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Neverland Trademarks Don't Pan Out

9/11/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Efforts to turn Neverland Ranch into a tourist attraction just took one giant step backwards.


We've learned Paul Fuhrman -- the senior vice president of Colony Capital -- filed paperwork on Wednesday asking the U.S. Patent Office to forget about the Neverland trademark applications his company filed last month. The request was granted that day.

Colony had filed the trademark applications in case Neverland was turned into a Graceland-esque tourist attraction for Jackson fans.

Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.


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Regarding #61 (caj). I fear this result - I hope it isn't true. He is no longer here to protect himself or his children. I will always admire Michael Jackson - I am in awe of his energy, his will and determination to give his all. I respect his talent and feel profound sadness at his passing because I believe he had started to find some balance and direction in his life at the end. He had so much more to create, so much more to enjoy and fatherhood agreed with him no matter how he arrived at it. Rest in peace Michael, watch over your children and I hope you are given justice here in the mortal world.

1832 days ago


P.S. I am torn about how I feel about Neverland. I would far rather it land in the hands of the children ultimately as their home and sanctuary or just as security. The name of Michael Jackson, his dreams and hard work do not need to be exploited any further than they have been, while he was living and since his death.

1832 days ago

Katt mean they aren't going to be able to cash-in on the dude's death like his family is??? How sad.

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Neverland should be dismantled like the carnival section has already been torn down. Even the house should go and all the outbuildings.

OJ Simpson's house was torn down and that put a stop to the tourists driving by and disrupting the neighborhood.

The people who live on the road to Neverland have NEVER liked Michael Jackson living there. It ruined the rural ranch atmosphere of the area, and I don't blame them.

Enough is enough of Neverland.

1832 days ago


Good!!! The fans want to forget Neverland and remember MJ as the greatest entertainer. MJ was no copy cat. There is no need for a Graceland like memorial. Maybe a museum in Las Vegas but that's it.

1832 days ago


Arwen ( 40 )

beautiful post

1832 days ago



1832 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

54. I've a hunch insiders are hearing thru the grapevine that some of the negative aspects of MJ's life are about to come out and that's why people are backing away from the tribute concert and Never-land plans. No one wants to be within 10 feet of it when it breaks.

Posted at 9:31AM on Sep 11th 2009 by caj

Heard month ago, about story not to be told until middle September {at time of Propofol only traceable to Los Vegas by' UPS shipping story} assumed their was meaning as far as arrest, never expected this news-blackout.
I'm fearing all blame is going to Michael and Murray, with a few small Doctor fines.
Joe had Blanket on his lap going to funeral in car' the Eunuch story needs Joe out-of-there, or kids out-of there, theirs the newer Will according to Joe' and I think Joe' holds holds it.

1832 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

64. People, NEVER LAND could NEVER be turned into a tourist attraction using that name...don't you get it?!!! That name was copywrited or Trademarked...all they can do is get permission from Disney (you know Peter Pan) to USE the name if they turn it into a business, which a an attraction...hence a business. So they had to drop the action to try to trademark it. It's not like "Graceland" which was a unique business name at the time it was turned into a museum.

Posted at 10:52AM on Sep 11th 2009 by GEL

"Michael's Never-land" is a unique name, without Disney problems, the property needs to be for ill kids and their family's to vacation, "Michael's dream".

1832 days ago


Come on you as an Attorney should know better than this!
These highly educated and experianced business professionals rushed to the PTO with
their request?
You know the drill...
First we file a state TM ( after a search of course) and
begin using (selling) the verbage that has been TM in said State (California).
Once that is in motion then
the TM needs to be used in commerce prior to filing with the Federal PTO.
The Entity that has purchased the property has been around for some time and
I am sure has a bank of Council to advise them as to this.
Why would they make such a cavalier per judgement move?

1832 days ago

oh well is full of poo!!!    

When IS DR.DEATH the QUACK going to be arrested?????!!!!Also I for one would like to see Neverland open again.It had a magical mysteriously enchanting aura about it filled with childrens laughter and happiness.Michael said after the raid it was just a house not a home anymore but Neverland was much more that that.Neverland is in your heart mind and soul it is that special place you can't get to buy a car bus or plane and nobody can destroy that or take that away from you.RIP my sweet angel.

1832 days ago




1832 days ago


I think the bigger problem for turning Neverland into a tourist attraction lies with the residents who live in and around this area. There is only a very narrow road leading up to the property. The nearest town is not equipped to handle a large overflow of crowds, the sewer system in the surrounding areas has problems. There is an abundance of issues that would need to be addressed. I am not saying it is impossible for this to happen, it's probably going to take longer than a few months. Remember when Michael bought the property it was to get away from the city.
Who is going to pay for all these issues to be address and fixed before this could become a reality? Surely not the Jackson family. That would eat up profit. This could tie up money for years to come.

1832 days ago

Jacko Was A Wacko    

Would "David's McDonalds" also be a unique name, while my guitar gently weeps? Want to bet that McDonalds wouldn't sue the h*ll out of me if I tried to copyright and use that name?

1832 days ago
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