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Former WWE Champ

Busted for Steroids, Pills

9/11/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff HardyJeff Hardy -- one half of the WWE tag team duo The Hardy Boyz -- was busted today after cops found a boatload of pills and steroids inside his home.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at Hardy's home in Cameron, NC today -- where they found 262 Vicodin pills, 180 Soma pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids and a residual amount of powder cocaine. Cops say the estimated street value of the drugs: $2,500.

Hardy was arrested on charges of "trafficking in controlled prescription pills" and possession of anabolic steroids.

Chief Deputy Neil Godfrey told us Jeff's brother posted bail, which was set at $125,000.

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No one who knows anything about Jeff Hardy is the least bit shocked about this story. Jeff's drug problems have been common knowledge for years.

In other news the earth is round, the sky is blue and one day you will die.

1869 days ago


God Dammit Jeff said he was cleaning up and pushing drug free lifestyles... Thanks Jeff for lying to my daughters who arent even teens yet!!! There are no idols left in any industry kids can look up too anymore... even dora is becoming a trampy looking Tila wannabe

1869 days ago


I dont care wat drugs he does hes still one of the best wrestlers there are and he is gorgeous so all you can go to hell who bad talk him you know nothing!!!

1869 days ago


He was done for trafficking not taking them, if he was taking them the WWE's random drug tests would of had em finished a long time ago.

1869 days ago


Awww, Jeff! *shakes head* I wanna believe what his twitter page says, but....a picture is worth a thousand words....

1869 days ago


Oh, c'mon people! Don't you know that this is all part of an elaborate wrestling storyline? It's all pretend! Why do you think CM Punk kept making fun of Jeff's drug habits this whole time? This is all part of a scripted and elaborate storyline concocted by the WWE.....and very well done I might add! Next week on Smackdown, Punk will say "I told you so," and it will be hinted that Jeff is returning to the WWE to teach Punk a lesson for saying that. Jeff will return, proclaim his innocence, challenge Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship to prove his innocence, and win it at a pay-per-view in an extreme rules tables/ladders/chairs match, and then everthing will be dandy and right with the world again!

It's all make-believe I tell you.....just like it is when the WWE tries to make us believe that John Cena is a good actor....or a good wrestler....or even popular!

1869 days ago


Funny how the last storyline with him before he left was that he was a reformed druggie who made it to world champ status and this "straight edge" guy beats him for the title and then beats him in a "loser leaves wwe" match LAST WEEK.

Then the interview CM Punk does LAST WEEK he talks about how he's a straight edge world champ, drug free, wont ever get arrested, wont ever miss a show, etc etc because there's now a straight edge world champ. Hilarious how the straight edge drug free guy is the "bad guy" and Hardy is the hero to kids. Comes across like the "bad guy" was right. How ironic. Do storylines with a hint of reality in them and they can come true if one guy messes up and Hardy messed up big time.

1869 days ago


From Jeff Hardy's twitter you guys are always behind on wrestling stuff:

@JEFFHARDYBRAND For the record, Matt didn't bail me out, loan me money, or is his name on anything.. He's just learning about today's situation..

@JEFFHARDYBRAND The media is the media, I wish they would at least report the story correctly & accurately. I will make a statement later.

1869 days ago

NOT a unique name    

Mr Hardy- thanks, my 12 year old is now devastated. You WE'RE his hero, now, not so much.

1869 days ago

Another story    

Unless Jeff want's to get the help needed their nothing no one can do about it.

1869 days ago


This is a gossip site. How do you know all this is even true? I know he was arrested. He's always told the truth about his mistakes. Why would he lie now? I am going to wait for his statement to say anything about him. I am praying for you Jeff.

1869 days ago


This is what Jeff Hardy does... He gets another chance, he moves his way up, he works hard, he becomes successful and then he pisses it all away doing something stupid.

How many times does he have to pull this kind of stuff? If I remember correctly, the WWE released him last time because he was released for drugs and harashing his brother's ex-girlfriend. Then TNA gave him another chance and he decides not to show up to pay per views. Now, with his most recent chance he goes back on drugs after they made him champion. [Didn't he also burn down his trailer not that long ago?]

Jeff Hardy is an addict who is scared of success. He has all of the talent in the world, but because of his bad decisions he's losing his job (again) and he's probably going to jail.

...I doubt Mr. McMahon is ever going to give Jeff another chance. If anything, maybe he'll be a jobber in 5-10 years.

1869 days ago

jOe tHe ReTaRd    

Hardy, get in the ring with Bum Bum. He's all natural, you filthy maggot. Bum Bum will knock your pansy azz out!

1869 days ago


Jeff is not employed by WWE. He left the company a week or so ago and it was well known he would be leaving and not signing a new contract. Just a FYI.

As for this report, it is not at all surprising. CM Punk wasn't making up what he said. Everyone knew Jeff was a messed up kid who turned into a messed up man. He made tons of money over the years but blew it all.

My question is, how could Matt not have known? And how will this affect him. He still is employed by WWE and guilty by association. Jeff has said that Matt did not pay to get him out of jail on Twitter. No idea who did.

He needs Dr. Drew and jail. And actually LIKE the guy as a wrestler but he's going where wrestlers never come back and I would hate to see the next headline be that he was found dead.

1869 days ago

Rip It Up    

Wow, you mean a guy with purple and blue hair that paints his face is a druggie? Gee, why would you ever think that?

1869 days ago
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