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'Talent' Finalist Under Criminal Investigation

9/10/2009 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's stealing the spotlight on "America's Got Talent," but one of the drummers in the band Recycled Percussion -- who made it to the "AGT" final 10 last night -- is also accused of stealing a ton of cash from a person who helped get his career off the ground.

'Talent' Finalist Under Criminal Investigation

The guy with the bad highlights is Justin Spencer -- and he used to be the treasurer for the company that managed Recycled Percussion ... until his business partner told New Hampshire police that Spencer embezzled nearly $200,000 from the company account.

Cops opened an investigation into Spencer's activities -- and we're told they have built a serious case against the guy. In fact, detectives have just handed the case over to the Hillsborough County Attorney who will decide whether or not to press charges.

We're told the C.A. could have an indictment ready in as few as three weeks -- two weeks after the show's winner is to be announced.


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Tyler Beckett    


1782 days ago

Tyler Beckett    


1782 days ago

Perry Mason    

It appears that this has become a Theater for 'Experts' in Law to display the Pros & Cons of a potentially serious case that may well be brought before a County Attorney.
The last time I checked the Laws in the USA presiding such cases recommended that any and all evidence pertaining to any and all allegations discussed publicly can upset the outcome drastically for both the Defendant and the Plaintiff.
These Public displays tend to provoke the Court into charging both parties in some cases with contempt and make all that has been said and done much worse.
It's truly amazing how we as Americans choose to exercise our freedom of speech, notably on a 'Gossip website' such as this.
God bless America!
Perry Mason

1782 days ago


All of it is very bad. Why take it out on all of them, it is only one member who is accused.Imagine doubting a close friend, must be devastating. But he seems scary! Who are these people claiming their sexual involvement, isn't he married? The article said how the business partner was at his wedding in 2007. Imagine a doubting wife too? Very bad.

1782 days ago


This is all bs. Don't believe everything you read! sounds like a bitter scorned chick with issues pissed off at the publicity and hype of how AMAZING recycled percussion is doing! It seems she is taking advantage of their spotlight and just demanding attention for people to listen to her...pathetic.
Karma is a beautiful thing...and I hope this psychotic crazy woman gets her dose returned. Advice to her-pop a midol, get a life and jump down from the mountain of lies. Do yourself a favor and find a new hobby. Try making something of yourself instead of riding the coat tales of those with real talent that are going somewhere in life.
Is it really necessary to air your dirty laundry on a gossip website?? Grow up! Take things up in court, but don't sit here and pose as someone else just to be heard. It is obvious. And you shouldn't take credit for "making them something"..because without their talent, skill and showmanship...all you can be is a mouth piece. Doesn't do well for you at all.
Finally, those who have actually met these guys know they are nothing but humble, grounded and most sincerely genuine.

1780 days ago


It's disturbing how people are choosing to view this scenario. TMZ discovered this information about Mr. Spencer with one small google search. When you are in the spotlight, people in the media want to know who you are.

The portrayal of Alex Thompson here is disgusting. From fans, I can understand. But band members have NO right to slander this woman. She literally GAVE this group everything. Busses, a marketing campaign, sponsorships, professional photography, web design, money, equipment, etc. A path toward success. And they took it all.

This is a brilliant young woman who believed in what they were doing was welcomed with open arms by the band. She put lots of $ in the game to help this blossoming group.

How much can you believe from a guy that preaches "straightedge" (for self promotional purposes only), yet still has pictures of himself smoking weed (recently) floating around the net? Not much I would guess.

It's a difficult pill to swallow for fans, I know.

Mr. Spencer claims "This stuff happens all the time to American Idol stars." It does? Sure, there are personal attacks, that is part of fame. But criminal investigations being discovered? That doesn't happen "all the time". Don't down play it.

It is wrong to steal from and then slander an awesome person. Especially when that person put faith in your project and did nothing but give to you.

For those of you who KNOW of his innocence, I am truly sorry to say these things. But the record must be set straight. Alex Thompson is the victim here, and doesn't deserve this kind of defamation.

It is immoral and disappointing.

When you become famous, your past will return to revile or to destroy you.

1780 days ago


He's a drummer on a talent show, of course he couldn't be a criminal. Be realistic. The charges were filed against this creep over a year ago and in true media-ho style he blames the person he victimized. No better case of the emperor not having any clothes now that this truth about him has been revealed. Remember, the police and the county attorney in this case confirmed he is under criminal investigation. Maybe a lot of you don't really realize what that means in our justice system... it means he did something to warrant a full investigation which is usually what happens before someone goes to the pokey. Wake up.

1779 days ago


Here is how stupid this guy is... he goes on the news, and lies, on the news. A reporter sandbags him and asks him "did you steal the money..." - and he stutters BAD and doesn't answer her. I would think if he didn't steal he would say "NO, I didn't steal!" Instead... he hiccups... bad... and diverts answering her.

The awesome part... he goes on to lie about things that are not only easily proven facts, they are facts he knows to be contrary to his statement.

The result: he lied to intentionally deceive. Not that this is new behavior for him but I am sure it will be a moving example to lead a jury with when examining his credibility. "So you are a liar..."

IDIOT. ( drummer )

1778 days ago


I knew when tmz busted on this lame ass about his bad highlights he would color them out of his hair by the next show. Now he just needs waterproof mascara.

1777 days ago

Ian Tollefsen    

I made out with JS in college too...then we hung out, listened to Blink 182 and talked about our dreams

1776 days ago


Law suit dismissed

Criminal charges dropped

Their accuser now owes them 1.3 million as she has proven to be a PHONY as well as a thief.

She was convicted of embezzling before she met them.

1403 days ago


Where did you see that this Alex was convicted of embezzling before she met Justin. This is important, not that I believe it! Form everything I heard, he's lied about everything and the $1.3 mil verdict is getting overturned. How does anyone find out the truth?

1386 days ago


Well I think its time that TMZ comes out with the truth to this story. Justin was found innocent and come to find out she has to pay him. So shame to all who condemed him without knowing the facts.

1276 days ago
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