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The Jackson Kids' Education -- Home Works

9/9/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids won't be attending a swanky school in Los Angeles after all -- the family has decided to keep them enrolled at the one learning facility they are very familiar with ... home.

Michael Jackson's Kids

A source extremely close to the situation tells us the decision was made not to enroll Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince at the Buckley School -- where Tito's three kids attended -- so they could continue being homeschooled by the same tutors they had under Michael's supervision.

The only difference -- their home is now the Jackson's place in Encino, not Michael's place in Holmby Hills.

We're told the Jackson family is pulling out all the stops to recreate a "normal" school environment -- they're even building a school yard, complete with a volleyball court, so the kids can enjoy P.E. time. The kids will also go on field trips and have a designated "lunch hour" in between classes.

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billy buck    

I don't think that kids Jackson's children are would care one way or another. I went to school with Ricky Schroeder when he was making 'Silver Spoons', which was somewhat of a hit. He had body guards standing within proximity. The novelty of it wears off quickly.

What I see as the problem for these kids is this. Dysfunctional families tend to keep to themselves. They keep secrets. Secrets bear fruit toward further dysfunction. That is how I see it for these three kids.

1868 days ago


Oh no. MJ"s needs intract with other kds. They needs normal life...

1868 days ago


15. No Jackson blood flows through their veins. MJ made sure of that. Thank God. None of the three children are Michaels biological children.

on Sep 9th 2009 by tellitlikeitis
Nobody knows what were the intentions of Michael, nobody has the right to say if he was or not their biological father. It's his private life and nobody has the right to discuss matters of his private life. Would you like that others made comments on your private life ??

1868 days ago


If the press would leave those kids alone maybe their grandmother would put them on a regular "rich and famous" school... for me that's the only reason they are giving up this idea. It seems to me that TMZ and all those papparazzi are going to stalk them just like they did with Michael but they are not ready to deal with it like their father did.

1868 days ago


Best decision, when people are still discussing whether MJ's blood run through their viens!!!!

Hell, there are millions of children around the world that are denied by their own fathers!!!

Many deadbeat fathers are right here in the good old USA!!!!

At least, they have/had a FATHER!!!

1868 days ago


seriously, I can understand that and it is the BEST THING TO DO!

1)There is no star there as big as Mj in the world, there was not before and is not now, after his death, where he has become even more famous.
It will not be healthy for the children to come in "normal" school, because children with their status are usually homeschooled!!! And in my point of view therefore normal school for kids like that IS HOMESCHOOl . .
2) Paul Mc. from the beatles or others are stars that children do not know much about and are Not intresseted in as Same way as they are in MJ.. He is a star many child knows and is a fan of, even in their generation ..
Then they will have a lot of questions, etc. that would be unhealthy for them to have to face .. and at that age, they probably can't answer things the right way or even some things they don't know.. Plus accusations of child abuse, etc, although I am 100% sure he was innocent, there will surely be someone with opposite views ... Etc.. So clearly they sholudl NOT be in "normal" school ..
3) it could indeed be dangerous, they will inherit so much money.. So they would need their safety uards, etc. and so ind that point of view they will still couldn't be like the other children ...

just hate that the media tries to expose it as incomprehensible and strange as it is just a bad decision that they should be taught at home ... Seriously the most wealthy parents would prefer it .. a teacher consentrating on learning your child ..
and therefore it is very expensive!
So what I'm trying to say is that it is the best idea ever!

1868 days ago


Leave the children alone !

1868 days ago


With the media the interest of the children .. There are so many good reasons for them not to be in "normal" school .. Normal school for them is homeschool!!! And the best.
About them associate with other children: They have friends, they Know other children.
there is much evidence .. The have meet friends through their father's friends' children ..
Many people in Us and around the world meet many of their friends like that in their younger years, through their parents.
And they have many cousins. Furthermore, they not only one child, they are three children and used to share things and sociolize with children.
So it's no problem.

And no matter if they are the biological or Not .. Michael is there father. So that is no excuse to make this a weird thing or a promblem at all. Thing of all the biological parents around the world who SUCK. Mj was a fantastic farther and thats want counts.
And in the end i know they are his!!

Love the KING OF POP!!

