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Katherine Jackson -- Save The Wrong Date

9/10/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says she's going to the MJ tribute concert in Vienna on the 29th -- only problem, the show's on the 26th.

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, the family isn't happy about the show and nobody except Jermaine was planning on attending -- but now it looks like Katherine drank the Kool-Aid and will go, granted someone tells her the correct date.

We'll see if she actually makes it ...


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leave katherine alone, she's hurting and if she's ok with this tribute then whatever. she does look like she was forced to say this tho

i wonder if the kids will be there

1838 days ago

For Sure    

Katherine has a glass of Kool Aid by her side at all times between her Husband and Children...she needs it.
Sad though Michael left her the money to give her some independance from all of them. C'on Katherine take charge full fill your son's hope's for you.
She needs to haul them all them the riot act.
Then reassure them that their pipeline to money will be cut unless they speak to her first and that includes Joseph!

1838 days ago


Katherine Jackson is a beautiful woman who loves her children.

1838 days ago


#6 Michelle Girl, I sure hope you are still in school learning how to spell! What are you doing on this forum when you need more education?? You should be in school today....

Larry King and his wife Shawn were supporters of the Vienna show. I wonder what they are thinking about their involvement now.....

1838 days ago


16. She endorsed the tribute long before the tabloids starting bashing
it. This is why the tribute is in Vienna because people in America are crazy! The people in other countries have always respected and admired Michael than here. That's why the tour sol out in London. We like to pick each other apart. It's a shame.

Since the date is on the website I see no big deal in her slip of the tongue with the date. Get real!

Posted at 12:24PM on Sep 10th 2009 by Hazel
I agree with you, Hazel. Vienna OFFERED to host a tribute in honor of Michael Jackson out of love and respect for him. Not a single state in our union has made a similiar offer to host, even though many benefited from Michael's generosity and tax dollars. Shockingly sad in my opinion.

1838 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Katherine better be careful about what she's endorsing. There have been a lot of questions about Jermaine's so-called charities that the money is suppose to be going to. Since it's taking place in a foreign country the proceeds will be hard to track.

Does Katherine really want to risk a possible lawsuit for fraud if that's what this turns out to be? Jermaine has already been advertising performers who say they won't be there.

1838 days ago


i agree with starlight.MICHAEL and his kids are the only JACKSONS i care about they need to go away far away bottom of the ocean would be good THEY SHOULD HAVE HELPED MICHAEL R.I.P.MICHAEL i will always love you

1838 days ago


Is this Katherine's way of making sure nobody shows up on the 26th? Or maybe so she can explain her absence "Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry I missed it, Jermaine! I could have sworn the tribute was on the 29th."

1838 days ago

Sue Wong    

Katherine seems like she's being forced to say those things. She's grieving and loves Michael. Jermaine probably made her feel guilty for not supporting the tribute to Michael when it's really self promoting and poor Katherine knows that. Show this woman a little respect tmz and haters. She's in obvious pain and looking after Jermaine's kids, that shouldn't be her responsibility. At 80 years old I doubt Katherine cares about the money so lay off.

1838 days ago


Katherine - please!

Put a stop to Jermaine's madness - only you can!

Are you going to allow Jermaine to pimp out Michael's children this way?

Let the children have some PEACE!

Please, don't do it!

1838 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

From what I read online Jermaine BADGERED his mother into endorsing the show. Look at the woman's face. she clearly does not want any part of the 3 ring circus that Germaine is putting together. why isnt the money goign to MICHAEL'S cherities? Because Jermaine needs to line his ghetto wallet! Sichophant!! Momma needs to get her back bone back and stomp Jermaine back into place! M.J would NOT want this at all!!

1838 days ago


This tribute is disorganized to say the least. The memorial at the Staples Center was beautiful and had many people show up including John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Usher etc. Maybe performers have a problem with who is organizing this tribute and that they will look as if they are taking advantage of Michael's death. Mrs. King was all ready to be a part of it until there was bad fan reaction. Maybe performers know they can't perform MJ's songs as well as he did. Maybe they can't travel to Austria.... Sticking poor Katherine in front of the camera to sway public opinion is disrespectful to her.

1838 days ago

Sue Wong    

Michael was sweet and forgiving but they should give his 20% to foreign charities. The U.S.A. was so cruel to him. He paid and will still be paying so much in taxes there and all they've done is beat him down. Any legitimate tributes to Michael should be in Europe or Asia.

1838 days ago



1838 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

47. You are a very strong and courageous woman Mrs. Jackson always stay
and know you all are loved. Jehovah bless!!

Posted at 12:55PM on Sep 10th 2009 by LaTonja

Read more:

True but she is in a family that forces her to do what they want by badgering her!

1838 days ago
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