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Jackson Family Upset Over MJ Charities

9/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's family is upset over the charities that are supposed to get 20% of Michael's estate -- that's what family sources tell TMZ.

Here's the deal -- the family's concern is premature. No charities have been picked yet and no money will be donated for somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

Under the terms of the trust, Michael gave charities 20% of the value of his estate. Problem is -- no one knows how much the estate is worth and until it's determined, no money will go to any charity.

The creditor's claims are still being filed and we're told it will take between 1 and 2 years for the state and the probate judge to settle the creditor's claims and determine the net value of the estate.

As for who decides which charities get the 20% -- we've learned the trust provides for a committee of three people who will make that decision -- Katherine Jackson and co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trust doesn't specify how decisions are made if the committee is divided. It could be majority rule, it could be that each committee member gets to pick a certain number of charities or they could set other ground rules.

Go figure -- Michael Jackson didn't account for the possibility that people in his world might disagree.

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for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Looking at the information the media has given’ logically, “MR. Michael Jackson” was supposedly addicted to all’ these’ prescription drugs (pain killers were stated’ at one point) yet none’ of the drugs he was supposedly addicted to' were reported found in his blood. The only drugs reported found in his bloodstream, were those administered by dr. Murray’ by his own admission. If MR Michael Jackson was addicted’ to any of the drugs’ he received the day of his death, then’ why did dr. Murray administer them’ willingly? Since’ dr. Murray, believed’ that MR. Michael Jackson was becoming addicted’ to Propofol. How did this addiction occur? Perhaps the fact’ that dr. Murray himself had been giving “MR Michael Jackson” Propofol every night for six week’s may have had something to do with it? Was dr. Murray even board certified’ in cardiology, reason’ makes you suspiciously wonder, why a "Specialist" didn't pass the boards. Also’ were dr. Murray’s credentials and license current, proper and up-to date for practicing medicine in the state of California, No. The fact’ remains, that dr. Murray is not a trained anesthesiologist’ was not performing surgery’ did not have the proper lifesaving’ equipment’ and was inducing coma’ without back-up’ personnel, dr Murray is culpable, for knowingly’ administering’ Propofol’ causing’ a Man’s death’ and he deserves punishment, plus’ he had no business giving Propofol to begin with! He was treating MR Michael Jackson for insomnia, not performing surgery. Doctors are supposed to treat a symptom’ of an illness’ with appropriate medications, Propofol’ is not an appropriate medication’ for insomnia. If you go into surgery' does your anesthesiologist leave you completely unprotected’ unattended’ in induced coma’ to go to the restroom’ or to make personal phone calls’ while your unconscious’ under anesthesia?

This dr. Murray is guilty’ of more that just gross negligence and malpractice, what about the fact that he transported (or had transported) these medications across state lines? What about the fact’ that he had his assistants’ in Houston destroy possible evidence, hindering an investigation? No doctor hires a lawyer immediately after a patient’s death, unless’ they know for a fact’ that they did something wrong! MR. Michael Jackson did not kill himself’ instead he trusted a doctor to take care of him’ who failed to do the job’ he was paid’ and entrusted to do! Since dr. Murray reports to suddenly notice’ MR. Michael Jackson not breathing, then’ logically dr Murray did not witness’ the onset of distress, and if’ dr. Murray detected a slight or weak pulse, the Patient was breathing {Resuscitating} on his own, so why then’ why would CPR even be administered? Why was the upstairs heat maximized? Why was he attempting CPR on the bed, instead’ of the hard surface of the floor’ in the stifling heat, no less? Why would dr. Murray stop “CPR” to run to the kitchen, to tell the chef’ to send up a child’ for witnessing CPR administration’ to body, that’ was later pronounced by paramedics to evidence {blood gravitation} Lividity?

Why’ does dr. Murray not call 911 immediately, because he claims’ he doesn’t know the address’ to the house’ he has been driving to’ every evening’ for two Months? This’ dr. Murray does not have any phone’ or access to any household phone’ available to call 911’ immediately ‘at first sign of distress, Yet’ has a phone’ available to make other’ phone calls? Then’ dr. Murray insisted’ paramedics continue CPR even after Lividity was noticed (Lividity is blood gravitation’ said to only’ “set in” several hours after death) dr. Murray insisted’ MR. Michael Jackson not be declared dead at his home (home death=immediate autopsy) dr. Murray insisted’ oxygen to be administered in Ambulance {home death= immediate autopsy} dr. Murray refused’ to sign’ the death certificate (avoiding liability) dr. Murray avoids’ police questions, for several day’s’ following MR. Michael Jackson's death, thus’ allowing day’s of Crime Scene contamination with all homes content’s removal, plus’ real possibility of evidence destruction, allowing time to contact office assistant Stacey Howe’ to possibly interfere’ with evidence’ at his Los Vegas properties, assuming he failed to personally’ travel to Los Vegas in those two day’s!

