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Ellen to 'Idol' Fans -- Don't Hate Me

9/10/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres made a plea to "Idol" nation today -- telling fans that she's not to blame for Paula Abdul's departure from the show.

A seemingly excited Ellen called in to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" this morning, where she told Ryan she doesn't want people to think she's "evil" for taking Paula's job.

Though Paula has yet to comment on the switch, Ellen also said, "I hope Paula is okay with it."


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This is totally ridiculous. Ellen DeGeneres? A JUDGE on a singing competition? GMAFB. She has absolutely zero credentials to be on the judging panel.

As for the comment by HKS that Ellen is "perfect!!! She has a passion for music and pop culture" - - - WTF? Since when does having passion for something qualify you as good enough to judge someone else trying to make a career of it? Sure, I have a passion for clothing but you don't see my butt up there as a judge on Project Runway.

1832 days ago

are you kidding?!    

Please, could you also replace Randy Jackson with Chastity Bono?!
I hate this guy!

1832 days ago


Horrible, nonsensical idea and further, she's so annoying!

1832 days ago


Hey,Ellen! I always love you and your show but I think here you are out of your league. What do you know about music? high pitch, etc.? Don't do it! Ellen you have been great so far and you do come from a long way and you know it. Don't go back, this will be like a 'demoted' job for you. YOu have your own show. What are you thinking? That's like owning your own company, and all the sudden going to work for somebody else. ???Degraded?? Demoted? and by the way, much are they paying Ellen. She is a big star and I don't think she would work for less than a 1 million. So Fox could have paid that to Paula. Bigger and better things will happen for you , Paula, don't worry about anything. May the Lord be with you and with you too, Ellen; you are going to need it.

1832 days ago


I would be shocked if Paula was not okay with the decision to bring Ellen on board. Paula was the one that quit the show, and she knows that her vacancy must be filled, so why would she not be thrilled that the vacancy was filled with a friend of hers? It’s a show not a boyfriend, I do not think there are any rules governing when one can, or cannot, step into a position you walked away from.

Although I do not think Ellen is an appropriate choice as a judge, I do wish her all the best. Maybe comic relief is what the show needs and not another “expert” in the field of music. I mean Paula won her Grammy for her performance with MC Skat Kat and not her accomplishments as an artist.

1832 days ago


washed out starlet on a show with NO stars at all talents all suck..WHY the F kan`t they put togather a REAL MUSICAL TALENT SHOW??? there is musical talents everywhere now adays with the internet but they are AWOL on smit leftover TV.Why did they even go digital? should have shut it down NO one watches TMZ or USA tv

1832 days ago


I don't hate you Ellen! I was never going to watch AI ever again since the Adam Lambert debaucle (where no talent Kris Allen won instead of him) but if you, Ellen are going to be a judge I'll have to tune in once in a awhile.

1832 days ago


I cant wait to watch now that she will be on there I havent actually been addicted to the shoe llike I use to for the past two years and since I heard Ellen is the new judge I cant wait!!! She is so funny and just real I cant wait....And that goes without sayin that we will actually be able to understand what the hell she is saying!!!

1832 days ago

MJ fan    

Ellen, Ellen, it's not about Paula. Idol fans do not want you there, myself included because you are NOT a fit for the show. You are a comedienne. You have no singing talent or credits to your name. I do not want to hear a comedy show...

Definitely will not be watching this season.

P/S. I don't really care for Paula either, it's not about Paula.

1832 days ago


I stoped watching AI because I could not stand that insane loudmouthed cow Paula. Thank all the Gods, if she is gone, I will watch the show again! Ellen should be a hoot!

1832 days ago


What a great choice! And this is coming from a perfectly straight woman. Ellen is smart, witty, funny, would not stumble over a simple word. She attracts non-gays as much as gays for her talent. And real talent, by the way, doesn't have a gender. She is going to be perfect. I and my family are going to tune in to AI.

1832 days ago


Ellen it's not that I don't like you, I like you just fine, but as a comic, not a judge on American Idol.
Out of all the music personalities, they picked a comedian. GEEZ That is silly and they just lost my vote!

1832 days ago



1832 days ago


No bueno!

1832 days ago


Hate the old LIZ after the kids BUt I So.. LOV her SHOES I have to see tham some HOW?

1832 days ago
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