1868 days ago



1868 days ago

doc murry    

can i have some of the drugs that elizebeth vitale is on..babe your one whacked out chick and i can only hope your good looking because you have nothing else going for can take a dump and have it copywrited if you choose to do so,hopefully u have a nice rack..

1868 days ago



Thank you for saying what I have been saying since MJ died. Namely, that the Jacksons will basically keep these kids under their control, not just physically, by keeping them at home but mentally and emotionally, so that they can't develop a sense of self determination that would enable the kids to be able to make new lives for themeselves away from the Jackson when they grow up.

These kids are going to inherit a lot of money and there are schools in Europe or even in the US that cater for kids with inherited wealth. It is not about being with other posh kids, it is about being in an environment where kids develop character that is befitting to someone who will have money and power. The sort of personal qualities that enable the managing and holding on to a financial empire and building a personal life that brings personal fulfilment and contentment. Plus learning to live in your own head and deal with your emotions by having a wide range of interests that provide calm and a form of escape instead of taking meds or substances.

These sort of schools do offer a day school option so that the kids could have been living with their nanny or other guardian, near such a school so that they could attend. Plus such schools have both pre prep (junior school) and high school on same site, so even Blanket could attend. Not forgetting a chance to build ties with other kids who will be going through the same experience and will also be their peers when they have to go out into the world and need to get things done.

Unfortunately, for the Jacksons, that would have meant the money for the kids upkeep would have gone with the kids so that would mean less money for the Encino compound. So the kids are staying exactly where they are.

As I have said before, the Judge was too quick to rubber stamp this arrangement. A full private Court investigation regarding their lives with MJ, rights and intentions of all interested parties regarding the children and the environment that would best suit their needs should have been ordered and considered by the Judge. Especially considering, Kathrine's age. Notice that Debbie Rowe and Diana Ross, the two people who could lay claim to the kids are not featuring, not even at the private funeral in spite of being invited (bet you, they knew they were not welcome). When are those visitations supposed to begin if ever?

Just wait for a hello magazine spread featuring photos of the kids' living and learning areas at their grandmother's just to keep the public interested. Then there will be red carpet events where the kids will be taken along. Let's not forget about having the kids appear on stage at these tribute concerts or future 'so called freely given', one to one interviews with the kids giving bits of information about their lives with MJ. The money making opportunities here are endless and this saga will run and run.

1868 days ago


Think of the children who have rich parents who send them to boarding school all year round. What is worst ....
- At least the Jacksons, they are a family who would like to see that children are at home and do NOT throw them somewhere else and let others stand for their pbringing ... .
How about TMZ and other media, showed the other side of the story in their deliberations when they write articles !!??!?!
The home schooling is a good thing.
And who are we to decide what is best... I do not want other people to interfere in my kind of upbringing of my children. Unless I made a very bad job.

The point is whether it is a rich private school or homeschool, the children will get the best forms of education and also important that they are comfortable.
And i am 100% sure that it is the Jackson family's intention and the reasons for their choice of teaching method.. to give the chrildren the best education in the most comfortable and reasoneble way!

1868 days ago

doc murry    

hey kids
everyone is talking about the new game hitting the shelves..

michael jackson's "cryptkeeper thriller edition"..for just 295.00 you can cae the first to own it on your block..who needs school,,who needs teachers .who needs books..if you have this game all the kids will want to hang at your house,,all the babes,all the dealers with the best before midnight tonight call
867-5309 and ask for jenny jenny
15 levels of kill kill kill,take drugs to give you power,take steroids to put you in that rage.thriller nights will be your days
it comes with a free ged from whatever state u live in..who needs to go to school if you have wacko jackos cryptkeeper thriller edition
joe jackson says..."man this is better than the real thing"...dr murry says "this will keep you awake at night"...latoya says "its better than cocaine"....janet says"pull my shirt off again justine"so buy it now kids

1868 days ago


Deus abençoe os filhos que Michael tanto amou. Creio que a avó acertou: não é o momento das crianças irem para uma escola comum. Elas sofreriam ainda mais. Meu coração chega a doer quanto penso na falta que o amor de Michael faz para as 3 crianças. Torço para que Katherine tenha ainda muitos anos de vida e muita força para criar os 3. Todos os fãs de Michael torcem e oram pelos seus filhos.

1868 days ago


that's is good, keep things a bit regular for them

1868 days ago
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