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Love's Lawyer -- Kurt Would Never Sing Bon Jovi

9/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Team Courtney Love is finally expanding on why she's so pissed off at the makers of Guitar Hero -- and it seems her beef is over the songs that the digital version of her husband is forced to sing in the game.

Courtney Love and Bon Jovi

TMZ spoke with Love's attorney who told us Cobain's widow did give permission for the game makers to use Kurt's name and likeness -- but she never, ever signed off on a deal that would allow them to make Kurt sing Bon Jovi tunes in the game.

Love's lawyer told us, "Activision is exploiting Kurt's image in a manner anathema to the very essence of his music, spirit and essence.

I along with Ms. Cobain hope those who love Kurt's music strongly voice their sentiments to Activision and demand his image not be debased by singing the songs of Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi gave Love a bad name? How ironic.


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Sounds like Courtney Love has waaaay too much time on her hands! Remember the good ol' days when you could just give her a hypodermic needle full of smack and she would quietly pass out in any given corner? Oh yeah... the good ol' days.

1832 days ago


Get a life....if anyone should be should be Jon Bon Jovi.

1832 days ago


Courtney's shot through the heart--and you're to blame. Guitar Hero--you're giving Love a bad name!!

1832 days ago


I get where she's coming from. Everything he stood for was against that "pop / sellout" image...and now they've got him singing Bon Jovi songs in the game? Do you REALLY think you would have gone to a Nirvana concert and heard them playing a cover of ANYTHING Bon Jovi had done? He was always against the pop / sellout image in music and by portraying him in this way in a game is only showing a new generation warped view of him. Ya may now have liked him, or her, but he does deserve to be remembered in the way that he WAS...not how we want him to be to make more money.

1832 days ago


I almost hate to admit I used to like Hole(fifteen years ago). Thankfully it was a phase. Courtney needs to go away and live her life quietly. She seems to enjoy causing problems and she seems hell bent to use her deceased husband to continue making money. If she does take this to court I hope AmEx is waiting in the wings to come in and take the money she owes them. She would be smart to stop causing problems,disappear from the lime light(she had her time in the spotlight and as far as I can see she is a has been),and try to focus on raising her daughter.

1832 days ago


Sorry, I've got to side with Courtney on this one. I don't like Courtney. I don't like that Kurt was a heroine addict or that he killed himself. But I do understand her position. Having Kurt Cobain's image sing Bon Jovi songs in a video game is like having John Lennon's image sing gang banger songs in a video game. It's demeaning to the reputation the artist built and that artist's personal beliefs. I don't like or dislike Bon Jovi but they have always been mainstream pop, and it is well known that Kurt despised mainstream pop.

1832 days ago


Courtney Love will sign anything if it means she'll get money for it. And she even worked with the game developers to help them create Cobain's in-game likeness. She knew exactly what was going on. Only now, when fans of Cobain are making such a stink about how Guitar Hero is "ruining his imagine", is Courtney trying to cover her ass and act like she didn't know anything and didn't give them permission to use Cobain's image like that. Yeah right, nice try.

1832 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

LOL @ "Bon Jovi gave Love a bad name? How ironic." How clever..

I don't like Courtney Love... She's a wack job... I understand her position but she's so tainted who cares...

I love John Bon Jovi, he's hot... Bon Jovi was one of the best concerts I ever saw a couple years ago....

1832 days ago

TJ Stalcup    

Wow, this pisses me off.

Bon Jovi is so classy, go to youtube and search Bon Jovi - It's Lonely at the top. It's a song Jon Bon Jovi wrote for Kurt Cobain's daughter after he killed himself, to try and ease the pain of her father's suicide.

Seriously Cortney Love? Seriously?

1832 days ago

TJ Stalcup    

1832 days ago


This whole debacle itself is ridiculous. Courtney should have been aware prior to sigining over the use of Kurts image that this is how some guitar hero characters work. You can chose them as your lead singer, guitarist...whatever to play whatever! I have no idea how their contract was laid out but if Courtney only wanted Kurt playing Nirvana songs you'd think she or her lawyer would have been smart enough to make sure this clause was in the contract in the first place...and hey maybe it was idk! I think its pretty lame though, because I dont really care who is playing or singing what song, Im just having fun with the game! And Courtney really made a fool by dissing Bon Jovi in her statement because clearly who is still here playing music and gainging new fans everyday and who isnt???

1832 days ago

mrez golucky    


1832 days ago


Ozzy must be angry too...he can sing La Bamba on World tour !!!!

1832 days ago


Kinda ironic that he wouldn't sing Bon Jovi but Kurt Cobain adored ABBA.
Perhaps if he were singing 'Dancing Queen', then Courtney wouldn't have an issue.

1832 days ago


Oh give me a break!! They're acting like Cobain was a God...definitely NOT!! He was a drugged up musician that had a lot of talent but decided to waste it and take a walk down the drug road. Definitely nothing I wanted to watch or want my children to idolize. Can you imagine the music he could have made if he would have said no to drugs!

1832 days ago
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