It’s reported that it takes at least 40 mg. of Propofol’ to even put something to sleep, larger’ than a cat,

1869 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

they should pick charities that help all abused children................................... physical, emotional or sexual abuse.........

1869 days ago


7. Here is my tribute to Michael... an unconventional and unlikely performance from Idaho. I would like to play at a real MJ tribute concert. Help spread the word for me. Thanks!

Posted at 2:07AM on Sep 10th 2009 by bpb

Good job Joe. Now I would rather you performance at MJ tribute show than the Jerkmaine.

1869 days ago


To the MJ lovers that can't seem to stay away from this site. Do you really think your comments make a difference? In the end, we HATERS of the freak WIN: we get jokes, lots of jokes, we see we are bothering you--the lover of the bleached Wacko, AND--best of all--we know the world is rid of a pedophile. If you really love the freak so much--would you allow your 8 year old boy to sleep with pastyface WACKO?

1869 days ago


Krazy Kooky Klown, I know that you love me. Just because of this I let you be the first to post. I am a very kind person. But, be aware because it was just for today. :P


1869 days ago


ever wondered how they came up with the concept of mr. potatoe head? they looked at micheal Jackson and said well we could make a toy for little boys like him, lots of interchangable facial features!!!

1869 days ago


what the fck are the jerksons complaining about now, giving 20% of MJ's money to charity?? How LOW can this family go???

Michael should have left ALL of his money to His THREE Kids and charity!

1869 days ago


Michael Jackson survived decades of abuse and slander by those closest to him, by those who had never met him yet made their career off of spreading malicious gossip about him, and by most everyone in the media world.

So many associates he entrusted into his inner circle were crooks. They siphoned millions of dollars from him, stole his property and sold it for profit (including many items meant for charity), and in two cases they tried to extort money by way of damning allegations.

He persevered through it all and was about to reembark on the reason anyone knows him in the first place, his music. However, the ONE man he put the absolute most trust into, to make sure he was being monitored and kept safe, was no different than any of the other vultures he had working for him--only this doctor's zealous yearn for money cost a man his life on the eve of a large comeback. Gut-wrenching.

1869 days ago


As Michael supported 39 charities, why can't the donation be split equally between them all? that too simple? RIP Michael Jackson. Greatly loved and missed.

1869 days ago


Gold diggerssssssssss like over a billion wont go very far !!!!!


1869 days ago


I would sure like to know who the "family source" is on these stories. I wonder just how reliable this "source" is, I think that might be a bigger story than all this speculation. I would like to make my own judgement about the validity of the information provided by this "source". Maybe, this "source" has his or her own ax to grind.

1869 days ago


I only want to know when Murray and the others responsible for Michael's death will be arrested ????????? TMZ please say something.

1869 days ago


honestly, all you people making jokes & harsh comments. Is your life that pathetic you have to abuse people over the net?

I thought Michael had specifically picked out charities.. and if its a bunch it should just be spread across those all evenly.

1869 days ago



I feel that MICHAEL'S intentions was to give this property
to his 3 children "PRINCE,PARIS AND BLANKET" This was there
beginning and NEVERLAND should stay forever there's.Let them
enjoy Weekends Vacations Holidays too reflect there father's
beautiful creation....
I hope they don't turn it into a carnival of spectators...
"IT was his escape"
If anything....Do what MICHAEL had done ..Open
the park up, for disablied children...
Take all that open ground and plant organic grapes
And let his children make some decisions concerning

1869 days ago

Linda Mott    

MJ should have been more specific. I know when it comes to family there is always a riff when it comes to money. I am going to update my will because I may not have as long to live as the doctors say. One never knows if just a few words may change the whole meaning. They can't even agree on little things, how can they agree on something that would consume 20% of his worth?

1869 days ago
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