protected behind the walls in Encino then to be hounded in public every day.. Leave them alone and let them heal let them move on with their lives and become what ever they want to become! If they should decide later in life they want to follow in their famous father's foot steps... then so be it! It's really none of our business.....
Rest in Peace Apple Head... see you soon!!

1840 days ago


TMZ I posted a comment on this link a couple of hours ago and i see that you have censored it as it stated you for exactly what you are. You were nothing before MJ passed away and now you know it all and you play god with his beautifull children. Why wont you leave his poor children alone, they have done nothing wrong to you or your family or any of your loved ones, even Michael never harmed you either. In fact even after his death he is still donating 20% to charity, which is more than i can say for some of you misserable souls out there.
A word of advise why dont you stop to constantly ridicule Michael, his children and the rest of the Jackson family and rather report on some really interesting news such as Nicole Richie just gave birth to a beautifull healthy baby boy named TMZ why dont you report on some interesting news instead of just ridiculing everyone. For your info Nicole Richie just gave birth to a beautifull baby boy named Sparrow James Midnight Madden...
Now that is news and its not trashy such as your report on Tales from the Crypt regarding MJ.
Why dont you stop giving the profession of journalism a worse reputation than it already has.

Read more:

1840 days ago


These kids look like they've had chin implants...very unnatural...just like MJ.

1840 days ago


AWESOME!! Michael would really appreciate the way his mom is handling his children's lives - wish he could see that from behind the scenes. :-)

1840 days ago



1840 days ago


Michael's children are beautiful, but I really don't want to see them any more. The next time I want to see them is in a *People Magazine* article (another Time Warner division ) on Paris and Prince sweating out their SATs in preparation to go to ivy league universities back East. One wants to become and entertainment attorney while the other wants an MBA in finance so both could handle their father's estate. It doesn't matter to me which one does what.

The same article talks about Blanket wanting to take early enrollment at Stanford or Cal Tech in some branch of engineering. He wants to go to Julliard afterwards to hone his craft, but thinks he needs something to fall back on in case he doesn't make it in the family business as a singer and dancer after leaving Julliard...

1840 days ago



1840 days ago
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