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Jackson Family Upset Over MJ Charities

9/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's family is upset over the charities that are supposed to get 20% of Michael's estate -- that's what family sources tell TMZ.

Here's the deal -- the family's concern is premature. No charities have been picked yet and no money will be donated for somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

Under the terms of the trust, Michael gave charities 20% of the value of his estate. Problem is -- no one knows how much the estate is worth and until it's determined, no money will go to any charity.

The creditor's claims are still being filed and we're told it will take between 1 and 2 years for the state and the probate judge to settle the creditor's claims and determine the net value of the estate.

As for who decides which charities get the 20% -- we've learned the trust provides for a committee of three people who will make that decision -- Katherine Jackson and co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trust doesn't specify how decisions are made if the committee is divided. It could be majority rule, it could be that each committee member gets to pick a certain number of charities or they could set other ground rules.

Go figure -- Michael Jackson didn't account for the possibility that people in his world might disagree.

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As he supported 39 charities, why not give each of those charities 1/39th of the 20%?? Seems only fair and right and there's no need for any bad feeling between Katherine, Branca and McClain. Easy peasy...

1878 days ago


I'm gonna cry
Every single day, they do something STUPID!

PLEASE, a family friend with brain cells, STOP THE JACKSONS

Noone care about them...the one we love is gone...
OH MICHAEL, ALL THIS MADE ME UNDERSTAND YOU BETTER WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING....WITH A FAMILY LIKE THIS, YOU WERE SUCH A CHAMPION... I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, I wish I could have transferred & shared the days of my life with you so you can be with your children :'(

1878 days ago


why cant they just pay the 20% to the charities that he had already in place at the time of his death?i dont know why they cant just honor his will the way he wanted it in the first place. i sure hope the childrens attorney is very good and organized with there share of what mj wanted for them..this is so sad, and i know he would not want this hastle going on...ripmj-sue from tampa--GREED WILL CERTAINLY RIP A FAMILY APART..

1878 days ago


The only charity his mother will donate to is the one that funds the lifestyle of all of her children. The more I learn about this woman the more I understand that she was just MJ's dad with a soft voice and without the whip.

1878 days ago


greedy sons of bitches!! Michael Joseph Jackson was sooooooooooo too good to be one of you,sooooo too good for this worls and sooooooooooooooo deserves so much f***INg better! BOYCOTT THE JACKSONS SONY AEG THE MOVEI DO IT FOR MICHAEL THEY SURE AS WELL WONT!
Read more:

1878 days ago


The Jackson Family, with the exception of Janet, Rebbie and Michael's children, are a group of money hungry leeches.

1878 days ago


I'm sure Michael would've picked "Boys Club of America".

1878 days ago


Hmm in closed court yesterday, it did'nt take long for the jacksons to get thier cut of the money, And thats the only thing kept out of the public eye. Michael is probally rolling in his grave while they family is picking his bones, i hope they did'nt take the children cut, since the charitys are not going to get thier 20%. Yeah 1 to 2 years, I believe that , don't you.

1878 days ago



He trusted you people
Please stop okaying everything Katherine & Jacksons ask for

I pray Katherine contests the will
And they get NOTHING!
Debbie Rowe looks better and better each day

1878 days ago


To Comment #42:

Do you really think YOUR comment makes a difference?

1878 days ago

sensible grandma    

This family is never happy. MJ wasn't very smart when it came to his wishes. He should have specifically named his charities. Now others will decide what charities will receive money from the estate. How do we know they will pick charities MJ would have wanted to receive funds. What a mess, and I'm sure this whole MJ thing won't be over for a long time.

1878 days ago


I would also like this story to be a little clearer; I'm not sure if the Jacksons want the charity money to go to themselves or what? If that's the case, no surprise. Outrageous.
Michael, God rest your weary soul. I pray for your beloved children.

1878 days ago


I gotta say it... there has to be more to this story. I just don't see how the family could be really this bad. I don't know much about the rest of the family, but I do know the Micheal was a kind, caring giving, thoughtful man, and Janet is just as kind, giving, caring and thoughtful. They had to grow up with these values. Someone had to teach them to be the wonderful people they became. Someone had to teach them the core values and morals. I just don't see how this family could be as bad as they are being made out to be in the MEDIA.

1878 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Katherine, do you realize the damage you and your family are doing. Your greediness and exposure of Michael's personal life has done nothing but hurt Michael. The power is not your's or your family's right to control. Michael made it quite clear how he wanted his Estate divided and how to distribute his wealth.

It states in his Will, if anyone contests his wishes, they are to be excluded from the Will and Trust. The attorney's for the Estate should start legal action to have Katherine remove on the grounds of fraud. She has allowed her grown children to profit off Michael to make the Almighty Dollar.

It's time for your children to be responsible adults and get employment to care for their own families. I'm surprised the Estate would allow all the family to continue to live at the Jackson Compound considering Katherine is the legal guardian and his children should be the legal residents of the property. They need a normal environment. Michael wouldn't have wanted such a circus around his children. Had Michael known that his own Mother wouldn't protect him in death, he wouldn't have left the care in the hands of the Jackson's

Why Michael made the decisions he made only he knows. Katherine allow the abuse in the past and maybe he thought she would respect his children and learn from her mistakes. It sure doesn't appear that they are getting the normal life Michael would have wanted for them.

At this time, we can only hope Debbie is getting the children the necessary help they need to deal with the many obstacles they are now facing. Maybe one day, Debbie will make the move and retain legal rights over her children. The Jackson family have given her enough ammunition to remove the children.

We didn't really hear about the Jackson family before Michael's death except for the problems they were causing him. If they are capable of suing Michael, what does it really say about this family. Michael didn't want to tour with his brothers and I can understand his reasons. Just look at what this family has done in disrespecting their own son and brother. Promote their own career's on the reputation of their deceased brother.
As far as the Charities are concerned, Michael had the one's listed that were important to him. The judge overseeing the court decisions should process the Will the way Michael intended. NOT.. for the benefits of the Jackson's.

The children's attorney will protect their interests but he won't be able to control the Jackson's influence over his children.

They already have Jermaine's influence and it's not healthy. When I saw them arrive at the funeral accompanied by Jermaine's wife, my heart went out to these children.

Michael did a wonderful job with educating them but the control their under now, will only harm them. They should retain the tutor's Michael employed and make sure they are the one's benefiting and not all of the siblings of his brothers and sisters.

All this family is doing now, is destroying what Michael archived. People are getting so sick of seeing what this family is capable of doing, that they will not buy or attend anything to do with Michael if this family is involved.

Thanks Katherine for the love and respect your showing Michael. He trusted you and look what you're doing to his memory.

May Michael Rest In Peace and all his enables' be brought to justice.

These are my opinions only... Think about it.. You be the judge for now.

God will be Judging us all later... Wake up Jackson's.. Change your way.. Heaven doesn't come with a Price tag attached.

1878 days ago


Mike made his will wrong. He should have given 50% to his charities and 50% to his kids. F**k his greedy family. And he should has designated the charities. He was a philanthropist. He gave to many many charities..mostly children's charities. He gave to Ronald McDonald House, NAACP, and cancer charities and other very good ones. I hope those in control give the $$ where Michael would have wanted it.

I hate all the Jacksons except for his kids and Janet......The rest including mommy and daddy and especially that snake Jermaine can all go to hell.

1878 days ago
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