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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Postponed

9/11/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe planned Michael Jackson tribute concert in Vienna this month has been postponed until 2010. It's amazing what having NO performers will do for a concert.

Citing scheduling conflicts, the event's promoter, Georg Kindel, made the announcement today and said the concert would now take place in London. As for why the delay, Kindel said they "underestimated" the scheduling issues many of the top performers had.

As we first reported, Natalie Cole said she wouldn't be there because she's set to attend an event with the Dalai Lama in Memphis. Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige were promoted as being part of the event -- but denied any involvement.

UPDATE -- Jermaine Jackson, who was helping to put this whole thing together, just posted a long-winded apology/explanation, that reads in part, "Instead of eight weeks we now have eight months to prepare and some of the stars who would not have been able to participate in the Vienna concert, but expressed their wish to participate in this event, will be able to perform live on stage at the renowned Wembley Stadium in London in June 2010."


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What no concert? After Mama said she would be there? Sure must be easy to twist Katherines demented mind. This family is the joke of the century. Greedy Jermime a chip off old Joes block. If anyone in London pays 73 dollars or more for tickets they will get what they deserve nothings worth while. Jermime is junk a bone picker.

1814 days ago


If Jermaine is still in charge of it, there still won't be very much support from Michael's fans. We, Michael's fans, remember only too well the vile words (written and spoken) by LaToya and Jermaine's "gone to the bad". While they have both since retracted the remarks and apologised, and maybe even been forgiven by Michael himself...we,(certainly,I,) can't and won't forgive either of them. RIP Michael Jackson. The first and the best. You will never be forgotten by your many millions of fans throughout the world. Gone too soon, way too soon.

1814 days ago


if the kids go to the tribute in london please do not put them on the stage that would be sick

1814 days ago


I guess Jermaine has gotta wait till next year to make a buck off of his dead brother. Pity.

1814 days ago


#32 I think you are wrong that just because little Paris may have "wanted" at that moment to speak at the memorial, she is too young to be able to make that decision on her own and it a state of shock and grief. That's what adults who supposedly love her and care about her are supposed to do -- little kids are not equipped to make those types of big decions, and that was a very big deal. I was horrified. There are obviously a lot of things MJ did wrong, but he understood the price of fame and being overexposed to it as a child, and he protected his children from it. The Jackson family themselves were in bad taste to be on the stage like that so soon after Michael died, but to drag his kids up there was disgusting. Anyone who has ever lost a family member tragically and suddenly well before their time knows that being put on display like that in your greif is ill-advised. And you certainly don't do it to kids. THere is plenty of time for them to decide how much they want to share later on, but the adults in their lives have failed them.

I almost would like to see Debbie Rowe take all that strength and rage she displayed to the intrusive media and use it to protect those kids agaisnt the Jackson family. For all three kids, not just the tow she gave birth to. She just might be the fierce mamma bear they need!

1814 days ago

mrez golucky    

What will do with my tickets now? Yikes!

1814 days ago


tottaly disagree about rowe she herself admitted giving michael drugs.she should be looked at by the police also.her and klein

1814 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Thank's for correction' Della.
TMZ got funny' Whitney Houston Video.
Can anyone explain Michael's Will?

From; M Jackson Funeral Program; called; Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson;
Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. He was the seventh child of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. 1997 also saw the beginning of a whole new world for Michael on a personal level, In February of that year Michael’s son named Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born. A daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, followed in April of 1998, Michael has said fatherhood is the greatest dream come true. In 2002 Michael became a father again when his third child was born; a son named Prince Michael II known affectionately as “blanket.”

