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Jermaine on London Concert -- Not So Fast

9/11/2009 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson made it appear that he pushed back the date for the Michael Jackson tribute concert so big artists could clear their schedule and appear -- but here's something you probably didn't see.

On the official website for the concert, if you go to the jump page with all the legal mumbo jumbo ... it takes back everything Jermaine seems to have promised.

Here's a quote straight from the website:

"This website does not intend to convey the impression that the artists and personalities depicted here within have agreed to participate in the said event in any way, shape or form."

The legal statement has been up on the website since the beginning ... even though the front page of the site (which has since been changed) clearly stated Chris Brown, Natalie Cole and Mary J. Blige were "confirmed to appear at the tribute."

So if you buy tickets to Jermaine's tribute concert in London, a word of caution ... read the fine print.


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Whoever thinks that Jermaine will be "famous" for doing this show is
just silly, he might not be as talented, good looking and loved as MJ
was, but he's already and has been for years a recognizable figure in
show biz, although not always for the best of reasons. I for one will
not sabbotage the tribute concert whenever or wherever it happens
cause it holds the name of Michael Jackson in it, and I will revere
anything that MJ endorses and won't do any harm to his family
whatsoever cause they are his flesh ad blood whether we like it or
not. This is just my humble opinion. I will love Michael Jackson for
the rest of my days and when the time to meet him again comes I will
be thankful for such an opportunity, in the meantime I will respect
his family as much as I respected him. RIP Sweet King!

1832 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

What a phony this guy is! Why is he starting to dress like Michael with the military coats all of a sudden? Get over yourself Jermaine and go get a real job,you are NOT and NEVER will be Michael!!!!!What a leech!

1832 days ago


So they do refund - good - but the website worries me. It contains nothing but Jermaine's and Michael's pictures - Jermaine's first, which is not appropriate - and he wears an armband. I don't like it at all.

This website should be filled with interesting photos of Michael on stage, Michael working in the studio, and so on. If there are never before seen photos, even better. It could be several pages.

Jermaine could appear in a short letter at the end with a tiny photo of his face attached to it - if at all. This is not about him (his name is on top as well!) but about Michael. A tribute should be for honoring Michael Jackson and consoling his fans, and that is not happening on that site at all.

1832 days ago


Muahahhaa! See this is the same legal stuff that websites that rip people off use. Welcome to the interwebs, welcome to a legal scam.

Always make sure to read a sites legal / TOS, because if you do not you will get burned.

1832 days ago


No true Michael Jackson fan will have anything to do with this "Jermaine Jackson Show". Both Jermaine and LaToya were nasty about Michael during his lifetime and I, for one, don't want anything to do with ANYTHING involving those two egos. RIP Michael Jackson.

1832 days ago


@ Martin

Who raised you, wolves? Why would anyone slander Michael?
He is, one of the most charitable, Godly person
Even if you had a problem with him, He's DEAD, so should your problems
Please be a human & stop slandering him
Where do you think you'll go one day?
Please don't get your kicks off of someone's death

1832 days ago


all the jacksons need to get a like they were nothing back then and they will never be anything they all wanted his money when he was alive and they think they can have it now that he is dead Michel Jackson what the world didn’t see

