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The Jackson Kids' Education -- Home Works

9/9/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids won't be attending a swanky school in Los Angeles after all -- the family has decided to keep them enrolled at the one learning facility they are very familiar with ... home.

Michael Jackson's Kids

A source extremely close to the situation tells us the decision was made not to enroll Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince at the Buckley School -- where Tito's three kids attended -- so they could continue being homeschooled by the same tutors they had under Michael's supervision.

The only difference -- their home is now the Jackson's place in Encino, not Michael's place in Holmby Hills.

We're told the Jackson family is pulling out all the stops to recreate a "normal" school environment -- they're even building a school yard, complete with a volleyball court, so the kids can enjoy P.E. time. The kids will also go on field trips and have a designated "lunch hour" in between classes.

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1868 days ago


197. Yes, Elizabethvitale and Mimi, if you guys have proof that he's alive please feel everyone else in. I would love to think that he's alive, but something in my heart tells me he isn't. Britt89

PLEASE pay attention here, one: mimi and EV are the same person, EV makes up her own trolls and supporters. A mental condition has been suspected on these boards for months and at the point of her meltdown last month a poster said she was trying to reach this lady's family member.
Asking all to please not engage or confront her by name, it results in the "other" persona to come out, which is really not nice" and then the justifications begin where she puts out her phone, details of her life, details of her daughters life on this public gossip forum.
She has some type of personality disorder and if you have any kindness in your heart you will just scroll pasts the posts and not respond. It is sad and I have seen her unravel a few times here as have others, please just leave her and her views alone or at least do not directly question them by using her name.

1868 days ago


wow im serious im glad that prince paris and blanket wont be attending private school because they really have to many boys and girls after them this is a true fact wow they have girls and boys from the youngest age of 9 and women about 24 and for paris this is sad she has 7 to 47 yr old guys after her n im not lying at all and im still glad they will still feel like they r at school

1868 days ago


248. the kidz should be freaks at neverland when it opens as a wacko jacko museum soon....

Posted at 1:51AM on Sep 10th 2009 by MIS IT QUEEN

Isn't it about time for 'lights out' at the prison so the warden will come in and take away your computer 'playtime' you sick, twisted piece of trash! Anyone who can talk this trash about kids, no matter WHO they belong to, should be gasping for their last breath. Hate that I'm going to miss that when it happens, you lowlife anus lesion!

1868 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Good choice. Michael wanted to have his children home schooled and that is what they're used to. Putting them into a school now would just confuse them and expose them to too much trouble, especially while there's still a lot of media attention around the whole family.

Yes it does mean that they won't get to interact with children in a school environment like most of us has, but who's to say that they don't already interact with other children in their neighbourhood? If I had a choice between school and home school I'd have picked home school and saved myself 14 years of bullying hell and would've come out with much better education as a result of personal tuitioning.

1868 days ago


Sep 9th 2009 by LoveHimMore is correct; these children will be continue their same tutoting regement where they did interacet with other celebrity children for play dates, field trips to museums, etc...Mrs.Jackson is just continuing the routine that MJJ had already established with all his children and the family is following the advise of the grief counselor, child psychiatrist, nannies, tudors, true friends, and judges/courts recommendation.

1865 days ago

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1864 days ago


I'm so glad that the Jackson family cares so much for Michael and his children to keep thing as normal as possible where the children are concerned. They've suffered a probably the most tremendous loss of theirs young lives.I have three sisters and our mother passed away when from experience that stability and familiarity are the best thing. Lots of family and love. All you can hope for them is new joy and knowing their fathers heart and spirit are with them always. Michael didn't see this coming. What a shame he's gone.

1860 days ago


They are not in a "normal" household either. The Jackson household, no matter where it is, has never been "normal". I really hate to see his kids having to live life as he did. We all seen the outcome. yes, keep them out of the public eye so nobody can know the "secrets" of thier up bringing just like MJ. But it will all come out when they are older.You cannot hide them forever. They wil grow older and tell all. And...Paleeese....MJ is DEAD! Sorry, but this sounds like an "elvis" thing. You people have to let him go! Just know he is away form his sick parents and in a much better place. Now his sick parents get to do the same thing to HIS kids! IF he was alive, his kids would NOT be where they are! Seeing Joe....he kept them away (except for his nephews party at the end). His mom was always there, but not for the right reasons. She has proved this after his death. ALL about the money.

1522 days ago


It doesn't matter if , or who the biological father is. Michael was their father and Paris showed the world what a wondeful father he was. It ticks me off to see people post stuff like this as the kids could stumble across it and it would hurt them terribly. Michael is and will be the only father they ever have known and they loved him like he loved them.Who cares about anything else?????

1522 days ago


Well...I don't know about "our angel"(I mean the Michael enterprise didn't make any money off me and I don't want to dishonor his life by pretending I worshipped him) anyway...he was cool...and it is unfortunate that these kids are going through so much...not to mention that this poor woman lost her son *and I dare anyone to argue the fact with this mother that this is a mothers don't waste your time...BUT to all the people who once doubted Michael Jackson was infertile and blah z blah...look at them kids and tell me that those aren't his children...all DNA results to the side...They are his real legacy...this music thing was obviously a pretty good ride...but his kids are him riding on a magic blanket to paris to be the prince...remember that in many ways, he was todays Willy Wonka...always trying to play and get back the childhood he didn't is one of the most endearing qualities I find in myself...being adult enough to act like a child and make life could see it on his face...and in these kids' faces. Sorry this is a book...but I genuinely gained respect for the way he lived his life...and a little envy. :)

1515 days ago



Posted at 11:57 AM on Sep 10, 2009 by TOMIE

dumbass their biological dad is Michael Jackson!

1509 days ago
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