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Jackson Family Upset Over MJ Charities

9/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's family is upset over the charities that are supposed to get 20% of Michael's estate -- that's what family sources tell TMZ.

Here's the deal -- the family's concern is premature. No charities have been picked yet and no money will be donated for somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

Under the terms of the trust, Michael gave charities 20% of the value of his estate. Problem is -- no one knows how much the estate is worth and until it's determined, no money will go to any charity.

The creditor's claims are still being filed and we're told it will take between 1 and 2 years for the state and the probate judge to settle the creditor's claims and determine the net value of the estate.

As for who decides which charities get the 20% -- we've learned the trust provides for a committee of three people who will make that decision -- Katherine Jackson and co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trust doesn't specify how decisions are made if the committee is divided. It could be majority rule, it could be that each committee member gets to pick a certain number of charities or they could set other ground rules.

Go figure -- Michael Jackson didn't account for the possibility that people in his world might disagree.

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60...Posted at 9:27AM on Sep 10th 2009 by MissingMJ

This mostly useless and unsubstantiated topic ("family sources") has very little newsworthy factworthy value. Just a topic to keep the MJ interest juices flowing. Thank you TMZ.

There's not a heck of alot that the Kate and Joe Jackson/& leeches can reap from the MJFT from here on out except the interest from Kates 40%. The big $$ lump sums such as MJs funeral expense (the Jacksons funeral expensive expense) are over and done with.

Branca and McClain and Beckloff are in control, and the childrens guardian ad litem. Londell looks after Kate. End of story.

The Michael Jackson Family Trust is a virtual lockdown. For the protection of ALL interested parties.

And to keep it that way Judge Beckloff should send Katherine Jackson a clear message. Since Kate Jackson hasn't been able to keep her greedy mouth shut and uses every opportunity to counter and question every conceivable action under consideration (except the ones re big $$ outlay in her direction) and continues to pursue and contest MJs decision re parties who are to be responsible for the management of his estate, he should send Katherine Jackson and legal camp packing along with their Safe Harbor Petition.

She has been in clear violation of the No Contest clause.

Any future involvement of Katherine Jackson et al in the workings of the MJFT portents of nothing but argument, perpetual upheaval and chaos, whereas without her OR her family involvement this estate could be managed in a productive and amiable manner.

Judge Beckloff, tell Katherine Jackson to SHUT THE F
or she will be walking out that courtroom door permanently and for the last time.

And MY comment to the "Good" mother Katherine is......

take your "Safe Harbor Petition" and shove it up your greedy combative spoiled fat ass B____.

If you don't want to act like any self respecting 80 year old mother should then don't expect to be treated like one my me.

1869 days ago


That whole family is a bunch of money grubbers. I mean come on, how much money do you need?

1869 days ago


the estate needs to stay in the hands of the attorneys. The jackson family will run through all of micheals money and his kids will suffer. They are a greedy bunch, his family. I wish well to his children and feel sorry his life was messed by his greedy father,who made him hate himself and he bleached himself white! May micheal rest in peace!!

1869 days ago


People, stop believing everything you read. For what reason is the family upset? First of all the family has nothing to do with his estate, the only ones getting anything is 40% to Katherine, 40% to his children and 20% to charity. Now, how could the family have anything to do with this. These are still ugly lies or exaggerations to get people to read. Michael did not have to specify any charities, he already have some set up although in recent years some of them have become defunct, still I am sure they will figure out where the money will go.

1869 days ago

danger baby    

helen -- please repost on all the threads that research (i think it was you) that shows the earth care foundation is a 'for profit' business.

1869 days ago


Poor Michael would turn over in his grave if he knew that!

1869 days ago


I wish TMZ would list some of the charities Michael Jackson supported in life. These are the charities that should be supported after his death not only by his family but by his fans as well.

1869 days ago


Those greedy Jacksons want every last cent for themselves, why give anything to charity? Puke on all of them.

1869 days ago


Yes, I agree there with the one blogger, that the money for charity should be one for abused children. That boy didn't go thru that trial for nothing. And, I'm glad there are two others to decide at the mother will take all for the Jacksons, who already have enough!!

1869 days ago


I really hope that Michael Jackson's family will respect his wish to donate 20% of the estate to charities. I can see why the family can be 'upset' at the thought that not every single penny of Michael Jackson goes to them. I always believe that Katherine Jackson is not a greedy person, and besides, she's already getting 40%. I feel that the 'upset' sentiment comes from Joe Jackson and/or other siblings of Michael. Besides his unmatched musical artistry, Michael Jackson has also been a remarkable philanthropist who has donated at least $300 millions to charities during his lifetime. His concerns for the underprivileged people and social issues, which are expressed either through direct actions or through his music, truly sets him apart from the other entertainers. He is a wonderful role model. Michael Jackson truly has a big heart, because after all, 20% is a lot! I'm impressed.

1869 days ago

Jacko Was A Wacko    

Why do the charities have to be selected? I thought that MJ already had a list of charities that he regularly contributed to. Isn't that what the fans of Mr. Generosity have been saying all along?

1869 days ago


This message is for that person who calls him/herself 'OhWell'. Go-and-get-yourself-a-life! You obviously have some kind of problem yourself to be making comments the way you do about MJ. What's up, you can't find any friends that you have to come here and ridicule other people.
I wonder what people are saying about you - you fool! If you have no interest on the subject of MJ then stay away.

1869 days ago


Oh be it.

1869 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

in picture #26 of the photos attached to this that "MO" the bodyguard that also was the body guard of Anna Nicole Smith:???? the one that was called instead of 911 when she died in the hotel room in Fla??? Strange if it is that he is also attached to this victim of would be interesting to know whether he was ever employed by Michael Jackson as bodyguard.
Could someone check this out???


1869 days ago


The way it is written 20% will go to charities, the only thing that remains to be decided is which charities, I guess. I would have thought he would have specified, but he probably thought he would live another 30 years, and who knows how things could have changed by then.

When an estate is settled, the first thing that happens is that all debts are paid. Hoping their will be money left over after that, it is divided per instructions. In this case, Katherine 40%, children 40% and charities 20%. Even with large debts, at the rate the estate will probably make tons of money from fan support, the Jacksons will all do well. The kids will never have to work a day in their life, unless it all goes up their nose, or in their veins, or they just literally waste it gambling, or get in with the wrong crowd. Their whole life they will wonder who their genuine friends are.

1869 days ago
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