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Kramer's Coming Back Atcha -- You Ready?

9/11/2009 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost three years since his infamous n-bomb tirade at the Laugh Factory -- but it seems Michael Richards is finally gearing up for his big comeback ... that is, if you'll let him.

Michael Richards: Click to watch
Kramer was all smiles when we saw him last night in NYC, and why not? He was just on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and is reuniting with his old "Seinfeld" pals on an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

These could be the first steps out of that deep, dark black hole his career has been in for the last three years -- so we gotta ask ...


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dish rags    

86. I see some of you simply dont get it. You cannot compare what happed to Chris Brown with Michael Richards. Chris was in a domestic dispute and from my life long lessons I KNOW it takes two to fight. There is a cause and reaction. We like to think we are in control in domestic disputes but until you are in one. You dont know how its going to play out. For Chris Brown it went bad.

None of this was present in Richards case. This was something HE started. This was something he could have controlled had he simply shut his mouth and respected paying patrons. He went off on those people. Had he did that in the street they would have kicked his @ss. Which is why I know that wasnt the 1st time hes went off like that. If thats how he feels he shoulda kept it to himself. He did this to himself as he was popular and liked by blacks too. Cats out the bag.

Why you gotta think before you speak, cause once is said you CANT take it back. Especially the way Richards went off, it was like he didnt care. F-him, people like that make our jobs as Americans harder than it already is. Why folks cant seem to get along.

Posted at 4:30PM on Sep 11th 2009 by Miles

Congratulations on having the most moronic post of the day! That says a lot! Idiot.

1775 days ago


I'm buying stock in Kramerica, Inc. We've given people a second chance who have done a lot worse things than him.

1775 days ago


LOL. So funny how racist always try to implicate black people as racist... Sorry but just because many of us have had to endure hatred and injustice does not mean we have stooped 2 your level.LOL. Dont try to bring us down wit ya... I know dats hard for yall to understant. Instead when i have been discriminated against I just read a book or go for a walk, I dont pass that on to the next person who has the same skin color! Duh.... When I am runnin or readin I dont think about what some jerk just said or did! Anywayz big difference!

1775 days ago


Welcome back Kramer. And "f" all you politically correct whining posters.

1775 days ago


He was being slammed at his own GIG...the brothers started it and wham he other words the devil made him do it!.The A ho`s hidding behind race..oh you can`t say nothin to me or your a PIG.IT WAS NOT OPEN MIC NITE and the A`-ho`s should have been BOOTED OUT before he had his GOADED RANT.TMZ was there?Goadin him like they did MJ?.Control the FANS? or BOOT them OUT no matter what color they are or are not.Even sammy davis would react.

1775 days ago


Kramer Your the Man...I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoe's....WELCOME BACK.

1775 days ago


#92 Just sayin ur a RACIST. I just feel like I should inform u since u probably dont have da guts to say dat 2 a person of colors face. #87 Shut up out of all I said alls u noticed was my grammer?? Diddnt know this was a spellin bee! Ur a RACIST 2. LOL! I can spot a RACIST a mile away n I will let u know rite on site! RACIST!! Who next? Also I have never used the N word or any term that is hateful, just not me! I do however speak on da truth n if ur Racist I feel obligated 2 call u out. Straight up bitchassness dats da truth! On a real note yall think our purpose on earth is to hate?? Answer me dat?

1775 days ago


The race riots in is hood2hood open warfare.THE GANG BANGERS hood winkin him into thier wanted reaction programmed his but.If U N dah hood U N Dah hood anything goes OR white black red or yellow you MIA or DOA.If a hated is hating U? run a way? or fight or fight?.Security should have put the boot up thier a$$es but it was all a setup goad IN.I been shot cut burned stabbed and beaten by blacks whites browns and I sure as H fight back but I don`t hate no one BUT the haters tryin to doff me for gang land LA colors.

1775 days ago


Lol....this fool did it to himself. They were at a comedy show and sometimes comedians get heckled. But these people came in late and thats what started it. Even if they did heckle him, as the entertainer Richards had the control. But clearly he lost it.

He didnt have to go as far as he did. You all can say what you want. To guy posting about Richards getting his ass beat if he did that anywhere other than where he 100% correct. Richards had liquid courage on that stage and it got him in trouble. He wont make it back.....too much damage done. All caused by him.

1775 days ago


act as a gentle man?

1775 days ago

race for sale    

What did the heckler's say exactly?

1775 days ago

Hell No..    

As a human being I'm utterly embarrassed to belong to the same species as him. I'm even more embarrassed to be the same colour as him.

I don't care how sorry you say that you are, the fact is it's said - the only reason he's sorry is because of the backlash. He deserves nothing, especially not a "come back".

There is no excusable reason for that, and no apology could possibly make up for it.

1775 days ago

Black Power    

To epsalo #64 - Why is lumping the kkk and the naacp ignorant. They are both hate groups. The kkk hates black people for the color of their skin. The naacp will do everything possible to make sure that the white man is never forgiven for the past. They monitor whitey and scrutinize every word they say, yet pass up any other race that puts someone down. Yeah, they have done great things for their own race, but there comes a time when forgiveness is necessary to heal. Both groups are filled with hate, so now what's comment is legitimate. I'm a black man, so don't go calling me a racist when all I'm doing is speaking the truth.

1775 days ago



1775 days ago

OC Get A Life    


1775 days ago
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