From Michael’s March 22, 2002 Will, executed on July 7, 2002 about four months after the birth of the performer’s youngest child; I have three children now living, PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON JR, PARIS MICHAEL KATHERINE JACKSON and PRINCE MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON, II

The Will was Signed by Michael with Testament’ as to the children’s names, so why did the Jackson family rename the Boy’s, even Paris’s first name by Michael’s account’ is Paris-Michael?
Joe Jackson stated Michael repeated the drafting of his Will about’ every four years, and expects’ a newer version to appear someday.
Michael found’ both his parents had been Sued for breach of Contract {failure of Jackson’s to attend Concert} in Japan, that went to Judgment, without’ their court appearance, Michael was listed as/for accreditation, while his parents faced foreclosure.
The Jackson Mansion’ Michael had refurbished and rebuilt was facing foreclosure, as was Joe Jackson’s home and Never-land.
Michael sold the surface property of Never-land and removed his parents threat of foreclosure, stabilizing all {in part because’ he was named in Judgment without prior involvement} the Jackson’s family and their children’ all living at Mansion’ without proper means of support, reasoned Michael’s placement of Mansion’s Deed’ into his name.
Michael was done with Rehearsal’s in USA {the 80 HD hours were in the can} he was expected in Europe the weekend he died, assumption of revised Will’ follows reason, even likely-hood of a near-about 2006 Will is likely’ if Joe Jackson’s statement’s accounted.
I assume the 2002 Will’ was the last Will’ to accredit Katherine or any Jackson a percentile’ and custody rights, Michael understood his mothers age.

1814 days ago

a total fan    

Brian, that was great !! We all need to start with the man in the mirror.

1814 days ago

He Needed Help    

Isn't this the brother who introduced Michael to that guy Tohme Tohme. Tohme Tohme was fired but was hugging J.J. at the death announcement. Isn't this the guy that hired the nation of Islam and had Michael isolated from the family and public. They need to investigate Jermaine too. Something is fishy Tohme, Jermaine, Murray, AEG and Sony. They need to check all that were close to him . Latoya and Jermaine were the main siblings that bad mouthed Michael publicly. Now trying to cash in and pretend to be so concerned. No wonder the poor man became a recluse and drowned his sorrows in pills. With this family I would've changed my name and appearance and got the hell away from them. They claim Michael was a drug addict but why no hard narcotics in his system only anti-anxiety meds and diprovan for his insomnia. No one decided to get intervention for the insomnia. I would've taken anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills too dealing with that nutty family.

1814 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Stupid Jermaine...haahahahah. The idiot thinks people care about what he does....hahaha. HEY JERMAINE, you read any of these comments? If so, then you know that most people know you as the greedy, leeching, pathetic has been loser that you are...

1814 days ago


I feel sorry for Jermaine he tried to pull this tribute off but I think his so called friends "A Listerd or not" let him down, they say because of commitments, so everyone had commitments then!!!!!!
People say that Jermaine was in it for fame and money, what about the other Jacksons are thy not paying tributes to Michael right now, are they not getting paid? why is everyone against Jermaine? he was going to give the fans what they wanted "Michaels Music" in a happy atmosphere with crowds of people, the way Michael would have liked it.
I dont know why people are disapointed with Jermaine if he did not do The Tribute there would be others that will jump in to do the same thing, Jermaine will be back to do it better then ever, I hope he remenbers not to ask the Artist who let him down.

1814 days ago


12.Posted at 8:59AM on Sep 11th 2009 by MiMi

Did you happen to see Jermaine on LDK that night? Discussing their charities? No mention of MJs charities just LKs Cardio and Jermies EarthCare, was really obvious whose interests were at the bottom of it all.
Jermaines always been a wide open book, a bad one.

1814 days ago


Yo Jermaine

You are such a dumb f*ck.

No one wants to have anything to do with you.

Even more will stay away from you by next year.

You and the rest of the clan are ruining your family name.

You will be a laughing stock within the industry.

1814 days ago


Are we even a little bit surprised to find the concert pushed back? How presumptuous of the promoters to think major stars would drop everything and run to perform without even formally being invited? Jermaine better find another way to pay his bills and not on the back of his deceased brother. Perhaps he could approach his "good friend" Tohme for a loan and be forever manipulated afterwards. I do hope the fever is still alive a year from now and the interest is there to honor Michael, whether it be in Venice or an organized televised event. He worked hard from childhood, gave his life to the stage and his fans and, despite his flaws and weaknesses, he deserves to be respectfully remembered.

1814 days ago
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