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Kramer's Coming Back Atcha -- You Ready?

9/11/2009 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost three years since his infamous n-bomb tirade at the Laugh Factory -- but it seems Michael Richards is finally gearing up for his big comeback ... that is, if you'll let him.

Michael Richards: Click to watch
Kramer was all smiles when we saw him last night in NYC, and why not? He was just on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and is reuniting with his old "Seinfeld" pals on an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

These could be the first steps out of that deep, dark black hole his career has been in for the last three years -- so we gotta ask ...


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Madge has the nerve to hate a whole race of people when she's probably some fat cashier, with a wandering eye and two chins, who can't get a man to touch her because she smells like crap! Madge you're a really sad and disgusting person. Please do not take your problems out on other people. It isn't our fault that you're 48 and still a virgin. You should move out of your sister's basement, hasn't it been 12 years now?! Now please go clean yourself. You smell!

1807 days ago


Yeah, he served his time haha.

Plus he's funny, especially on the Seinfeld stuff.

1807 days ago


Michael Vick was given a 2nd chance that he didn't deserve. Michael Richards actually does deserve a 2nd chance.

1807 days ago

Eileen Gatti    


1807 days ago


Every time I go to clubs I have to listen to so-called black "musicians" using the N-word and saying Mo-fo in their music, which I find unpleasant because I never use those words. Black people should censor their own artists before they start getting upset at people outside their race. It's a rude, no-class word and you can't have it both ways.

1807 days ago


I started not to even respond to such stupidity. Dude needs to seriously educate himself. Do some research why don't you? NAACP is not a hate group. DUMB-ASS. In response to:

106. To epsalo #64 - Why is lumping the kkk and the naacp ignorant. They are both hate groups. The kkk hates black people for the color of their skin. The naacp will do everything possible to make sure that the white man is never forgiven for the past. They monitor whitey and scrutinize every word they say, yet pass up any other race that puts someone down. Yeah, they have done great things for their own race, but there comes a time when forgiveness is necessary to heal. Both groups are filled with hate, so now what's comment is legitimate. I'm a black man, so don't go calling me a racist when all I'm doing is speaking the truth.

Posted at 5:24PM on Sep 11th 2009 by black and white:

YOU DON'T SPEAK THE TRUTH. NAACP has always fought for equality. Since when does "monitoring whitey and scrutinizing every word they say" as you put it compare to hate mongers who have in the past and some that still to this day have their hate ralleys, burn crosses, hang nooses, scribbling racist retarded remarks on people's property, beat people, kill people, wear stupid sheets over their faces (because he/she is probably your co-worker or neighbor)? Heck it wasn't even that long ago that some of them straight up killed Mr. Bryd by dragging him by a chain from behind their truck until his head popped off. A trail of blood was visible for days. There is so much more I could say, but why don't you just go read a book or something.

1807 days ago


this whole string actually got real funny. Please Lara and Madge don't stop.

Bambi, did you leave?

1807 days ago


If Michael Vick can be forgiven, and still be allowed to get employment without threats of boycotting after killing helpless dogs. And Chris Brown can beat a woman in a fit of rage and obviously be forgiven without threats of protests. Why can't a man who did nothing illegal and only used words not his fists be allowed to work without threats of boycotts?

1807 days ago


Harvey and all of TMZ you should be ashame of yourself allowing such ignorance to to be allowed to be posted on your site. I am strongly offended by the comments posted here. This is my last time on this foul site or watching your stupid little show. You have lost a fan and when I do become writer myself i will make sure your site is put on blast for allowing such ignorant commnets. I have lost a little more faith in humanity because of you. You are no better than perez or these people you allow to post on your website. It's truly digusting!

1807 days ago


if sorry a$$ mike vick gets a second chance, then why not kramer? because he's white?

1807 days ago


I love Kramer!!

1807 days ago

time to come out    

Everyone is racist.. it's just all behind closed doors these days. It's there as bad as it ever was..on all sides. Just nicely expressed in private now :)

1807 days ago


This guy is funny! Probably an AHOLE in real life but who cares, he makes me laugh, and at least hes willing to speak his mind. gotta repect that..

1807 days ago


also as a african american, blacks who use the n word as "in a good way" are idiots. There is no good way to use this term. It promotes ignorance, it still promotes racism as you can see and truly embarassing but at last it will never change. I only hope that one day this word will be erase from everyone lips. We wouldn't be having this dicussion if it was. Anyways this my last comment. goodbye TMZ!

1807 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Richard Pryor used the n-word primarily to get arise out people and to make a point that that is the way his people spoke. One day he came to the realization that no matter how you used the word, it was wrong, and he never used it again. If he could do it, then everyone should be able to. ERASE RACISM.

1807 days ago
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