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Jackson Family Upset Over MJ Charities

9/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's family is upset over the charities that are supposed to get 20% of Michael's estate -- that's what family sources tell TMZ.

Here's the deal -- the family's concern is premature. No charities have been picked yet and no money will be donated for somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

Under the terms of the trust, Michael gave charities 20% of the value of his estate. Problem is -- no one knows how much the estate is worth and until it's determined, no money will go to any charity.

The creditor's claims are still being filed and we're told it will take between 1 and 2 years for the state and the probate judge to settle the creditor's claims and determine the net value of the estate.

As for who decides which charities get the 20% -- we've learned the trust provides for a committee of three people who will make that decision -- Katherine Jackson and co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trust doesn't specify how decisions are made if the committee is divided. It could be majority rule, it could be that each committee member gets to pick a certain number of charities or they could set other ground rules.

Go figure -- Michael Jackson didn't account for the possibility that people in his world might disagree.

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tottaly agree sue this is very sad.R.I.P.MICHAEL you will always be lovedxxxxx

1807 days ago


I think by then his estate will be in the black if it isn't already.
Love you Michael!

1807 days ago


mike tried to please his family his whole life starting with the singind and dancing one step wrong ,you are a oser and get beaten up.he just kept trying his whole life to please these people.well there is no pleasing them,cause its never wonder he distanced himself.i really hope those lawyers are in place for those kids but i hope they are not setting them up for the same cycle of pleasing all those family members.i still cant believe he gone due to such reckless deprive the world of all that talent and that sweet soul.nothing they do to that dr or the others can make up for that .rip baby

1807 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Good morning TMZ,
#77 great post sue.Brought me to tears. I miss MIchael everyday.
He is being missused in death,the Jackson s have no shame. Those
poor children. Michael would not be happy with any of this.
Bless his soul.Justice for MJ. When is Mr.Murray going to be

1807 days ago


Hi all,

came across this on the opus site and thought many of you would love to contribute to the final opus of Michael Jackson..Now here's our chance to be able to do something for MJ,our tributes..all the best to all who try..

Be a part of the Opus
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Simply send in your favourite artwork, poem, photograph or written tribute to Michael and we will choose the best examples to be included in the Opus - giving you the opportunity to go down in history as a contributor to the Official Michael Jackson Opus.

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All entries to contribute to the Opus must be made by September 30th 2009, although the Flickr group will continue for longer

1807 days ago


Wow, now his mother is going to contest the charitable contributions? She does seem very greedy and like a control freak.

1807 days ago


i think mr jackson knew his family would be doing all this wrangling about the money.that why he told lisa marie he would end up like elvis.maybe it wasnt about the drugs, maybe he thought they would be selling his likeness to companies like fred astaire's family.if i see micael jackson likeness dancing eith a dirt devil i am going to THROW UP!!!

1807 days ago

Terry Joe    

" Is it just myself, or, are there many more in the U.S. ( the world )who thinks this never ending story on Michael Jackson will be just that: NEVER-ENDING " ?. For the most part, I've kept up on about everything that's been written / talked about since Michaels death. Personally, I think it was / is completely absurd that the Jackson Family is ' wanting to keep certain aspects of Michaels death secret ', YET, it's rather obvious they ALL seemingly want to try and keep themselves in the spot light. Their 'private' burial service for Michael was totally TACKY...their presenting themselves as if their motorcade to the cemetery was that of The President of the U.S. ( those 'phantom' pimpish looking stretch Rolls Royces, in my opinion was in poor taste...AND, would it have been more dignified IF the hearse arrived...were in front of the motorcade INSTEAD of Momma and Papa Jackson in the first car ? ). Um, I think the entire family is a little ' on edge ',as Michaels assets are ' tied up ' within the courts...well, they're like a herd of cattle lined up for the ' gravy train '. Most of them WOULD NOT be able....hasn't been able to live a life of luxury WITHOUT Michael. What a nutso of a dysfuntional family ! The children deserve EVERY penny; as far as the remainder of the family, let them ' make their own money '. And DADDY JOE JACKSON ? You're making a complete circus of the whole thing ! Shame on you ( glad Michael was smart enough to leave YOU out of his will ) !!.

1807 days ago


...... The more I learn about this woman the more I understand that she was just MJ's dad with a soft voice and without the whip.

Posted at 8:24AM on Sep 10th 2009 by cassysim

Now you're getting the right picture.

1807 days ago



Please sign the petition in the video description
And post the petition link in facebook, twitter, myspace accts

Even if we can't stop, let's make our feelings be known

1807 days ago


Why is this decision have to be complicated? Take the 20% and divide it among all the charities. Maybe their mind set should be as simple as the man himself(mj) Things are really just black and white. Jackie, Jermaine, go get jobs stop making money off your brother's name. You only making your family look bad like father like sons. Please stop the madness


1807 days ago

karen from england    

i come on this site everyday and has days go by i am more amazed at all the things i read on here about mj and is family. i do not mean to be rude but why do your press/media like to knock people all the time. the greatest entertainer that ever lived came from your country and all your press do is knock him plus some people on this site. now he has gone you are doing it to is family and is children. we do not know how mj lived his life we was not there and the same goes for is family. we just think we do. but now it time to pick on them .now mj is not here anymore give them a break. mj loved is family and knew what was best for is children who are we to knock that. please lets give this family and is kids a break.

1807 days ago



1807 days ago


i really don't understand why people read and commetn on stories about people they don't like, it's just low and pitiful

anyways they should split between all the charities michael supported or the ones he gave the most too.

1807 days ago


i LOVE you michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HATERS KISS MY ASS casuse u have NO LIFE obsessing and stalking michael

1807 days ago
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