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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Postponed

9/11/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe planned Michael Jackson tribute concert in Vienna this month has been postponed until 2010. It's amazing what having NO performers will do for a concert.

Citing scheduling conflicts, the event's promoter, Georg Kindel, made the announcement today and said the concert would now take place in London. As for why the delay, Kindel said they "underestimated" the scheduling issues many of the top performers had.

As we first reported, Natalie Cole said she wouldn't be there because she's set to attend an event with the Dalai Lama in Memphis. Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige were promoted as being part of the event -- but denied any involvement.

UPDATE -- Jermaine Jackson, who was helping to put this whole thing together, just posted a long-winded apology/explanation, that reads in part, "Instead of eight weeks we now have eight months to prepare and some of the stars who would not have been able to participate in the Vienna concert, but expressed their wish to participate in this event, will be able to perform live on stage at the renowned Wembley Stadium in London in June 2010."


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I think that the only act that was confirmed was Jermaine's duet with his brother's hologram...which nobody would be interested in seeing without the Michael connection.

Give it up, Jermaine. Stop following in your daddy's footsteps, and get a REAL job.

1834 days ago


What an absolute ButtHead. Momma Jackson releasing a video of support only to have ButtHead flake. No doubt she moved because of the negative comments on TMZ as well as other media sites. I said it before, I'll say it again. The family is a disgrace to MJ's memory.

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

danger baby    

hey everyone -- want to take you back to the months preceding michael's death. in may 2009, tmz reported mj's former flack, raymone bain, was sueing mj for $44 million. she represented him for six years. question. what can someone possibly do to earn (on average) more than $7 million PER YEAR? give me a break. of course her claim is now lined up against the estate...the last link is her statement about the lawsuit on her website...

1834 days ago


Look, it should be painfully obvious that nobody is interested in a concert in Vienna. Who has money to fly there for a concert for a dead guy? And the price will be only for the rich and privileged. It's a bad idea. Everyone, including the celebrities rumored to be there, want to move on and let the Jackson story rest for a while. We're all sick of hearing about it. The guy was carelessly doing dope in the house with kids there and foolishly killed himself, leaving those kids orphans. That's nothing to celebrate about. The whole story is a disgrace, putting those kids in harm's way like this. He should have been responsible, but his actions speak louder than words. Jackson was mentally ill and needed mental help, but his yes-people used him and enabled him to... die. SHUT UP ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON

1834 days ago


Sharon you need to shut your Dumb a** up..You silly twit!
Accusing someone whom you do not know. if your tired of it that quit reading the article You pathetic Dimwit!

As for this concert I wasw so disappointed with this from the Beginning.
I understand having a tribute in london..But what about here in AMERICA!!
What mj didn't have millions of fans here. There should be one done in New york..Mj had great Fan based there. and he celebrated his 30th anniversary there. So don't Deprived His American fans either. Who can't make it all the way to london.

1834 days ago


Plus I believe he was addicted to pain medication! Not crack or heroin!
and yes QHe needed help but no one obviously cared hard enough.

And people did care about michael because he was a human being with flaws who suffer from depression and loneliness just millions out there.
So like I said if you guys have a problem turn the page??
I also think that tmz reoports about his life too much! about things that really no one cares about and is no ones business. so just let him rest already.

1834 days ago


Everything Greedy Jermaine Jackson touches turns to crap!! I hope all of MJ fans do not attend or tune in. (That is IF they pull this off at all) Nop stars want to participate not because they don't want to honor MJ but because of the "greedy slimmy Jackson family"

1834 days ago


I just shake my head when ever I think of Jermaine. I am actually
starting to feel sorry for him because I know he is going to get his
just due one day soon if he doesn't turn his life around and get it
right. I hate that he is trying to take advantage of his brothers
death like this.

Michael I love you and so many millions around the world love and
miss you so much. R.I.P. sweet angel!

TMZ, thank you for the nice photo of Michael by the way!

1834 days ago


I am glad this is cancelled because it was too rushed and the family needs to grieve and more importantly we want the truth regarding his death. Perhaps next year they should have a tribute in America and London.
Thanks, danger baby for the above, everyone seemed to be suing MJ the stress on him must have been enormous.

1834 days ago


I believe Jermaine needs to get David Gest to organise it. He did the 30th anniversary so the tribute event would be a walk in the park for him. If he had been involved in the 02 situation things might have been totally different because he said that rehearsals for 30th anniversary show happened over a longer period of time and they stopped at 7pm/8pm at the latest every night so that MJ and everyone else had chance to calm down before going to bed.

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

Why is Tribute Concert in late June, are we to celebrate the date of Michael's death, instead of Birthday?

81. "#63 while my guitar gently weeps", what are u talking about???
To the best of world knowledge the legal names of the kids are: 1)
Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. born in 1997 (known as Prince).
2)Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson born in 1998 (known as Paris).
3)Prince Michael Jackson II born in 2002 (known as Blanket), as
stated on their birth certificate.

Posted at 12:18PM on Sep 11th 2009 by Ed

Ed; I have not viewed Birth Certificate's! Please re-read my post,
Michael's 2002 Will is Quoted! And Michael's Funeral Program is
Quoted with different names!

Will Said; I have three children now living, PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON

Funeral Program said; Michael's oldest son's named Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.
A daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.
In 2002 Michael's third child was born; a son named Prince Michael II known affectionately as blanket.

Pay attention to the placement of Michael's oldest first name of Prince, and name now having Joseph added as middle name! and Paris Michael now = Paris-Michael! and Blanket lost the middle name of Joseph and last name of Jackson!
Dismissing that Blanket is a Jackson and named Jackson, plus' Paris
Michael is now one word combined' Paris-Michael.

Michael did first name his oldest Prince, and never middle named his oldest Joesph, that' was changed and Blanket was middle named Joseph and that was changed by not being on Funeral Program.

Claiming misprint on Will' then signed by Michael' is not an option. So the' 40% + 40% + 20% is questioned?

Joe claims Michael reissues Will about every four years, likely
newest Will {un-discovered} omitted Katherine from child care, due'
to her advanced age, restriction.

Their been an injustice by Michael's children's representation of
only' one Attorney' to look-out for their best interest, because' in fifteen years their is going to be three new Jackson Billionaires, the Jackson's have failed' to exact the children in their family' the identity of name.

Posted at 2:30PM on Sep 11th 2009 by for; while my guitar gently

Read more:

TMZ needs to Story' "MR. Michael Jackson's Will Contested" Maybe Judge will grant the children each 30% with 10% donated to charity?

1834 days ago

Interracial facial    

More tributes long after the fact are starting reek of opportunism. Jermaine needs to let Mike go unless he wants to start a cult. MJ was a ped who sang and danced. He's gone. Too bad. Enough already.

1834 days ago


Did you happen to see Jermaine on LDK that night? Discussing their charities? No mention of MJs charities just LKs Cardio and Jermies EarthCare, was really obvious whose interests were at the bottom of it all.
Jermaines always been a wide open book, a bad one.

Posted at 3:52PM on Sep 11th 2009 by tellitlikeitis


Hello tell,

Yes I did watch that particular episode of Larry King. It was on
August 7th.

Here is the transcript from the show if anyone would like to read it.

1833 days ago
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