The world as Michael Jackson saw it for years is so different from they way we all see it .I have followed the Michael Jackson story since they told the world he died I have read all the news reports and all the books and watched every single show about him and from my eyes this is a man who the world misunderstood
Michael was a wonderful man and people always seem to over look what he really meant to the world and the people around him .he was not just a father but a man who be lived in the world and the good in the people .maybe if the rest of the world had the same kind of love Michael did then we would really have a great world to live in.
Let me explain what I see and hear when I speak of Michael Jackson a man who grew up to fast and who was chased by the world .Maybe had people realized he was a child and a great artist they would have allowed him to enjoy life today we are now just left with something his own children will never have the honor of knowing the greatness of the man .The music he created and the honor of watching him do what he did best a great show .His own children will never get that honor because of the world he be lived in let him down .
Where do we draw the line in how much a person is worth in dollar amounts compared to what they are worth as a human being .Michael Jackson wanted a world of love for everyone and in the end we let him down not only his fans but his family as well he was no longer the little boy who his mom gave birth to or who she feed and loved who cried when he was hurt he became how much money they would pay her for him to be around..
I read all the news about how is mother is worried about how much she will get why didn’t she worry about how sick her son was and how he really just wanted to sleep were was she then? Was she being a mommy then the world claims how poor Kathryn feels so bad but she never stopped too say to hell with the world this is my baby boy who just died and I miss him but you sure hear her say where is the money and where is my cut ?It’s so sad that all he was worth to even his own family was what do we get not we were nothing with out Michael and we never will be .
His brother trying to make something of a song he so called sang for his dead brother his sisters claiming how they will care for his children and even his mom who can I sue .but who is say
What happened? And why? isn’t he here now who is going to pay for this not how much can we make from this did any of the Jackson really care about Michael or like the world can see did they only care about his money maybe he was worth more dead to his family then he was alive because from what the world can see that seems to be the truth.
When we think of what people are doing and saying about this great man it really makes me want to just lose it because where were these people when he was alive and need someone to be live in him no one had time then .but now that he is gone the whole world wants to say how much he meant to them.
Well here it is in reality he meant nothing to anyone except his children the children of the world loved him and he knew they were the only people who really cared and as sad as it is to say he was right a child never sees a dollar sign they only see what makes them happy so now we know why Michael Jackson always loved children because he knew they were the only people who loved him for him.

1832 days ago


When can you ever believe a single word coming out of Jermaine's mouth? This guy is the ultimate Jackson train wreath, just check out his personal life. He makes Michael look normal by comparison.

1832 days ago


Jermaine, Jermaine, Jermaine. What the hell are you trying to do here? The more things you try to do, the more you make an ass of yourself. Just give it up already. You are not MJ and never will be. Do you think you're gonna get rich off your dead brother or something? Everyone likes MJ more than they like you. I used to really think highly of you until you did what you did with Randy's wife. You are just as much responsible as that tramp Alejandra is. I've really lost respect for you. I used to admire you alot and thought that you were such a faithful, respectful husband who treated your women with respect. But I guess I was wrong about that one.

And by the way, have you found a job yet or are you still lying on that couch with the remote control in hand, eating your mother out of a house and home? If you're not being a lazy ass, your either trying to make some big bucks off MJ. Also, have you blown out any bathrooms lately with your killer sh##t that reeks for over over an hour? Is is safe to enter the bathroom now or do I need a gas mask? You are nothing but a user. No wonder MJ was ashamed of you guys and didn't want to be bothered. I bet you stank up Neverland when you went to visit MJ too. Why don't you go and live with daddy Joe? You guys would get along just fine. Like father like son right?

1832 days ago


THIS, my friends, is a TRIBUTE!

Stockholm innercity July 8, two of three dancing tributes by ordinary people, led by a small dance group - one at a plaza daytime, one at night, stopping traffic - but everyone is smiling! Makes me smile too.

1832 days ago


I think Jermaine is out to make a buck. He should be ashamed as a human being. His behavior is pathetic. To me a memorial concert should be held on say the first year anniversary of MJ's death, if there is one. I think that would be an appropriate time. I think entertainers that perform should donate their time to entertain. If there is any monies to be made, (ie. ticket sales), donate them to charities that help support drug addiction, (ie. Dare), after expenses. That is how it should "tastefully" be handled, in my opinion.

1832 days ago


Hey Jermaine.......the 80's called. They want their hair style back. You and your sister La Toilet are the biggest Jackson attention whores ever.

1832 days ago


Jermaine doesn't seem to be handling this concert very well.

1832 days ago


"#63 while my guitar gently weeps", what are u talking about??? To the best of world knowledge the legal names of the kids are: 1) Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. born in 1997 (known as Prince). 2)Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson born in 1998 (known as Paris). 3)Prince Michael Jackson II born in 2002 (known as Blanket), as stated on their birth certificate.

1832 days ago

Rated R    

you guys are all such jerks and it's this type of media that hurt Michael in the first place. Jermaine was the closest to Michael and he looked out for Michael when they were growing up. You guys should give him some slack for ad least trying to do something for his brother. I can't believe how all you haters just bash on people.

I'm a fan of TMZ because it's entertaining but I'm very upset with how you are treating this situation. Cut the guy some slack.

The world loves Michael Jackson and if this event happens it will be nice and a great show to watch. How about helping him out and doing something positive.

1832 days ago
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