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Neverland Trademarks Don't Pan Out

9/11/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Efforts to turn Neverland Ranch into a tourist attraction just took one giant step backwards.


We've learned Paul Fuhrman -- the senior vice president of Colony Capital -- filed paperwork on Wednesday asking the U.S. Patent Office to forget about the Neverland trademark applications his company filed last month. The request was granted that day.

Colony had filed the trademark applications in case Neverland was turned into a Graceland-esque tourist attraction for Jackson fans.

Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.


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Please support Michael for Nobel Peace Prize.

"Michael Jackson Nomination 2010 Nobel Peace Prize"
Pls search Google and fill the petition. Takes only 1 minute.

Thank you.

Love you MJ. Rest in peace.

1867 days ago


Wacko For Nobel Peace Prize? No Way.

1867 days ago



u stupid f**k** if u didnt like Michael.. just get out from here!! for wat hell d**k ur hanging around here to give ur nonsense comments!!! in 100 people, 97 will be michael's fan, only 3 will comment bad bout him cox this the f**k** failed to get to know an angel like him!!!!

also we michael's fan will not ever bother comment from hell like u!!! we all love micheal forever!!!!!

1867 days ago


Michael I love you, and its whatever you want, just let happen. Please everyone sign the Michael Jackson Nobel peace Prize Petition 2010. Google it.

1867 days ago

tania from Germany    

MJ never returned to Neverland after the trial 2005 because his home and his privacy were destroyed.
I´m not sure to open this place to visitors because his dream was over.
At the time there is nothing which remembers to his creation, all is rotten after the years.
It seems to me it`s all about money to re-open Neverland to the public.

Sorry for mistakes, I´m german.

1867 days ago


I'd hate to see Neverland turned into a gawdy Graceland type tourist attraction. I think it should be left up to Michael's children to decide, when they're older, what to do with it. After all, it was their home. RIP Michael Jackson.

1867 days ago


Oh my goodness. This guy makes me sick.

He knows very well michael would not want to be buried there, & by burying him there it'll give Jermaine & associates much more money. All jermaine sees is $$$$$$$$$$. So much for the love of a brother. No wonder i never saw him shed tears in all these interviews. He doesn't care. All he wants to be is No.1.

1867 days ago


WHAT IS VEWY VEWY STWRANGE IS THAT THE SAME OL GANG IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND...You know , the ones that are here day after day , night after night posting and posting ?
tellitlikeitis, insanity , della, deb , guitar crying, etc. all the ones who are on EVERY MJ thread posting over and over and now on these two top threads , the crickets are rubbing their legs...makes one wonder if they are not all one in the same person...
See for yourselves...

1867 days ago


OMG #28 reducto that is really sick. It's a pity they can't take out an injunction against this fame-obsessed money-hungry freak and keep him away from anything to do with Michael.
How sad that one of the greatest talents the world has ever known has died tragically and way too young, yet all this parasite can think about is how many dollars can he make off him? From what I've read, Michael didn't want to go back to Neverland after the last lot of charges were brought against him, so why bury him there for all eternity??
These people make my head spin; I wish I had something to do with this situation I'd boot Jermaine and all the other leechers from here to next year and they would have eff all to do with the estate.

1867 days ago


Elmer J. Fudd, your statement about these people whom are every day posting comments about MJ's death was really funny!!!!!!! But, I don't believe they all are the same person.
Let the people post, man. I like to read their theories about conspiracy to murder MJ. I don't want to believe that it is true, because it is awful think about family members involved in this type of horrible thing.

PS: I am listening to Billie Jean remix by Daft Punk. It is really nice to listen to. I recommend it!!!!!

1867 days ago


I agwee Simone, I enjoy weading some of the powsts too , even though swo much of it is a wepeat of the same thing owver and owver and owver , lawd!

I couldn't resist pointing out that all of a sudden they awe all blowin in the wind...twook the night off.

Mawybe they all twook a fiewld twip to Newverland twogether

1867 days ago


By the way... when is that lying killer quack going to arrested????

1867 days ago


wonder why they changed their minds?to much bad publicity do you think?

1867 days ago


It will never be as popular as Graceland Home of the King!

1867 days ago


Neverland was the dream and the home of Michael Jackson, without him this place has no soul and means nothing

1867 days ago
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