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Neverland Trademarks Don't Pan Out

9/11/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Efforts to turn Neverland Ranch into a tourist attraction just took one giant step backwards.


We've learned Paul Fuhrman -- the senior vice president of Colony Capital -- filed paperwork on Wednesday asking the U.S. Patent Office to forget about the Neverland trademark applications his company filed last month. The request was granted that day.

Colony had filed the trademark applications in case Neverland was turned into a Graceland-esque tourist attraction for Jackson fans.

Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.


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No one should profit out of neverland but MJ children. Perhaps they realised people were wondering the extent of CC involvement in MJ demise and thought leave it for a while.

As for gossip coming out perhaps dd,ts,etc are trying to stir again.

1835 days ago


I think it's the weathy local neighbours that are getting in the way. They don't want a tourist attraction in their back yard. The community needs to wake up, accept the fact that they have a gold mine and embrace the idea rather than blocking it at every turn. All they need to do is widen the road and shut up. The ranch has plenty of land to contain all that would be needed for such an attraction. Local businesses would certainly benefit.

1835 days ago


Will Oprah do a proper tribute to MJ?

Harpo Studios
1058 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Il 60607

1835 days ago


This is about the living. Why should the neighbors be forced to endure the traffic, noise,
and concrete jungle that would become this
"tourist attraction", set in a beautiful part of the state.
If YOU purchased acreage and had horses or
livestock and planned to RETIRE in that location, would YOU want to either live with the disruption of non-stop traffic and noise, or be
forced to sell out?
Do any of you HAVE animals? Why PAVE
paradise for parking lots, vendors, ect.
It is my feelings that MJ fans are getting greedy
as Jerm, as after all, we all know WHO's pockets will be lined if this happens.
If they insist on a a location as a memorial,
they should consider an area that is already

1835 days ago


Милый Майкл! Моё сердце чувствует,что ты жив! Пусть Бог тебе поможет исполнить все твои желания и защитит от всех бед!

1835 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Excuse me, but Michael Jackson did not create another investment company. That was just a spin. Colony bought the place thanks to the swift dealings of one Tohme and they made Michael Jackson a shareholder. I always find it so interesting the same players have their hands into Michael Jackson big time. Colony put up 20 mil for that 02 concert in anticipation of a windfall into the 400 mil range. Tohme was right in the thick of it then things went haywire, Tohme gets fired. I always did find it ironic that Tohme not only works for Colony, but he also worked for Michael Jackson. Now it appears he is close up and personal with Jermaine. Why do you think Jermaine kept pushing to have Michael buried at Neverland? To make it a goldmine of a Tourist Attraction for himself, Tohme and Colony. It isn't going to be happening in anyone's lifetime no matter what Jermaine says. Michael Jackson has not owned that place in years.

1835 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Amazing things! AEG with the help of Colony is planning on building a vast area of shops, condo's, Casino, arena in Las Vegas by 2012. I just bet that is when and where you will see a new Neverland being built. they are thinking of Michael. they are thinking of money as always. Money talks, BS walks.

1834 days ago


Does anyone else wonder why there was only one news article that LA coroner's office was cleared with all wrongdoing leaking Micheal's autopsy reports?

1834 days ago


Those assesed values that Guitar was talking about were just tax assessments, actual market value of a property is much, much higher.

Neverland ranch is not the only property on that road, in order to widen it, they would have to tear down other people's landscaping, fences, gates, barns, driveways, rows of trees, 150 year old oak trees, and make cuts into some hillsides for over five miles. This is the state that doesn't have funding to fix a pothole.

1833 days ago


The Oprah show on MJ is going to be a crapshoot. It can go either way I think. What do you all think she's going to say?

1833 days ago


i would be surprised if Michael's fans are going to like the Oprah show about his life, she had withheld a lot of footage she is now going to release, and she held it until after he was gone, so........

1833 days ago


Майкл! Я в тебя верю! Верю,что ты смелый,сильный,мудрый! Верю,что ты снова победишь все трудности! Потому что ты-лучший!

1832 days ago

L Bisson    

OKAYYYY!!!! #59 you are right on. MJ forever.

1829 days ago
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